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Pimp My Domain for Dummies: Not Mysterious

Over on Alas, Violet Socks  posted John’s explanation,  from here, yesterday, about the mechanics of domain name pimping, as follows:

John Says:
October 10th, 2006 at 10:08 am e

The idea behind the outgoing porn link is that Google ranks websites based on “authority”. The more your site is linked to by other sites – especially from already established, high-authority sites – the higher its perceived “authority” on a subject; hence the higher your site will be ranked on Google for various search phrases.

So what these “SEO’s” (search engine optimizers) do, is they buy links from high authority sites to try to raise the authority of their new/low-ranked/spam sites. And as internet profit goes, porn sells like nothing else.

When it comes to porn, you don’t need anything resembling content, you just need A) naked women; and B) for people to actually choose your site over the millions and millions of others. Which is why someone would attach a monetary value to links from a site like Ampersand’s, which obviously has a high authority, having been linked to over and over again by other respected sites.

So yes, he absolutely, positively built a site that achieved a monetary value based largely on feminist support and based on that value, sold it to porn spammers.

On the hopeful side, Google does hate that kind of manipulation and it could very well be that his site has already been penalized for it. One can only hope.

This is not some big mystery that is just oh-so-hard to understand.  I understand it perfectly and I’m no techie.

A whole lot of people linked to Amptoons because they liked the discussions there, they enjoyed the debate,  guest bloggers, commenters, and because they had faith in Ampersand.    Amp traded on that good faith, on his readers’ trust, the trust which made Amptoons “high authority,” by selling his site to a pornhound.    The pornhound improves his search engine results because of the authority of Amptoons, which existed because, again, people trusted Amp and felt comfortable linking to Amptoons– even if they didn’t agree with him in many ways.  

There’s nothing anybody can do about it now.  Post to Amptoons, you are posting on a domain owned by a pornhound.  Even if you delink, it won’t help or do any good or make any statement (thank god I never linked, at least not on my blogrolls; that made me a “link drain,” in that Amp linked to me, but I didn’t link back.  I did, however, link when I quoted something from Alas.)  Anyway, this authority, created because posters and readers trusted and believed in Ampersand,  was sold, traded on already, contract signed, check cut, it’s a done deal.   We can de-link all we want, stay away from Alas all we want,  type in “ers” and carrots in whatever posts we post to Alas until the cows come home, it won’t make any difference now. 

This was illuminating and hopeful, posted yesterday here by Katchen:

Katchen Says:
October 9th, 2006 at 10:40 am e

  • That’s some pretty nasty SEO tactics; seriously disreputable. I would advise anyone who objects to this to log a spam report with Google. I’m pretty sure there’s a good argument for this constituting spam tactics.It looks like Google have already blacklisted the links page itself; PageRank 0, so the links will no longer be any use to the porn sites themselves. The main site & blog still has fairly high rank though; 7/10.The funny* thing is that Amp has sold out to give the porn merchant a quick boost, and will possibly get his listings trashed as a result, whilst the porn site spammer moves on.With the traffic he gets to the site he could have sold out to a paid listings scheme from Google or Yahoo & be raking it in; He could easily have got a few $100 each month from them at any rate. I’m pretty sure if he’d explained the alternatives, his audience would have dealt with 4-5 unobtrusive links per page or on selected pages?I understand and can forgive desperation, but equally a whole lot of us have been desperate at some point in our lives, and how you choose to operate under those circumstances speaks volumes.*I don’t quite know which kind of funny.
  • Katchen Says:
    October 9th, 2006 at 10:59 am e
  • Actually, on double-checking Amp’s main domain, it appears the site has already been dropped from Google’s listings.

    When I was doing research for these posts, I came across this, from a cartooning site that picked up on Amp’s announcement when he posted it and posted it here:

    September 15, 2006
    Selling to SEOs

    An interesting way of doing business: Cartoonist Ampersand has sold his domain to a Search Engine Optimiser who lets him continue to run his (excellent) blog and cartoonist pages in exchange for a link on the blog’s front page and the ability to put whatever he wants (presumably link farms, but I haven’t been able to find out yet) on new pages on the website.

