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Off Our Backs Call for Submissions: Women Out of Fundamentalist Religions

Radical Voices of Women Since 1970 

off our backs

seeks submissions on

Women and Fundamentalist Religion

deadline:  6/12/06

Possible topics include:

  • Fundamentalist religion as a cornerstone of male heterosupremacy
  • Fundamentalism as theological pornography
  • Why women stay: fundamentalist religion as an abusive relationship
  • The appeal of fundamentalist religion
  • Fundamentalism and woman-hating
  • Dominion theologies, male supremacy and the rape of the earth
  • Christian reconstruction, theonomy, and the ongoing attack on separation of church and state
  • Fundamentalist taxonomy: who are the fundamentalists? How are they alike? How are they different?
  • Civil and ecclesiastical laws impeding women’s escape from fundamentalist religions
  • Exited fundamentalists as radical feminists
  • Abuses of power in fundamentalist religions 
  • Sexual violence, including rape, incest, child sexual abuse in fundamentalist religions
  • Battering and domestic violence in fundamentalist religions
  • Emotional abuse in fundamentalist religions
  • Spiritual abuse in fundamentalist religions
  • Abortion, birth control and access to reproductive services for women in fundamentalist religions
  • Raising children in fundamentalist religion
  • Women's radical communities and activism within fundamentalist religious groups
  • The feminist legacy of women mystics
  • Theologies of suffering: fundamentalism and sadomasochistic sexuality and relationships
  • Oppression of women exited from fundamentalist religion

For manuscript submission guidelines, please visit our website or call us at 202.234.8072 

    off our backs
    2337B 18th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    voice: 202-234-8072
    fax: 202-234-8092


    or email me, Heart/Cheryl at

    Guest Editor, off our backs

    off our backs is the longest surviving feminist publication in the United States. Since 1970, it has been run by a collective of women who make all editorial and business decisions by consensus.




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