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Air Force Officers: Rapists, Pimps, Pornographers


The Feminist Peace Network has forwarded a link to me reporting that a Patrick Air Force Base Senior Master Sgt., Michael Sydney, "arranged" for a reservist under his command, a woman Staff Sergeant, to "have sex" several times with Chief Master Sgt. Troy B. Parker of Peterson Air Force Base.  Parker was head of a team inspecting and judging Patrick Air Force Base for readiness; a negative evaluation could have damaged Sydney's career.  Sydney threatened the woman Staff Sergeant that if she didn't "have sex" with Parker, he'd prolong her stint at Patrick.  She was also forced to "have sex" with other enlisted men. 

For the second year in a row, Patrick Air Force Base received an "outstanding" rating– the highest possible rating.

Last April another man was charged in the Patrick matter.  Although the Air Force withheld information about specifics from the press, according to the link above, the Air Force Times reported on its website that this man, Capt. Philip Sting, was given a blow job by a woman staff sergeant while Sydney watched.  The woman was then warned to lie to investigators and to destroy evidence.  Sydney reportedly forced other women under his command to have sex with him, videotaped it, and stored it on government computers.

He is up for Court Martial in July.

Besides exposing these Air Force Officers cum pimps, pornographers and rapists for what and whom they are and expressing my overall revulsion and indignation, I wanted to comment on the way this matter was reported:

An Air Force senior master sergeant has been charged with arranging to have a female staff sergeant have sex with an inspector who was in town to judge Patrick Air Force Base's readiness. Military documents allege he also arranged sex for at least three other married Air Force men. The senior sergeant forced the woman into some of the sex acts by telling the reservist he would keep her on active duty unless she performed, charging documents say. …

The trysts with Parker allegedly happened in or near Cocoa Beach while Parker was there as part of Patrick Air Force Base's biennial Operational Readiness Inspection…

The Air Force also charges Sydney with arranging for the woman to have sex with at least three other men. ..

According to the charge sheet released Friday, Sydney also allegedly had sex with other enlisted women subordinate to him and used a government computer to store and transmit pornographic materials.

These were not instances of men "arranging" for women to "have sex" with other men or to give them "sexual favors."  These were not "trysts."  These were instances of male military officers consciously and intentionally organizing the rape of woman military officers, of prostituting and pimping them and turning their rapes into pornography. 

The men are up for court martial, but it shouldn't be for "dereliction of duty" or for "indecency."  It should be for rape, pimping, and prostituting women.

Finally, the title of the article was "Sex scandal hits Patrick Air Force Base."

No.  Get it straight.  This was not a "sex scandal."   Using the term "sex scandal" suggests infidelities or secret love affairs or actual trysts or orgies at work.  That's not what this was.  This was, once again, American military officers organizing the rape and prostituting of female officers and enlisted women.  It should be prosecuted as such.




25 thoughts on “Air Force Officers: Rapists, Pimps, Pornographers

  1. ugh. isn’t that how it’s ALWAYS reported though? the duke rapes are being played out the same way: “sex scandal on duke campus” etc.

    there’s no such thing as rape anymore. it’s all just “scandalous” and the women are “making too much of it”. “boys will be boys” dontcha know? and it’s up to women to police them and keep from getting ourselves raped.

    it’s infuriating! and it never seems to end. sigh.
    xoxo, jared

    Posted by ms. jared | June 13, 2006, 9:53 pm
  2. Reminds me of the time in the 70’s, while on Active Duty in the Navy. I was stationed on an ocean-going tugboat. I was fortunate, I had a great crew and if anyone had tried anything with me they would have faced the wrath of the boat captain. Never had a problem on my own boat. Other boats did tho – and one in particular I remember… one of the crew, a young girl named Marilyn, got pregnant. Guess who the father was – the boat captain. Was anyone outraged by this? Nope, no one except for the “good ole boys” who rallied round the captain because “How could SHE do that to HIM?” sort of things. She ended up with a dishonorable discharge, no job, pregnant, no real skills… I often wonder what happened to her, she disappeared very quickly. He was given a slap on the wrist and sent back into command. I still get furious when thinking about it. He was a slime bucket and I can just see him telling her that she HAD to do this, have sex with him (get raped!), or he would do something – give her a bad eval or something – and she did it to protect herself… and SHE GOT BLAMED for it. Furious, I was, and still am, totally furious over the whole thing. I tried to get her information to contact her, offer her a bed and some meals until she got on her feet, but they wouldn’t give me her information and she moved out of the barracks immediately upon discovery.