    I suppose it’s as legit as any other form of sponsorship, and it sure beats having SEOs spamming their links on other people’s blogs against their will. But one wonders if it wouldn’t have been more effective for the SEO to buy a traditional sponsorship. What’s one link to a blog about, in this case, handbags, on Amptoon’s blog page worth in comparison to a well-placed ad, possibly drawn by Ampersand himself and integrated into the website, pointing directly to the product? Presumably the other stuff the SEO adds is worth more.

    There is a risk involved that could cause Amp trouble for a long time to come. The reason I’m interested in this story at all is that the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Search Engine Optimization is spam. Comment spam and forum spams, the two blights on the Web that have caused me to spend many unpaid hours to clean up Waffle, Talk About Comics and, before Mithandir installed his latest honeypot-based comment spam blocker, the comments to Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. I know that’s not entirely fair; there are forms of Search Engine Optimization that don’t involve spam, and what Amp’s buyer is doing could be one of them. But if the buyer is putting link farms on new pages within the domain, then these will themselves only become valuable if they’re widely linked to, and that means there’s a strong incentive for the new domain owner to spam. Actually, that applies to anything else he might put there – it can only be valuable for SEO purposes if it’s widely linked to.

    You don’t want to be associated with a domain that’s spammed in blog comments or forums. Or associated with spam in any form at all. It got the makers of the blogging software WordPress in quite a bit of trouble and could end up doing the same to Ampersand.

    If, as Katchen says, Amptoons has already been dropped from the ratings, that won’t be helpful to the pornhound who bought it, I’d assume.  It will be interesting to see whether Amptoons turns up as so much porn spam in my spam queue, filtered out by Akismet.

    Some have asked how much money Amp received.  I don’t know the dollar figure, but I do know this:  He got the equivalent of a year’s salary.  That’s a lot of bananas.

    I hope it’s worth it to him.  What I also hope is that light bulbs aren’t going on in the heads of all sorts of theoretically pro-feminist bloggers, who, like Ampersand, see an opportunity to make a quick buck cheap.  Nuttin but the bodies of women are at stake after all, you know?  Porn happens.  Might as well cash in on the gravy train.




    26 thoughts on “Pimp My Domain for Dummies: Not Mysterious

    1. He got the equivalent of a year’s salary.

      Did he say this somewhere and I missed it?

      Posted by Violet Socks | October 12, 2006, 4:22 am
    2. Did you see this?

      Also, always be careful posting to ‘other’ sites (either pro-porn or in this case, pro-Amp) as your email address is usually known. That’s why I don’t bother posting to pro-porn blogs.

      Posted by stormcloud | October 12, 2006, 8:46 am
    3. Out of curiosity, if the site becomes useless to the SEO, what’s to stop the SEO from killing the site altogether? Isn’t it feasible that the whole kit and kaboodle could just be shut down without warning and Amp would lose all the content?

      Posted by Delany | October 12, 2006, 11:48 am
    4. Some have asked how much money Amp received. I don’t know the dollar figure, but I do know this: He got the equivalent of a year’s salary. That’s a lot of bananas.

      Why do you think this?

      Posted by curiousgyrl | October 12, 2006, 1:15 pm
    5. If you have the google toolbar installed, there’s a “page rank” icon that displays a number 1-10 when you visit a site (10 is best; it sort of works like the Ricter scale where an 8 is hugely bigger than a 7, too) As long as a site has a number, there, or can be found in google cache, it’s still “listed.” I don’t know how someone came to the conclusion that it wasn’t, although sometimes different google servers kick back different results. But as far as I can tell, both the blog, the “review” pages, including the porn ones are still both ranked and cached.

      The blog’s rank is 6 (I think it slipped from 7)
      Porn Page’s is 5

      That porn page still has a higher rank than (which is a 4), although your blog ties it at 5.

      Posted by Rich | October 12, 2006, 1:21 pm
    6. Out of curiosity, if the site becomes useless to the SEO, what’s to stop the SEO from killing the site altogether? Isn’t it feasible that the whole kit and kaboodle could just be shut down without warning and Amp would lose all the content?

