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“This is 2006 and it’s like some Grapes of Wrath mess happening, and no one is talking about it.”

“We act as if people who are rich have somehow earned their money, and that is a lie from beginning to end. The riches come from not only valuing some work more than others, it goes back all the way to stealing land, enslaving people, and exploiting and murdering people. So today if you can ‘get over’ from legally exploiting people, it’s all good; it’s the American way. That is what this country was founded on, and this has somehow gotten laundered over the centuries into some perverted ‘work ethic’ belief that if you just work hard enough, YOU TOO can become rich, if you just apply yourself and pull yourself up by your bootstraps. This is why it is often folks with barely a pot to piss in who defend the economic class system with the most vigor in this country…who defend the rich, the right to be rich, and the right of the rich to produce (usually at a high personal and financial cost of their workers) stuff and to buy stuff. It’s cause they believe it can happen to them someday, somehow, being rich.

“The wealthy class have the rest of us screwed from beginning to end. I talked with a woman recently whose decent-paying job was sent overseas (she now works a low-paying job and is desperately looking for better) and whose husband is in the war risking his life so that we (the U.S) can control (read steal and profit from) a contry’s oil, she was actually grateful there was a wal-mart nearby. She knew that (among wal-mart’s many other crimes) key wal-mart investors also were invested in her prior employer who took her job overseas so that they’d only have to pay their workers $2 a day, but she was still grateful. Why? because the food there was so cheap and she was on a tight, day-to-day budget of providing food for her family. This is how the wealthy class operates. They set it up so we have little money, then we are grateful to get back alive from fighting their wars, then we are grateful when we can spend a few bob on neccessities at their stores. This is 2006 and it’s like some Grapes of Wrath* mess happening, and no one is talking about it.

“The rich class in America has killed more people than crack cocaine, yet we lock up crack dealers and reward the CEOS of majpr corporations with crazy money and give them a slap on the wrist if they actually get busted doing their dirt. If they get prison time, they even have special jails for them!!! It’s…insane. If revolution ever comes, it will be because the American people collectivey turn their back on the lie and open their hearts and minds to sharing. Forget the bootstrap fairy-tale. ”

I’ve been meaning to urge everyone to read Trula Mama’s post, “No  Rich People.”




3 thoughts on ““This is 2006 and it’s like some Grapes of Wrath mess happening, and no one is talking about it.”

  1. Now *that’s* a world I would want to live in! I loved the article and the kind of collectivist vision she has.

    Let’s do something about it!

    Posted by Branjor | October 5, 2006, 9:46 pm
  2. Excellent!

    Posted by profacero | October 8, 2006, 2:43 am
  3. Well actually, I mean excellent post, not excellent situation. YES this needs to be pointed out more.

    Posted by profacero | October 8, 2006, 2:44 am

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