    Rape happens all the time in the military. It rarely gets press and when it does it’s just as Jared said, it’s somehow all the women’s fault.

    I wonder how they’re treating the woman involved. Any word about that, Heart?

    Posted by JJ | June 14, 2006, 1:19 am
  3. “Trysts” … “sex scandal” … yeah, barf me out for sure.

    One of my close female friends from high school went to the Naval Academy. She was one of the few women and persons of color (and the only woman of color, specifically, in her class). She is very smart and driven, having lived and cared for her younger siblings pretty much on her own since she emancipated herself as a minor. She’s currently an officer of some import (I really can’t remember what. I am so bad at remembering people’s job titles).

    I get into these discussions with her all the time about the vast problem of violence perpetuated against women in the military. From what I can get out of her, I think there’s basically two contrary problematic thought patterns:

    1) Women in the military are taught to identify solely with men, if they want to have any respect. Any typical “feminine” behavior is deplorable. If a woman is assaulted or harassed, it’s her fault for being too feminine and drawing attention to herself.

    2) Women don’t belong in the military. Act too much like a man, and who the hell do you think you are? Your place would be better served by a man. Even if women did belong in the military, it’s not like they can be used in the same capacity of male soldiers. So training and educating women is a waste of time. Everyone knows that, so you better learn your place, and don’t try to act like a man.

    My friend (whose name I won’t mention) has revealed to me that what we civillians see in our press about assault in the military is far less than what occurs. The military sounds as flippant and casual about it as possible to our press, but they’re supposedly very harsh on the individuals. Of course, I don’t see any evidence of this harshness — they still get all their medals, they don’t usually get discharged, etc. Obviously the military thinks it’s better to save face and not to tarnish the military’s reputation (and America’s) by going public with their rapists and pimps. This “harshness” must be under the table, if it really exists at all. I speculate that these servicemen who hurt women get off freely, and since they’re military, they’re untouchable. I think this whole urban legend of there being some kind of off-the-record justice being served is just a convenient myth we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about the military being one giant hideaway for would-be convicts.

    Posted by Edith | June 14, 2006, 2:47 am
  4. JJ, I think what happened to your friend happens ALL the time and we pretty much never hear about it. So far it sounds like at *least* the women involved are not getting blamed. I blogged about what happened to my niece when she was stationed on a ship in the Gulf before the War in Iraq and about the subsequent news investigation into rape in the military here:

    And hey, I’ve got to get you on the blogroll, One Ohio Woman! I’m so glad you are blogging!

    Edith, such a great description of the double binds women in the military face. No matter what they do, they’re wrong. But that’s true for us as women just in general, no matter what we do, we’re wrong.


    Posted by womensspace | June 14, 2006, 12:51 pm
  5. The story you won't hear on the news….the female SSgt, (name deleted), was a willing participant and when she was done prostituting herself, she cried foul and ratted on the men. Of course she has immunity now, so……

    Posted by TJshepard | June 15, 2006, 3:00 am
  6. I am allowing this post, in order to say this.

    No. (name deleted) was in no wise a willing participant. Having sex because you have been threatened by your commanding officer is not prostitution. It is RAPE. The genius of white male supremacy is that a commanding officer can tell a woman, "You will fuck him, you will suck his dick, and if you don't, you will be punished," and then call her a whore when she complies.

    SSgt. (name deleted) is a hero– to me, to all of the probably thousands of women in the military who have been raped and sexually abused by commanding officers or at their direction.