      It all depends on what the sale contract says. From what Barry has said, it seems the domain belongs to whoever, and whoever can do whatever he wants with it. So, unless the contract forbids it, the new owner can shut it down if he wants. Presumably Barry would then be free to blog elsewhere, which, as I understand it, he’s not allowed to do right now. The contract commits him to a year of blogging at amptoons.

      Posted by Char | October 12, 2006, 2:43 pm
    7. I hope my previous comment is just held up in moderation. I also just wanted to say that after looking into it, Amp hasnt said how much money is at stake. My guess, based on offers my partner got for a similarly ranked site is about $250/month. Not exactly a living wage for a year salary.

      Posted by | October 12, 2006, 3:08 pm
    8. For the moment, at least, I’ve decided to hold up comments relating to the children whose photos appear on Amptoons because I’m feeling uncomfortable about having that discussion here. If someone wants to talk about it, we can, but, I don’t know, bringing the kids into this discussion just feels wrong and worrisome to me. By way of correction for those who saw the earlier posts, those aren’t Amp’s kids or the children of his life partners.

      As to how much money Amp got, that information was posted to the internet in a public forum, available to the whole world to read if they happened upon it. I’m not going to say where I read it because it doesn’t seem right to, for a bunch of reasons.

      But you know how that information can be obtained? Just ask Amp. Ask Amp how much money, specifically, he got for Amptoons. Ask him if it was the equivalent of a year’s salary for him. And if he won’t tell you how much, well, ask him why not?

      I can’t post to Alas– my posts don’t make it through. I tried to post a very abbreviated version of this post last night when I saw that John’s comment here had been posted to Alas by Violet Socks. I tried three times and my comment came up each time with various messages which equalled a hearty and resounding NOT. That being so, I’m not going to approve posts from Alas commenters here which are hostile, insulting, nasty, or in which commenters take an opportunity to vent their spleen about radical feminists and radical feminism. I’ve only gotten a couple of that kind of comment, but I’m not going to approve those. I’m not up for having the nastiness on Alas imported over here onto my blog, when I can’t respond to it over there, where it’s actually going on.


      Posted by womensspace | October 12, 2006, 3:59 pm
    9. Everyone: please be careful putting porn site links into any site (like Here, fer-x) because clicking on it is a buck for people who abuse and torture women and children.

      Anyone but me wierded out by AMPs discussion about posting pix of kids being safe or not from pervs and peds and porn users looking for pix of children—at about the same time he signed this porn deaL?

      Amp still posts pix of his kids.

      We don’t, however, know what AMP looks like.

      Posted by Pony | October 12, 2006, 4:01 pm
    10. Pony – if you put his real name in Yahoo Images a picture of him comes up (hosted on freakybob.ccom). He posted a picture of himself back in the Ms days, but I haven’t seen him do so recently.

      Posted by Delany | October 12, 2006, 4:22 pm
    11. I am not remotely interested in what he looks like. But I do note, he protects his image but he has pictures of children (either his or his friends kids) on his blog, repeatedly, recently, renewed at intervals with updated pix, since he signed the porn deal.

      Posted by Pony | October 12, 2006, 4:51 pm
    12. I had not read upthread when I posted. Whatever you wish, Heart.

      Posted by Pony | October 12, 2006, 4:52 pm
    13. I don’t really have a problem talking more generally about the practice of posting photos of children on a website which is owned by a pornhound– that’s important to talk about, I think. More, I don’t want to focus on the specific children whose photos Amp has posted, if that makes sense. They don’t deserve to have their privacy invaded or to be made part of something they don’t have any control over or say about, they’re innocent kids, is all I’m saying.

