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Can These Women Help Us to Reclaim South Dakota?

Faith Spotted eagleCharon AsetoyerPaula Long FoxTheresa Two Bulls

(Left to right:  Faith Spotted Eagle, Charon Asetoyer, Paula Long Fox and Theresa Two Bulls; no photo available yet for Theresa Spry, but I will keep looking!)

From Rain and Thunder and the Global Sisterhood Network:

We salute all of you who have been so supportive of bringing democracy and justice back to South Dakota. It's working!

A month ago we sent you an e-mail asking you to support Charen Asetoyer who is running for a Senate seat in the South Dakota legislature. You sent money, encouragement and great energy. You also forwarded that e-mail, blogged, linked it and corralled your friends to join you in this grand effort.  Well, thanks to YOUR great response, Charon is heading into the intense month before the June 6 primary with buttons, bumperstickers, lawn signs and creative radio ads that started airing on two stations this week. She's rolled up her sleeves and is working hard for her District 21 votes and we can't wait for her Victory on primary day!

We've been busy, too, and because we promised you we'd be back, we're asking you to support three more great progressive candidates for the SD legislature.  All four of our candidates are Native women and we believe they are creatingan historical first in SD. They are Charon Asetoyer, Faith Spotted Eagle, Paula Long Fox and Theresa Spry. And when they win their primary races, they will join Theresa Two Bulls, an incumbent Senator running again for the Pine Ridge district seat, making FIVE Native women running on the Democratic ticket for state legislative offices.

AND! if each of these fine candidates makes it through her primary and wins in the general election she will REPLACE a legislator who VOTED FOR SD's ATROCIOUS BAN ON ABORTION! In fact, most of them face antichoice Democrats in the primary and that's what makes OUR help NOW so vastly important.

Help us move these dynamic, progressive women candidates through their primaries! They're running on huge issues like reproductive health rights, including access to abortion, emergency contraceptives and pregnancy care.

But they're also running on other issues important to their districts and to all of us – sustainable energy sources, clean water protections, living wages, quality public education, quality health care for all, affordable child care, creating communities free of domestic violence and sexual assault and even testing for depleted uranium on soldiers returning fromIraq and Afghanistan (candidate Long Fox will represent the military families of Ellsworth Air Force Base) to highlight just a few.

Political races in South Dakota don't take as much money to run as big state, big city races, but that doesn't mean they can run on nothing and so far it seems pretty unlikely the SD Dem Party is going to pitch in for them before the primaries. Our job is to help them win their primaries in a big way so that they are viable and can perhaps get their party support in the general election. A few dollars to each of these campaigns will help create change in South Dakota that we will all feel wherever we live. The individual limit for donations to candidates in SD is $250, but $100, $50, or $25 can do a lot -from helping to pay for candidate forums to ads in hometown papers and radio spots. Every single dollar gets used well!

Won't we feel darned good for them, for SD and about ourselves when they win?  Send your contributions to these campaign addresses and don't forget to include your occupation and employer name if you are giving $100 or more.

Send your contributions to these campaign addresses and don't forget to include your occupation and employer name if you are giving $100 or more.

Charon Asetoyer (Dist. 21 Senate)
Campaign for Change
P.O. Box 472
Lake Andes, SD  57356

Faith Spotted Eagle (Dist. 21 House)
Faith Spotted Eagle for Change
P.O. Box 762
Lake Andes, SD  57356
Or Braveheart Society

Paula Long Fox (Dist. 33 House)
10520 Canyon Place
Rapid City, SD  57707
Or American Indian Education Foundation;

Theresa Spry (Dist. 35 Senate)
821 Halley Ave.
Rapid City, SD  57701
(Former teacher, family planning counselor for 14 years,
Chair of the League of Democratic Women among many other
efforts on behalf of women and her community.)

Thanks for everything you're doing for these candidates.  We'll keep you updated as we head for June 6th and beyond!  And don't forget to PASS THIS ON.  We're not just building grassroots political action, we're building grassfires of progressive activism that can spread across South Dakota and
our whole country.

Yours in solidarity,

Laura Ross
Pat Reuss
Sally Roesch Wagner
Laura Flanders
LaDonna Harris
Katha Pollitt



One thought on “Can These Women Help Us to Reclaim South Dakota?

  1. Thank you for working to get the word out on these important political campaigns!

    With the co-operation of ActBlue’s recent changes, direct online contributions to all five candidates are now possible by credit card, if that’s more convenient for some donors.

    Use the South Dakota state race page at ActBlue, or use the page I set up for state-level races of interest nationwide, which is at:

    You’ll find a few other key races, in other states, as well.

    Posted by Christopher Walker | June 5, 2006, 4:00 pm

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