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Blog for Radical Fun Day

The amazing and brilliant brownfemipower of Women of Color blog is hosting Blog for Radical Fun Day on May 5.

As bfp has envisioned it, this will be "a day for all us radical/progressive bloggers to let our hair down, do some heavy dancing, and remember why we like each other and why we like to blog. blog about nekkid men, blog about your recurring dreams about salmita, blog about your love for your dog, blog about your the funny shit your kid said, blog about how much you love jesus, or about what your fav wine is. blog about anything that brings a smile to your face and skip to your walk. forget the Angry White Men trolls, forget the forty papers you have due, forget the state of the world–let us get to know you through what makes you happy!!!!"

Leave a link here if you want to participate!




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