      The way I read Amp posting those photos is, Amp, knowing he’d sold out, was trying to beef up the image of himself as a sensitive New Age guy who is all about, for example, taking care of, and cootchie-cooing, the kids in his life, never mind the links to Teen Porn on the other pages of the site, that’s something different, that’s over there, really, I’m a really nice, non-porn-approving, yet simultaneously porn-approving, guy, and it’s not all about the porn anyway, I mean, heck, what can I do about a little bit o’ porn, it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere, anyway, so if it’s right here on Amptoons, I mean, what’s the dif,  it’s bigger than all of us, right? So what I want you to do is, focus on what a nice guy I am, so very nice that I post photos of the kids in my life, and make sure you know what a family man I am, and please pay very little attention, I mean,  zero attention,  to the fact that this here domain of mine is owned by a pornhound, it is going to be owned by this pornhound for the duration, I’m getting server space courtesy of a pornhound, and I made a bunch a bucks off that deal. Nevertheless, I’m still really a nice, nice, courteous, well-mannered guy who even wears a skirt in that comic I made of myself up there, I am SO evolved and progressive, I clearly care about the kids in my life. Keep that first and foremost in your mind. Oh, and note the way, in this discussion in which everyone is turning himself or herself into a pretzel in order to justify and rationalize my selling out to a pornhound, even now, although I’ve banned Heart, and she can’t respond to anything which is being said here, I’m still chivalrously protecting her from that mean radfem bully who mentioned Heart’s oh-so-many kids! Tut. These woman bullies. Gotta keep them in check. That’s not nice at all, mentioning Heart’s eleventy seven kids.   Because it’s all about being nice around here, and especially, it’s about being nice to me, no matter how skeezy, dodgy, dishonest and all around low my behaviors, over the last six months, have been. Geez, I said I was sorry. What more do you want?  Women.  They’re never satisified.

      Amazing, women are buying it over there, too. Men, too, of course, but what else is new. Everybody should read Dr. Violet Socks’ latest, and funnie’s latest .


      Posted by womensspace | October 12, 2006, 5:20 pm
    14. I’m going to post this, here, that I posted at AMPs. I encourage other women, single mothers, older women, people who have made choices to post them, somewhere. Use a pseudonym if it makes you feel better:

      Pony says:

      I’m having some money problems. I’ve got just over $10,000 to live on for the rest of my life. If I live about 8 months, I’m good!

      I have no pension having used my savings to live on when I became disabled and could not work, and when I cared for someone else ill. I work very limited time now, but work I do, sometimes in a lot of pain. I don’t get any disability income, or take welfare. I’ve always been a housewife, or worked from home for min wage and no benefits, or worked contract for low wage and no benefits. I’ve raised a family on less than $14,000 a year, helped with university eds, including my own started at age 46 , never had debts or borrowed from anyone, not seen a dentist in 15 years (but keep my teeth clean), give money (or food and water) to native panhandlers, because well, they’re my kin, and we live in their home eh?

      Do not buy mags newspapers, cds, do not smoke, drink or have gadgets, cell phone etc. Do not buy what I can’t pay cash for, or what I would need more electricty or batteries or pay for upkeep to run. Dumpster dive for anything I can use. Wear clothes found there, or Goodwill, cut my own hair, do not buy or wear makeup (but lipgloss) do not go to movies, do not rent dvds, do not buy prepared foods, have not had a holiday in 11 years (prior to this past weekend visiting friends in another province).

      These are just some of my choices to live within my means. If it’s not free, I can’t afford it, and I don’t happen to think it’s your responsibility to support me with your taxes, either, so I don’t take some things I might be able to get if I filled out a gigajillion forms for the gov’t. I just owe no one, am owned by no-one, and manage with less, or none.

      My kids didn’t like it much, the way I did things, by the way. They survived.

      We always have choices.

      AMP had other choices. He chose to pimp out the feminists who built his blog for him.

      Posted by Pony | October 12, 2006, 5:34 pm
    15. I noticed that Soopermouse apologised to Ampersand but not to you Heart. I’ve seen that happen before where someone insults a woman and he gets the insulter to apologise to him. He’s always happy to accept the apologies too.

      Every time something like this happens- the civil anti-feminist bigots/uncivil feminists incident, banning ginmar and now him linking to porn – he sheds a few more feminist readers and solidifies his position amongst liberals who hate radical feminists. I don’t understand why people are so keen to support him.

