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Interview with Nazanin

Nazanin Fatehi

Here is a recent interview with Nazanin, reposted from a blog entry from the “Save Nazanin” myspace page.

-Jeyoani of Women's Space

First Interview with Nazanin

Here is the reply of the imprisoned 18 year old Nazanin Fatehi to a written questionairre that was sent by Iranian former Miss Canada through mediators:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam: What is the state of your file?

Nazanin Fatehi: Up to today I do not know very well where the status of my file is at, but recently I have heard that they have sent my file to Tehran for final decisions.

NA: What do you do from morning until night? In other words, how do you spend your days?

NF: I do not do anything special. Here we do not have anything to do. Once every 5 days they show us a movie or they play authorized music (authorized by the Islamic Republic of Iran) for us.

NA: What are things you need, things we can send you?

NF: I need a lot of things but not everything is permitted, but I want to go home. I want to go to my home. There is no place like home. I can’t tolerate this place, especially with these high walls. I am scared of these walls. I am tired of this place. For receiving things…there are regulations that don’t allow us to receive them. There are a lot of thing I need but I can’t get them.

NA: Nazanin-dear, there are millions of people who have heard your name and are campaigning for your release. What are your feelings?

NF: For those who have heard my name or familiarized themselves with my fate, I need their help…however they can help, because here it is very difficult, life is very difficult for me. I’m alone here, and I am scared. I haven’t had a good childhood/youth. I’m nervous. To bear this situation is difficult. I want to see the day outside of here. I miss outside. To all those who are helping save my life, I thank them. This type of work brings a ray of hope in our hearts. Behind these tall walls, we become more hopeful.

NA: What message do you have for the world?

NF: My message to the people of the world is that outside of this place that I am (Iran) is also a prison, but I would also like to express that it is not only “unfortunate Nazanin” that is in prison…. but there are mothers who are missing their kids and they are very sad. Don’t just help me, help all “Nazanin’s” and help us to go back to a normal life.

NA: What do you miss most?

NF: I’m sad. I’m sad because within these walls there is sadness. I’m sad because I want to have joy and happiness and I don’t know how to achieve this and where to go.

NA: What music do you like?

NF: When I was at home I did not have the opportunity to get to know music from outside the country or from Los Angeles but here from the authorized music I like Shadmehr, Said and Ali Tafreshi.

NA: Have you heard that I have dedicated a song to you?

NF: I haven’t heard this music yet but I wish one day to come out and be able to listen to this music. This is one of my important wishes.

NA: What are your hobbies?

NF: I like horseback riding and swimming.

NA: What are your wishes?

NF: I want to leave this awful place. I want to see the day there are no prisoners, especially no prisons for women. I want to stay alive.

* * *

On other news two independent lawyers in Iran have accepted to take Nazanin’s case during the upcoming superior court review

Although the number of people worldwide who have signed the petition to save Nazanin’s life has now surpassed 150,000, the major western media and resources have hardly given any exposure to the her fate.

Thank you for your continued efforts and caring



One thought on “Interview with Nazanin

  1. Nazanin’s life has been spared for now. Her family though, is being required to pay the killed attackers’ family blood money and there is an investigation going on, so her life is truly spared only “for now”. Over 160,000 people signed a petition addressed to the UNs Kofi Annan and Iranian Heads of State to plead her life be spared. You can continue to support her and stay informed of her situation through

    Posted by Jeyoani | June 1, 2006, 11:22 pm

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