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Rape of the Hadji Girl, Part 3 — Five More U.S. Soldiers Charged; ‘Abir Hamzah Was 14 Years Old

The Army has brought charges against five more soldiers in the rape and murder of ‘Abir Hamzah  and the murder of her father, mother and younger sister.  These soldiers are still stationed in Iraq.  Four have  been charged with rape and murder and one was charged with dereliction of duty for not reporting the crime in March when it happened, bringing the number of American troops now charged in this atrocity to six.  Documents provided to Reuters by a relative evidence that ‘Abir Hamzah was born August 19, 1991, meaning she had not yet turned 15.  I gave birth to my daughter, Naomi, on April 20, 1991– ‘Abir was just her age.  Dear god, dear god, it is overwhelming to even imagine it.

My first thought is that this lends additional credence to the eyewitness report I posted yesterday.  The neighbor who found the bodies reported that a “force of 10-15 soldiers” raided the home.   We now find that six have been charged; this was not the work of one personality-disordered private.

One blogger who has been covering this rape and the murders, Joseph Cannon, Cannonfire, on Uruknet has asked questions I have had as well:

  • If you read the eyewitness account, and so far it has proved to be credible, it looks like there was a cover-up.  First the neighbor saw a force of 10-15 troops raid the house; three hours later, according to the eyewitness, soldiers returned to the house and told him and other neighbors that insurgents had committed the rape and murders because the family was Shi’a.  This did not work with the neighbors, because they knew the family was Sunni.
  • According to the eyewitness, the girl’s body was taken to an American hospital.  Why?  Why not an Iraqi hospital?  According to the reports, her body was taken to an Iraqi hospital only after it was taken to an American hospital.  News reports today say the Army wants to exhume ‘Abir’s body, and it is making a big show about  being “culturally sensitive” in that exhumation, all well and good, but how culturally sensitive was the Army when it took ‘Abir’s mutilated body to a U.S. hospital immediately following her rape and murder, and how do we know that the purpose of taking her body was not to expunge it of DNA evidence?
  • Why did the Army, within three hours, return to tell  neighbors that this was the work of “insurgents” apparently without any investigation?   Did commanding officers simply believe what they were told, presumably, by Green and the others? 
  • If Green and the others left the checkpoint as they said they did, the checkpoint being near the house, did they leave it completely unmanned?  If not, wouldn’t whoever was manning the checkpoint have heard gunfire?  Wouldn’t the Army, as part of any investigation it did, have asked whomever manned the checkpoint whether or not they heard gunfire, smelled smoke, heard a commotion or screams?  Wouldn’t they have been asked why they  didn’t investigate the gunfire?  What, whomever manned the checkpoint said, “No, we didn’t hear anything?” and the Army said, “okay” and that was that?  Or the person manning the checkpoint said, “Yes, I heard it, but I didn’t investigate it or report it,” and that was that?  Or did the Army learn, in fact, that nobody was at the checkpoint after all because they were all over committing rape and murder?  No matter which way you look at it, there was some sort of cover-up.  And, I think the cover up required additional cover-ups, like sending Green home with a diagnosis of “dangerous to civilians.” 

It would be so much less nightmarish if we could simply believe that this was the work of one disturbed and drunk young man.  But it doesn’t add up, and I don’t believe that. 

In a final irony, Joseph Cannonfire at Uruknet points us to this blog which points us to a horrifically ironic article from the Army News Service.   The photo and caption which originally accompanied the article have been removed, but are still visible on the cached version.

Steven Green

The caption reads:  “Pfc. Steven Green, B Co. 1-502 prepares to blast a lock off the gate of an abandoned home during a search of homes in Mullah Fayed on Dec. 2.”

Yes, it’s the same Steven Green.

The article is entitled, Coalition Forces Keep Streets of Iraq Safe, and in part, it reads:

YUSUFIYAH, Iraq (Army News Service, Dec. 9, 2005) – Soldiers from Task Force Baghdad, alongside Iraqi forces, constantly search the streets and alleyways of Baghdad and surrounding communities for weapons, insurgents and anti-coalition propaganda. The searches are thorough, yet the Soldiers still respect people’s rights and property.

“I feel that our patrols make a difference,” said Sgt. Kenneth Casica. “I guess the patrols make the insurgents nervous because they know…we’ll push them out of this area to make the people feel safe.”

…“Today’s mission was to see if we could apprehend insurgents who may have been in the area,” said Sgt. Kenneth Casica, a team leader in 1st Platoon. “We want [the citizens] to realize that we are here to help them.”

In order to stabilize the area, the Soldiers and the citizens have established a basic trust, which is why during patrols U.S. troops take care in searching people’s homes.

“This was nothing like a big raid,” Casica said. “We just asked people to open cabinets and looked around in their things.”

Even though Soldiers of B Co. did not find any weapons or terrorists, they know their presence helps reduce the chance of the insurgency gaining a stronghold in the city.

…When responsible for maintaining the peace of a city and reducing the effectiveness of the insurgency, there is no such thing as a day off.

This is what is known as propaganda.  We do it with the best of them, and we do it so horrifyingly well.

It looks to me as though a teenage girl was raped, tortured, murdered, her family, too, by U.S. soldiers, and that this rape and these murders were covered up by those in command.  I hope and pray that in fact, Army officers didn’t order, stage, this attack as some sort of deadly sick psy-op, as Joseph Cannon theorizes.  I hope and pray.

Edited to add that the Complaint in U.S. v. Green can be found here.




13 thoughts on “Rape of the Hadji Girl, Part 3 — Five More U.S. Soldiers Charged; ‘Abir Hamzah Was 14 Years Old

  1. I have no words. All I seem to have is tears. And fury that these atrocities continue to happen – and they know no nationality, either. These “men” are the ones representing our country?