      Posted by delphyne | October 12, 2006, 5:47 pm
    16. I mean, if there’s anybody besides Hugh Hefner who is public enemy number one to me, it’s that piece of pathetic horse manure Sheldon Ranz. Some of you will remember the rounds he and I went. He’s the guy who reviewed hardcore porn for 20 years and knew everything about every porn star, the industry, all the dramas, why they all died young (because most of them do), and so on. His rap was, defender extraordinaire of the porn industry though he was, hell, he was a fine upstanding feminist man because he was a member of NOW.

      How different is what Amp is doing from what I duked it out with Sheldon Ranz about. Amp and Sheldon are both middle aged, heterosexual white guys who found a way to cash in on the pornography industry. The only difference between them is, Sheldon never cared about being nice. He’d go for every jugular he could go for, he would get as down and dirty and mean-assed as he could get. I always wondered why Amp never had anything to say during those trainwrecks online. Well, he didn’t have anything to say because apparently, his sympathies were with Sheldon. That has certainly become more clear now. He’s just “nice” and “courteous” about being sympathetic to the porn industry, to the degree that he cashed in on it. Sheldon never bothered with nice. And you know, I’d rather have Sheldon. At least I know what I’m dealing with.


      Posted by womensspace | October 12, 2006, 5:50 pm
    17. Yeah, Pony. Those of us who have scrimped and scrounged to survive have no sympathy for this kind of penultimately privileged, privileged, privileged, sellout. I’ve raised 11 children. I’ve had custody of them always always always, all of them until they were grown. In the course of raising them, I went through horrifying divorces. My first husband, a member of the Black Panther party and fellow revolutionary, tried to kill me with a metal pipe after I’d left him because I got sick of being battered. He went to jail for the rest of his life, so, no child support there. My second husband took an early retirement while I supported our family forever. When I got sick of his abuse after 19 years and left him, the judge felt sorry for the poor old fella and although I had ALL the bills, ALL the kids, and a business to run, I had to pay HIM “spousal maintenance.” You got that right. Even though he was receiving retirement and had emptied the bank accounts.

      What you describe there about your life is very familiar to me and my children. We’ve eaten what amounts to garbage. We heated the house with the woodstove, the wood coming from pallets we salvaged down on the tideflats, brought home, broke up. I drove beater cars I bought for $500 or less, and when they broke down, I’d start saving for another beater car. I cut my hair, I cut the kids’ hair. For years we had no television, no DVD player, nuttin like that. I made the kids’ clothes for years and years, the girls’, and even pants for my sons. For years I made all my own clothes or bought them at thrift stores.

      I learned a lot, lot, lot about how to survive on nothing, and interestingly, that’s what caused my publication to become so popular. My first issue, on the cover, featured an article on how I fed my family of then 10 people for $200 per month, complete with recipes, shopping lists, and what each item cost. My publication grew to the point that it supported my family nicely, but to get it there, for years we ran the pages on an old AB Dick in a friend’s garage, then collated the individual issues, until we had more than 1,000 subscribers and could finally pay to have them printed. For years and years while I was publishing, each month I did without sleep for 3-4 days, getting the magazine done. I was having babies all those years, eventually had 11 of them. All but four are grown now.

      When I sued the Religious Right, who put me out of business, and won, I used the money I earned to resume publishing, make good on my promises to subscribers and advertisers, and to buy my farm. For a while, things were easier, but just for a while. They’re back to being pretty tough at the moment, but not as tough as I’ve had things in the past.

      Once you’ve been down and dirty poor, scrapping for food, losing your house, lights turned off, you never forget what that is. You know what it is to be poor. So do I. Most women who have ever been single mothers know too well what that is. That’s why in no way, shape or form are we buying it that the only way for someone to get by is to sell out the way Amp did. Not to mention the way Amp’s particular sellout was ALL about male privilege. ALL. From beginning to end, Exhibit A.

      And while I’m here, you done good, Pony, go you. You lived your life honorably, courageously, ethically, morally, as, honest to god, most women in your position, and mine, do.

      So no. Don’t fucking insult our intelligence with your sympathies for a man who was worried that down the line somewhere, he might not be able to make ends meet. Fuck that all to hell, pardon my french but not really.

