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RadLesFest: Radical Feminist Festival!

An intimate gathering of radical feminists
May 26-29, 2006

The Radical-Feminist Lesbian Festival is a lesbian festival open to all radical feminist womyn (lesbian, straight, bi,undeclared, other). If you know that men are waging a war against women and that rape, battering, incest, pornography, and prostitution are some of the main instruments of male supremacy; and you're unalterably opposed to all forms of domination and oppression, you share our radical feminist beliefs. This festival is designed to bring together womyn who share these beliefs for sustenance, support, encouragement, and plotting and scheming about the overthrow of patriarchy.

Location: About 30 miles northeast of Philadelphia, in a small-town setting in New Jersey

Facilities: Beautiful indoor facility with dorm-style sleeping arrangements, meeting rooms, and a large communal kitchen.

  • Fully wheelchair accessible
  • No pets, drugs, or alcohol allowed; smoking outdoors only
  • Beautiful riverside walk nearby
  • Single bunk beds, bring your own bedding or sleeping bag

Food: Meals are included in registration fee: vegetarian with vegan options. Participants share the work of preparing meals communally in large, professionally outfitted kitchen

We recognize that women may have varying food needs and preferences for a variety of reasons, ranging from health reasons to political analysis. The meals provided will be vegetarian. If you have specific food requirements that you will need during the weekend, please contact us to discuss it. We will do what we can to accommodate you. It may be that we can adjust the menu. Or it may be that you will need to bring in or prepare some of your own food separately. Please be aware that all individualized use of the kitchen must be coordinated with those responsible for getting meals out to the bigger group. We also expect that women treat each other with respect, even if there's disagreement. This includes issues of food choices / needs / politics. Be aware that the kitchen has been and may be used to prepare meat and it is permitted to bring in meat to eat  during mealtimes. 

Programming: Workshops on radical feminism, open discussions, a dance, and performances and entertainment often provided by attendees.

Register here!



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