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Where Women are Talking About Sex

Page from transcript of a talk Kathie Sarachild gave on consciousness-raising to the First National Conference of Stewardesses for Women's Rights in New York City, March 12, 1973

Shannon at Egotistical Whining is a woman after my own heart when she writes:

…if we can’t talk about blowjobs under duress or how shaming causes women to do stuff they otherwise wouldn’t, or how the hegemonic viewpoint of what you’re supposed to be doing in bed affects folks lives, what topics about sex are we supposed to be talking about?

She also links to Bitch, Ph.D’s interesting sex threads, one for het women only, one for lesbian women only, and one for men only.  Woman-only threads, no matter where someone starts them, and no matter the reason, are always in my opinion so productive and valuable.   There are many, many posts which are really hard to read in these threads — forewarned is forearmed — but there are some funny posts, too, and some of the feminist women’s posts are really smart.  Threads like this, in my opinion, come about as close to consciousness-raising as we generally get in this day and age.




3 thoughts on “Where Women are Talking About Sex

  1. Well, Heart, I tried to read the Bitchphd stuff, but I just could not get past the bithering, bloviating introduction. Talk about control! What an opportunist. I am surprised that anyone with integrity or knows what the word means responded. Oh well, sign of the times, I guess and people wonder why radical feminists want to be separatists.

    Posted by rhondda | June 29, 2006, 11:18 pm
  2. Funny, I posted on this topic this morning. Bitch PhD’s intro didn’t bother me at all. Then again, I see nothing wrong with being an “opportunist.”

    Still, the comment threads were the more satisfying reads. So many thoughtful opinions and stories from women AND men (on the corresponding men’s and coed postings) demonstrated how differing personal experiences (for better or for worse) may result in different sexual preferences. Of course, the womens thread was the best of all.

    Some of the posts about dominance disturbed me, but instead of passing judgment on the posters I asked myself “why?” and personally benefitted from my answer(s). I try to be enlightened by my triggers instead of allowing them to ruin my day. It doesn’t always work, but I try.

    Posted by hedonisticpleasureseeker | June 30, 2006, 4:57 pm
  3. I havent read the Bitch piece but I just wanted to comment that I have noticed many young African women talking about sex on their blogs. I feel this is a transformation and something to be celebrated. Here women are speaking about those issues men which to silence – They are coming out and in their own way challenging the status quo.

    Posted by sokari | July 2, 2006, 10:08 am

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