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The Way Women are Terrorized: Today’s News


Nicholas and Lola Kampf

Last week,  the couple in the photos above, both in their 50s, abducted Katelyn Kampf, 19, their pregnant daughter, tied her up, forced her into their car, and began driving.  Their goal was to force her to get an abortion.  Nicholas Kampf, Katelyn’s father, is a wealthy land developer who was, among other things, unhappy that the father of the baby was African.  Katelynn Kampf managed to free herself when she was let out of the car to use the restroom.  She then called the police.  Today the parents were indicted for kidnapping, terrorizing their daughter, and assault.

The woman in the photo above, Julianna Redd,  23, was kidnapped last Friday, on the eve of her wedding, by her parents, who held her long enough in a hotel in another state that she missed her wedding.  The prospective husband called police when his bride-to-be didn’t show up for the dinner which was planned for the night before the wedding.  The parents are being charged with kidnapping. 

These are instances of women being terrorized because they are women.  The rationale and motivation for the kidnappings is the view that these women’s lives and bodies do not belong to them, that their lives and bodies and even their children belong to their parents.  Can anyone imagine a man being kidnapped by his parents and held to keep him from marrying?  Can anyone imagine a man being kidnapped and forced to have an abortion?   Yes, that’s facetious.  No, that isn’t facetious.

And before anyone pipes up with, “but the mothers were involved,”  their mothers were also their fathers’ wives, and as such were part and parcel of that institution which is so central to male heterosupremacy:  the nuclear family.   It is in the name of the nuclear family, in the name of patriarchy, meaning “rule of the father,” and the father’s rights over his children that these young women were kidnapped and terrorized.    Based on the reading I’ve done about this, there are thousands, probably millions of people in this country who are sympathetic to what these parents did– even though what they did amounted to, again, terrorism of women.  Because they are women. 




5 thoughts on “The Way Women are Terrorized: Today’s News

  1. I hope, that absolutely no /leeway/ would be given in consideration that the kidnapping was done by parents, she’s an adult woman, and adult person. If anything, that they were her family made the crime worse. A woman belongs to herself, not her father nor her husband…something that the law…currently enforced by police forces and government which is still mostly made up of males, continue to neglect.

    Also, have you ever read The Gift of Fear, 1997, by Gavin de Becker?

    [The reason for some women’s reluctance to call the police is eloquently expressed by the case of Nicole Brown Simpson.
    In one episode not revealed during the criminal trial, Simpson pushed Nicole out of a moving car in a parking lot. A police officer who happened on the scene told Simpson, “Take your wife home.”
    In another incident (well after they were divorced) Simpson broke down the door into Nicole’s home. A responding police officer told Nicole his conclusion about what had happened: “No blows were thrown, he didn’t throw anything at you; we don’t have anything other than a verbal altercation.” Nicole responded correctly: “Breaking and entering, I’d call it.” “Well,” the officer countered, “it’s a little different when the two of you have a relationship; it’s not like he’s a burglar.] – Chapter 10, “Intimate Enemies (Domestic violence)”, pages 180-181.

    Posted by Mercurial Georgia | October 5, 2006, 6:50 pm
  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard so far. What kind of parents would do this. When your children are grown you don’t treat them like babies. This woman is too old for a time out. What happened to train a child up the way they should go and dont forget the prodigal child. Wait for them to come back. It was not that serious! These parents were tripping!

    Posted by myrootsgrowdeep | October 6, 2006, 3:26 am
  3. you are using an anti-choice site to report on women’s right to self determination. it makes no sense. your link for additional information on the case in maine is an anti-choice news site. the contradiction is dangerous.

    Posted by virginia throckmorton | October 8, 2006, 12:50 am
  4. and my comment is held for moderation?
    i have responded before to posted columns and my reply was visible immediately. this is worrying me abit.

    Posted by virginia throckmorton | October 8, 2006, 12:56 am
  5. Virginia, thanks for telling me, I’ve deleted both links for now. I didn’t realize one was an anti-choice site– my bad, I should have been more careful. Just so you know I moderate every comment here; your comment was not singled out for moderation. I have to moderate that way– you should see some of the comments I get! :/

    I also know that I owe you an e-mail and will be e-mailing you. I apologize for the delay.


    Posted by womensspace | October 8, 2006, 4:16 am

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