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Too Good Not to Share

Extracted from a review of Kathy Lette's (said to be the self-proclaimed originator of "chicklit") latest book How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Household Hints):

"If our vibrators could kill spiders in the bathtub, light the barbie and tell us we don't look fat in stretched Lycra, we wouldn't need men at all."

"Some men say to me on tour you're a man basher – I am not. I love men – especially naked on a bed of lettuce."

"When you see the Booker prize list coming in, all the books are about war, famine and death – big subjects – but for women there is still the sex war. It is our war and it is raging. In some countries in the world they are still cutting off our clitori. As a member of the clitorioty we have to worry about that. We may lose the abortion debate again in America. There's nothing to be complacent about at all.

"Women don't have equal pay in Britain and we are still getting concussions hitting our head on the glass ceiling and we are supposed to windex it while we are up there and probably get paid two pound less an hour to do it."

"You also hear career woman being criticised for not being pretty enough by other women. You just think 'did Emmeline Pankhurst tie herself to the railings for this?'"




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