    Here's the story YOU will not hear on the news, sir, but you will hear it here: S. Sgt. (name deleted) was RAPED by her commanding officer. And by other military officers. I'm beyond sorry that you don't get that because it likely means you have also raped women.  I'm sorrier still, because most men don't get this.

    But I am here to shout it from the rooftops.



    Posted by womensspace | June 15, 2006, 3:25 am
  7. I'm familiar with this case. All too familiar in fact. I wish I wasn't.

    (name deleted) was, in fact, the ringleader, and in no way was forced or coerced. That's the story she came up with once the scam was blown. Any SSgt in the Air Force KNOWS that you are required to disobey an unlawful order and report it. She was aware, and played the prostitution card for a year before she decided to get out. If you think for one minute that she was raped, you're sadly mistaken. She got plenty from the agreement that she made with Sydney. She was, in fact, his girlfriend, and enjoyed the sex with other men.
    (See dictionary: nyphomaniac)

    LIke I said, I wish I didn't know all of this, but I do.

    Posted by TJshepard | June 16, 2006, 2:12 pm
  8. Afraid of the facts, huh? You can’t hide behind lies, you know.

    Posted by TJshepard | June 17, 2006, 7:28 pm
  9. Gee, an asshole saying she was willing. What a shock.

    Posted by ginmar | June 18, 2006, 2:15 pm
  10. Here in Florida I have been hearing that this so-called “victim” is not as innocent as you portray her to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes up on charges too. I guess time will tell.

    Posted by SelMiami | June 19, 2006, 11:26 pm
  11. TJshepard and SelMiami, in addition to what ginmar said, here are come clues for you two. It doesn't matter whether this woman was Sydney's "girlfriend." "Girlfriends" (and wives) get pimped, prostituted and raped all the time, every minute of every day. Being someone's "girlfriend" (whatever the hell that might mean to whomever) doesn't protect you from being raped, pimped or prostituted by your "boyfriend" — in fact, it makes things lots easier for him.

    As to every SSgt knowing you report unlawful orders and don't obey them, right. That's the theory, not to be confused with the reality. The theory is that SSgt's are supposed to report unlawful orders. The reality is that if they are going to be punished, including by the guy they are reporting the unlawful orders to, they probably won't report them. The reality is that if their "boyfriend" is going to, say, beat them up if they report the "unlawful orders," then they probably won't report them.

    There is no such thing as a "nymphomaniac." What the hell century is this anyway?

    I don't expect either of you two to get this, but it's important, so I'm posting it. Sometimes a woman's survival — emotional, psychological, mental, physical, some or all of the above — depends on doing precisely what she is told to do.  Including pretending to like it, including pretending it was her idea, including pretending there was some "agreement."  This isn't the kind of pretending people do so much volitionally– it's more like wanting to believe something so, so much that you simply suspend your disbelief and believe it.  Sometimes these women convince themselves that they *do* like it and that it *was* their idea and that there *was* some agreement — because sometimes, unfortunately, they believe that they love their rapists, their pimps and those who prostitute them, and they think he loves them, and they get all caught up in pleasing the guy, get caught up in his perversities and warped sexual bullshit, get confused thinking the guy wants and loves them because he says he does (and he says he does because he figures it might get him what he wants, namely, a willing woman who buys his sexual bullshit and really "loves" it– damn, dream come true).  Usually these women actually know on some level that what they have with these guys has nothing to do with love, but they aren't always willing to go there right away because of the serious, serious implications. Because it means they might have to speak up, tell the truth about their situation, with all of the consequences, including hearing woman-haters like the likes of you two, defending their rapists and calling them liars. Because it means they will have to admit they were pimped and prostituted and raped by someone they honestly believed when he said he loved them. Because it means they are ashamed of having trusted men like this. Because they don't want it to be true. Because they had dreams once, maybe of having lives with these guys who can be charmers to the seventh level of heaven. Abusers are almost always exceedingly charming, just great guys, all the men love them. Which means that all those same guys will hate women who rat out their buddies and will make such women out to be sluts and "nymphos–" just as you two are doing. Because it means they will have to turn their lives upside down and cooperate with authorities and send to jail someone they once said, "I love you, forever," too, and meant it when they said it and nobody is going to get how they could have said it or meant it and many will call them liars no matter what they say. Because lots and lots of people will pop up to say, "If he was so bad, why'd you go with him?  Why didn't you leave?" And they'll be ashamed again because they are being made to be foolish, stupid and wrong, when what they likely were, were hopeful, trusting, naive, good women who believed a really bad man, and there are a whole lot of those.  And sometimes these are women who got themselves into trouble without realizing the seriousness of that trouble– they got into something they thought would be liberated and sexy and fun and it turned out to be a chamber of horrors, but by then they'd gotten themselves in too deep, the stakes were really high and they didn't know how to get out, and especially not without hearing the kind of bullshit you two are spewing. 

