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The Not a Wifebeater Campaign

White ribbed tank tops are everywhere.

They have evolved far beyond their blue-collar roots and emerged as one of the trendiest tops for men and women. Its hard to find a celebrity not pictured in one, or a store that does not sell them.

What has immortalized these tanks is the name by which they have come to be known: "wifebeaters". The term has become entrenched in our every day vocabulary. We hear it in the stores where we buy them, the manufacturers that sell them, and our friends who describe them. The Oxford English Dictionary is likely to include the term in its upcoming publication. "Wifebeater" has become an insidious part of our culture.

Wifebeaters are people who physically and emotionally abuse their partners.

Not tanktops.

liveawears not a wifebeater campaign is setting out to remove this term from the fashion vernacular. Our campaign aims to generate awareness of this message that trivializes relationship abuse and perpetuates violence. Partner violence is a leading cause of death to women in the United States(1). Each day, three women(2) are killed by their intimate partners(3).

liveawear has teamed up with Splendid, one of the most coveted tee shirt lines today to make a powerful fashion statement, raise awareness of relationship abuse and return the term wifebeater back to its true meaning.

In May 2006 our campaign will launch in exclusive shops and boutiques nationwide. It is intended to capture the attention of men, women and teens, and create a call to action. Wear the not a wifebeater tank and inspire prevention of partner abuse. The net proceeds of your purchase go to increasing public awareness of partner violence.

If you or someone you know is being abused, call the
National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or the
Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Hotline in NYC at 1-800-621-HOPE.

Thanks to Erin (Lucia Icci) of Women's Space.



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