    That had to be awful, heartrending work to write that, Heart. The more I read, the more sickened I am.

    Posted by JJ | July 9, 2006, 9:12 pm
  2. The problem is not these men, thank God they’ll soon be executed and sent to hell where they belong. Its a bunch of idiots who keep defending them, covering up the tons of rapes that have already happened and keep happening. All of their families deserve the same thing to happen to them

    Posted by pissed | August 8, 2006, 4:31 pm
  3. I am a Muslim Arab Palestinian and Islam our knowledge is that we are the Muslims brothers in the good and the damage and we suffer for putting our brothers in Iraq and wish I to it burned each American pig and not American it has raped honorable Iraqi woman and we now hate the West and the Christians yes we hate you and wish to kill you because you wrong us and fight us and you kill us and rape us and help the Zionist Jews against us but we will see who will laugh in the end because Islam is a Religion of Truth, the Christianity and the right Judaism their meaning Islam but you are no religion of you because you follow the nonsense, the distortion and the heresy but the paradise is for us and hell of you and Eissa Al-Maseeh will lower from the sky so that it kills you as promised us Allah and was enough .

    Posted by FReeDoM_PaLeSTiNe82 | November 4, 2006, 6:35 pm
  4. On Freedom’s comment:

    You state Islam is a religion of truth? If you know the truth then tell us please! What’s your truth?
    I’m not a Christian but I do have faith in God and follow God through love, not hate. You can’t claim paradise when your negative emotions overpower your positive ones; if you have any left! The Americans who kill and rape are wrong but so are the people from different countries. It does not apply to everyone. You have A LOT of hate in you because it is your wish to kill. You contradict yourself. If you have a God than your God is full of hate. Love overpowers hate. A good God forgives no matter what. You’re not forgiving. You’ll be troubled for the rest of your life unless you learn to forgive and to love.

    Posted by Diana Chance | November 20, 2006, 2:57 am
  5. To those reading, I’m sorry to say that these men will not be executed after all. My hand covered my open mouth and my body chilled when I realised the transcending horror this girl experienced before she was murdered as in reading “The horrible crime lasted about five minutes, and the girl knew her parents and sister had been shot while she was being raped.”

    Cortez has been sentenced to 100yrs in comfortable military prison – eligible for parole in 10! Barker sentenced to 90 yrs in military prison – eligible for parole in

    Posted by Angering Update | February 24, 2007, 12:46 am
  6. Yeah, Angering Update. Read it and weep.



    Posted by womensspace | February 24, 2007, 4:50 am
  7. How can the Army say they are there to protect anyone when they would attempt to cover this up? I do not believe we let people with mental disorders or personality disorders no matter what they were a result of have guns to protect people!The fact is no matter what the circumstances be , these men are murders and child rapist above all else. The punishment does not fit the crime and it seems to me that the army is not there to protect anyone and soon enough these same child murdering rapist will be free to possibly do it again only this time it will be here. There are no words to express the heartbreak I feel for Abir Hamzah and her family. I hope with all my heart we leave there I can’t believe anyone could not be outraged by this it’s sickening and people need to realize it’s not just the army that looks like monsters it’s the people they represent as well. We sit back and change the channel like it does not involve us but it does they represent us as a country whether we agree with it or not. I wish someone could tell me what we are really doing there? I try to sort it out on a regular basis and I don’t want to hear we are protecting anyone thats bullshit!

    Posted by Sadness | August 4, 2007, 8:09 am
  8. Nobody how much we talk about this case, my littlesister Abeer wont come back. The american troops raped, tortured and killed her, and they could do it just because they were AMERICANS. Bu believe me.. Steven D Green and his buddies who raped and killed Abeer Hamza Qassim Al-Janabi they will get their punishment.. If they wont in this life, they will defenatly in the next life…. Some day they will die either, and then they will realise what they have done… and what they did is beyond doubt something which wont be forgive..

    And to my dear sister Abeer Qassim Hamza Al-Janabi.. You will always be in my heart, I have wept for you scince your death, but at least – ya habibti – Allah is big, and he will take revenge for you.. Inshallah you are a shaheed, and your murders will suffer in hell for what they did to you.. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU SISTER… Lailaha il Allah..

    Posted by Khazeema | November 4, 2007, 9:10 pm
  9. What happened to Abeer Qassim, was the biggist unjustice !

    Posted by Khazeema | November 4, 2007, 9:11 pm
  10. Post #4, from FReeDoM_PaLeSTiNe82, is a fake – i don’t believe for a minute that it was written by a Palestinian. The manner of speech does not fit that of an Arabic speaker using broken English. In fact, I have run across this poster on other sites that report news from the Middle East and all the posts are the same. My guess as to the identity of the poster is that he is an American male with a strong anti-Palestinian bias. His goal appears to be to perpetrate the stereotype of the homicidal muslim arab. What irony – on a thread about the murders of Arabs by Americans.

    I pray that God deals justice to all those involved in carrying out this atrocity. May they never have a peaceful day as long as they live.

    Posted by believer | December 23, 2007, 5:14 am
  11. I served in a different company, in the same area as all of them. I received the radio report that they had come across a so called murdered family burnt to death by insurgents(lies). no one questioned it, no one would guess what evil occurred at that house, until someones conscious got the best of them, When I found out I was floored with confusion and disgust. Let me say there are decent men over there, and their are sick twisted ones too, the worst part is I’m sure more incidents have happened that remain unreported. Green should face a firing squad, he was a soldier and so was I, if I dishonored myself to his level I would expect nothing less.

    Posted by Tim | April 12, 2008, 7:18 am


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