      And Delphyne, yeah, I caught that. And I’ve noticed the way Amp does that, too, get people apologizing to him for, I guess, marring the courtesy quotient, because that’s what it’s all about, the demand for courtesy and politeness serving as such an ever-so-effective smokescreen for some really vile stuff that just continues to go down.


      Posted by womensspace | October 12, 2006, 6:54 pm
    18. wow,

      pony’s and heart’s stories are amazing.

      I would bring up how embarrassed I am that here I was complaining that I’m not able to contribute to my daughter’s college fund, but I don’t want to hear anyone make me feel better about it.

      I know soopermouse is having some kind of meltdown, but I just have to say, that her phrase “breeder privilege” is one of the most obscene things I’ve heard.

      Posted by saltyC | October 13, 2006, 12:36 am
    19. Thanks, salty. I think you’re amazing, and I’m glad you duked it out over at Alas over that vile “round up the hot Brazilian babes in Miami” porn review, even though everybody conveniently ignored you.

      What the hell. If I had a nickel for every white person over there who thinks s/he is so fricking evolved so far as racism goes, all of this blah blah blah, boring, pontificating on about stuff none of them knows a thing about, I’d at least be able to buy myself a nice tall mocha every work day for the rest of the year. But when the test comes, i.e., a Brazilian feminist shows up to say, “Hey, asshats. That “ethnic” porn review you have on page yada is responsible for the danger I experience as a Brazilian woman every day,” it’s fucking mum’s the word, isn’t it. Cat has everybody’s tongue. All of a sudden they somehow forgot all that fancy dancy bullshit writing about racism they all did. It’s worse than that, RachelS, the anti-racism prof, whom one would think would know better, comes in, cracks a joke, and splits.

      When it gets real, well, they get real. That’s what it comes down to.

      As to breeder privilege, yeah. Tell that to all the fundamentalist women everywhere, throughout the world, who have no meaningful choice in the matter of bearing children, for whom spousal rape is their daily portion. I was one of those women.  I know lots and lots of women like that, every last one of them with the heel of patriarchy squarely situated on their necks.  Hell, soopermouse is Romanian.  If anybody should know what forced childbearing is, she should.  I have a 15 year old adopted Romanian niece.  My sister went to Romania in 1991 and adopted her from an orphanage.  She is half Romanian, half Roma (gypsy), and she was in an orphanage because that piece of shit Ceaucesque, or however you spell it, outlawed birth control and forced women to bear children for the cause.  Soopermouse was there then, if I’m not mistaken.  How quickly she forgets what forced bearing is all about.

      Well,  let me stop, I don’t want to lose it completely, argh.

      You know, there are some good good things about my having had 11 kids and us having been poor most of the years I was raising most of them. For one thing, nine of my children are biracial, and so they were never alone– you know? And they never will be. Each one will always have a community around her, or him, of eight biracial people who totally get what that’s about. For another thing, we have a blast when we’re all together– not often now, because some of my kids have moved to California, everybody works, it’s hard for us to all be together at the same time. One year, we celebrated Christmas at 2 a.m., because that’s when all of us could be together at my house. We are a really close family for a lot of reasons, but one is, we’ve been through a lot and we really need each other. For another thing, having been poor made my kids, every one of them, fricking hard working as the day is long. They work long hours, they work two jobs, they budget, they don’t complain, they don’t expect anybody to bail them out, they don’t expect anybody to pay their bills. For another thing, they knew that if they were going to college, and maybe this will be an encouragement to you, salty, they had to get scholarships. HAD to. Ain’t no way in hell I, or even a rich person, would be able to pay the way of 11 kids, several in college at the same time in any given year. And those that wanted to get to college, got scholarships, did well, went to college. I’m really proud of my daughter who’s a senior this year. She is at school completely on scholarships and grants, a private college, cost is $30K a year. She had to keep her grades high to keep her scholarships– and she has, and she’s on a rigorous academic track, psychology/pre-med major, women’s studies minor. Then, even though I have seven grown kids, I have only four grandkids. I have six daughters, none wants children any time soon, and none has had a child. Well, one would like a child now, but she is 30. Some of my daughters say they will adopt, not bear children. They are responsible, and smart, and ambitious, but they also know what it is to be poor, to struggle to feed your kids, to go without, and that informs the lives they are living now. I am really, really proud of one of my grown sons, who is a stay-at-home dad and who unschools two of my four grandkids. He does a bang-up job, and it’s a long story I’ll tell some other day, but he is saving the lives, honestly, of two of my four grandkids by teaching them at home himself, and my daughter-in-law, his partner, is a stunning example to them of being a woman provider and of what it is to be a radical feminist partner and mom.  Not that I’m proud of my kids or anything.  🙂

