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The Sleeping Giant Wakes

I’m just not ready to let go of the afterglow of this day, this moment.

We were 25,000 strong.  It was, and is, the moment for brown people.  I’ve been crying off and on for two days.  I heard that in Mississippi, the marchers sang, “We Shall Overcome” in Spanish.   I was a mess for hours after that.

This is Roberto Maestas.  He was born in New Mexico, was eventually educated at the University of Washington, graduating just before I became a freshman.  He was involved with Chicano student activism, the black Civil Rights movement, and the farm workers movement led by Caesar Chavez.  He created programs in Seattle which provided Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language classes to the growing Latino/Latina community. When funding was abruptly cut off in 1972, Maestas and others occupied an abandoned elementary school in Seattle in protest and then formed El Centro de la Raza, which is still a living and thriving organization today.  How must Maestas have felt looking out over 25,000  marchers, most of them Latino/Latina?  Rock on, my brother.  Rock on.  Those of us who came of age in the 60s and 70s started something so important and so big.  Now it’s harvest time.

I look forward to the day when I, and other women of my generation, again look out over thousands and thousands of women, demanding full humanity for women, as our foremothers did.

For now, it’s just rock on.  Thank you for staying true, and living true.

Power to the People!

In solidarity,




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