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In Support of Ruth and Estera Tamas, Their Sister, and Their Mothers

Estera Tamas

The young woman above is Estera Tamas, one of the foster daughters who was raped, sexually abused, and otherwise tortured by her foster “father” (see post below.)  Estera is allowing her name to be used in the newspapers and media and is allowing interviews in the hopes that other girls and women who may have been raped or otherwise sexually abused by Enrique Fabregas will find the courage to come forward and tell their stories.   The woman crying in the background is Ruth’s mother. 

I write this post in support of Ruth and Estera Tamas, their younger sister, and their mothers.  They will all be attacked, they will all be demonized, they will be called liars, they will be ridiculed and they will be blamed.  They will experience what all of us, as women, experience, when we speak up and confront our rapists, our abusers, our violators.  I hope their courage and strength empowers other violated girls and women to find their own voices, to speak their own truth.




3 thoughts on “In Support of Ruth and Estera Tamas, Their Sister, and Their Mothers

  1. Women like this refute any and all assertions that women are ‘the weaker sex’ emotionally. This young woman endured torture that most people couldn’t even imagine – and yet she finds the strength(in spades) to speak up about it and to help others suffering in similar situations. This makes me damn proud to be a woman. Thanks for bringing her story to light. Wow.

    Posted by Cristy | July 10, 2006, 2:09 am
  2. I am actually the rape victim of enrico fabregas. I am the girl that endured years of tourture not my sister ruth. I would appreciate it if you changed your summary beacause your information is not accurate.

    Thank you
    estera tamas

    Posted by Estera Tamas | January 13, 2007, 6:54 am
  3. Changes made, my deepest apologies, and thank you for letting me know. Please let me know if there is some way I can be of help to you.

    In sisterhood,


    Posted by womensspace | January 13, 2007, 7:25 am

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