    You two make good straight men for my responses, so I'm posting your comments after having thought about it for a while, minus the woman's name. That's the ONLY reason I'm posting your comments.


    Posted by womensspace | June 20, 2006, 7:43 pm
  12. I’m not a man, and the story here in my hometown of Melbourne Forida, where the “victim” lives, is very strong. I would encourage you to watch the news after the 2 trials are over. Charges are pending against her for her involvement. That’s all I’m saying.

    Posted by SelMiami | June 22, 2006, 5:47 pm
  13. Sorry to have assumed you were male, SelMiami.

    Having said that, this woman being charged with something for “her involvement” — if she ultimately is — won’t change a thing I’ve thought or written. If she is ultimately convicted of something, neither will that change anything I’ve thought or written about this. Patriarchy loves nothing so much as to blame a woman and call her a whore.


    Posted by womensspace | June 22, 2006, 5:52 pm
  14. I have to add my two cents to this. Just at TJshepard, I am also all too familiar with this story. And now that they trial is over on now SrA Sydney, I can only say the justice system in the military cators to those of high rank. I am not going to talk about the SSgt who was “forced” to have sex, but I can definetely tell you about the other women. This man was a master manipulator, saying and promising things to these women that led them to believe he loved them. Is no wonder why some of these poor souls went along with it, even though they knew he was married. He told them he loved them, that he was divorcing his wife and all that kind of crap that you would expect from any other man (or woman) to say when they are only looking for their self gratification. He knew what he was doing, he used them by medium of lies. That in a couple of these females, could be call rape. Simply because they were blindsided to the truth.
    I personally know one of these females and I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of pain she is going through. This man used her, telling her he loved her and he was going to marry her as soon as the divorce was over. Women (and there have been man too) have at one point or another fell for these type of people. The ones that are so good at lies (like certain politicians) that you believe anything they tell you, regardless of how many master degree’s you have. I know for the other women, having to go through all this ordeal was very hard. I know for my friend it was excruciating. Emotional manipulation does exist people, man and women get manipulated in one way or another every day. Let’s focus on the real issue here: THIS MAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED THE HELL OUT OF THE MILITARY AND PUNISHED FOR A HELL OF A LOT LONGER THAN A MERE 6 MONTHS IN JAIL!!! Whether they didn’t put up a fight or fell for his charms and lies is not the point. Is the fact that he used his position, his presence and his emotional manipulation to get what he wanted. That is called abuse of power and emotional maltreatment. And is about time that it starts getting prosecuted in this country the way it should be, whether it comes from a man or a woman. It is a crime!!

    Posted by AT | July 14, 2006, 11:35 am
  15. try being a family member as i read all this hatred. none of you know anything of this man. so please spare ur thoughts. that is my daddy.

    Posted by woman in disgust towards comments | July 15, 2006, 5:06 am
  16. by the way, women are manipulators too. so dont be fooled if you dont know the story, especially you ms. AT

    Posted by woman in disgust towards comments | July 15, 2006, 5:09 am
  17. I hear you, woman in disgust towards comments. You know, we all suffer because of what our fathers have done– all of us. And yet, most of us continue to love our fathers and to feel protective of them anyway. That’s the way the system works. I would want to defend my dad too, if I were in your shoes.

