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Ohio High Court: DOMA Means Domestic Violence Laws Do Not Apply to Unmarried People

Battered womanbattered womanBattered woman

 Marcella at Abyss2Hope blogged today about an Ohio appeals court ruling which will bar prosecutors from prosecuting unmarried people for domestic violence.  The state's anti-lesbian-and-gay-marriage amendment, the court said, means that domestic violence laws in Ohio don't apply to unmarried people.  Unless and until the Ohio Supreme Court rules otherwise, this is the worst of news to women who find themselves partnered with batterers.

What gets to me about this is, the Religious Right absolutely loves it.  This is just what they want.  From their perspective, anybody who is shacking up deserves whatever she gets, including to be beaten, raped, or murdered by her boyfriend.  If she expects any protection, she better get married first. Of course, if she is a lesbian she cannot get married.  And also of course, after she gets married, 9 times out of 10, the Religious Right will blame her for being battered anyway, or will tell her it will stop if she just trusts god, and as to rape, well, that she ought to accept as her lot in life, because her body is the rough equivalent of a fuck hole for her husband.  Sorry for the intensity but at some point, it's hard not to hate back people who make it their life's project to destroy girls and women.




One thought on “Ohio High Court: DOMA Means Domestic Violence Laws Do Not Apply to Unmarried People

  1. YouR writing is more restrained than I feel after reading this. I may have to invent a few new swear words to accurately evoke the feelings of searing rage but in the meantime I’ll settle for %!#!@&$^%!&

    Posted by Sam | May 25, 2006, 6:53 pm

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