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Redneck Free Zone

The Rural Womyn Zone is a website run by rural feminist activists, most of them involved in rape and domestic violence shelter work and advocacy.  This graphic, lifted from their website, is emblematic of the reason I so admire and respect them and their work on behalf of rural women and all women.




3 thoughts on “Redneck Free Zone

  1. speaking of slurs, I think that it’s pretty tragic they’re using redneck — even if they are rural. it buys into the elitism from which the expression was first given prominence and buys into the stereotypes as well.

    Posted by Bitch | Lab | April 29, 2006, 8:39 pm
  2. Hey, Bitch|Lab, I hear what you’re saying. I think, though, that these are womyn who are interested in signaling a commitment to being (those of them who are white) race traitors, traitors to whiteness. They are saying in no uncertain terms that they stand in solidarity with women of color.


    Posted by womensspace | April 29, 2006, 10:43 pm
  3. Bitch | Lab. I am around *real* rednecks on a daily basis. They think redneck jokes are funny (like getting drunk and going home and beating up the wife.) They listen to “proud redneck woman” songs on the radio and at the bar. Nothing stereotypical about it — it’s just reality. It isn’t theoretical. It isn’t humorous. And it wears real thin real fast. I live where I was born and raised – so I’m not elitist. Hence the Redneck Free Zone graphic. (And what Heart said).

    Posted by Arnica Montana | June 2, 2006, 2:47 am

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