    I mean you no harm and am so sorry to have added to your sadness.


    Posted by womensspace | July 15, 2006, 6:45 pm
  18. thank u womensspace.

    Posted by woman in disgust towards comments | July 17, 2006, 12:31 pm
  19. Just speaking as another poster: have no idea who anyone else is who posts here. We can all say we are whomever we please. It doesn’t make it true. You may or may not be the daughter of someone in this maelstrom.

    What makes these blogs such as Heart’s sooo valuable in today’s stifling censored and public relations generated news climate.. .is that they are not.

    Posted by Pony | July 17, 2006, 5:40 pm
  20. woman in disgust towards comments: I’m sorry you are going through all that being that is your daddy and all, we all have fathers and by the way I am not a Ms I am a MR. (I found this blog as I did a search)
    Look I know it’s hard, don’t know how old you are and in case you didn’t notice, I did say that women can be just as guilty. Is not hatred, is called speaking your mind, and if in reality you are the daughter of this person, because just as Pony said, you could be anybody, then I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I am very well familiar with what happened, and although I can’t speak for the other women involved, I can speak for my friend who is all tore up from the inside out. She was a victim. We are not all without sin, no-one! But some people fall into sin at the behest of others. Whether military, civilian, martian, you name it, lying to others and using people is wrong. (and in case anybody is wondering I’m 46, so I’m no little boy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and I have daughters too that I protect like a lion)
    You ladies have a nice evening.

    Posted by AT | July 18, 2006, 3:16 am
  21. I recently retired after 26 years in the Security Police field. As a woman and a cop in the Air Force, I have seen all too many times the games that some military women play to get what they want. I have personally dealt with female troops prostituting themselves for better posts, better accomadations while deployed, better ratings and such. It is not as uncommon as you may think. I guarantee this woman knew what she was doing. I have always tried to empower young troops by example. Until the system starts punishing these manipulative women, I fear that things will not change.

    Posted by J. Powers | July 29, 2006, 6:22 am
  22. Can we call a spade a spade yet?

    “SSgt Laurenzi has not been charged with any crimes and is testifying under a grant of immunity from the Air Force. FLORIDA TODAY has not previously printed her name, following a policy of not identifying victims of sex crimes. However, Laurenzi’s testimony indicates she was a consenting participant.”

    Posted by Blast | July 29, 2006, 6:38 am
  23. I would like to say that I am concerned about the amount of censorship that goes on in this forum. Yesterday, my wife wrote an informative letter about her experiences as a Security Forces leader in the Air Force and it was cut from this site. It seems to me that when “Heart” doesn’t understand another viewpoint, she chooses to censor it the fashion of a communist society. Whatever happened to freedom and openness? Or maybe her arguments don’t hold water…….

    I don’t expect that THIS letter will make it up, Heart doesn’t have the integrity to let it stand on its own.

    Posted by Stewart | July 29, 2006, 4:52 pm
  24. I served only one enlistment and went on to college and teaching. In most respects it was positive for me – awards and rewards. There was always a lot of sexual pressure. I learned quickly to establish personal boundaries and protect myself. I was aware of others who were being exploited. It was 30 years ago and I had hoped supervisors and those in command were more on top of things now.

    Posted by Suzan King | September 22, 2006, 3:58 pm
  25. My sister is the SSgt you are all discussing. Choose your view – that is your right. Everyone in this situation has family. There are emotions and rules that have been trod all over.

    I am sure that there are others in similar situations who have orchestrated these things. Both, male and female. For the record here, in this situation she was not prostituting herself as the aggressor or orchestrator. She was trying to survive in a tragic situation. She didn’t know how to get out. She truly loved her career. I don’t agree with some of her choices, but I am proud that she did stand up to expose the entire mess. It’s not how our military should ever be allowed to operate.

    Posted by Kathryn B | March 12, 2007, 1:01 am

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