      So, it’s all good. I may have been a breeder, and true enough, I may have vowed that in my next life, I’m going to be, like Marge Piercy says,  solitary as a lighthouse, but my kids kick ass, and will change the world, and are already changing it. ALL of my daughters are radical feminists, as are my daughters-in-law. 

      So. Put that in yer pipe, you haters, and smoke it.  And don’t bogard the thing, pass it on down.  😛


      Posted by womensspace | October 13, 2006, 4:06 am
    20. Hey, Rich, thanks for telling me what my ratings are. 4 and 5 huh. Dang. Not bad, considering has only been around for, what, 8 or nine months, and I’ve been blogging for only five or six months?

      Well, onwards and upwards. And my personal guarantee: I’ll never sell my domain or my blog, not ever. That’s a promise and I will never, ever break it.


      Posted by womensspace | October 13, 2006, 4:30 am
    21. Yeah, but I’d bet you prefer that outranked the blog though (just like you wished the Hadji article got the attention over this crap), which not only gets more links (because people are more likely to link when they can basically link to their own content — the comments! not to mention their ability to spam their own link with each comment), but gets a boost from being on the wordpress domain. The new dynamic hasn’t been kind to the old feminist websites, either. Ms. Magazine is down to a six, from seven. As is Feminista. Each number represents a *significant* drop, orders of magnitudes, whatever “orders of magnitudes” means. In a way, they haven’t kept up, certainly, and one can point that out fairly — but on the other hand, they can’t supply what people value these days, especially what men value.

      Posted by Rich | October 13, 2006, 4:53 am
    22. Your story is so inspiring.

      As for me, I always wanted to be a mom, always. And it wasn’t patriarchal conditioning, either. Just the opposite in fact because the first time I was pregnant I was so happy but the guy who ot me pregnant was toatlly against it and convinced me to get an abortion because he would leave me and I’d be miserable. I promised myself I would keep it next time and I did, and it is a real personal fulfilment. On the other hand, our capitalist society is totally stacked against such personal fulfilment, you’re not supposed to WANT to be a single mom! And lefties seem to be given carte blanche to deride mothers for burdening the planet with hideous HUMANS (themsleves excepted of course) when they’d never get away with slandering any other group.

      Motherhood is not an invention of the patriarchy. I feel I’m actually doing something good by raising a truly wonderful person. And right now, I don’t need any more, probably never will, like my aunt who also had one daughter and never married my uncle (she’s Japanese-Brazilian, BTW) she said “why try again when I did it right the first time?” That’s how I feel, and it’s not because we were lucky and she has no medical problems, which I said all along I’d keep her no matter what, but because she gets so much love and no harshness.

      I don’t know why I feel so defensive, I guess cause it really is a struggle and I don’t think this is the only way to treat mothers, and the left and the right are all against us. Yes I had her on purpose, no it wasn’t selfish.

      It’s great that you did so well in poverty, but not everyone does and no one deserves it, I fully support any help given to families with children. Anything, take it.

      Posted by saltyC | October 13, 2006, 6:07 am
    23. Well, I think your story, Salty, is inspiring. Of course you feel defensive when people start throwing around the “breeder” word– that’s an attack and it’s understandable to feel you have to defend yourself! I love it that you are raising your daughter with love and no harshness. The older I got as a mother, the more convinced I became that the world is the mess it is in part because of the way brutal, authoritarian parenting practices are extolled as “good parenting,” and Alice Miller is right on time there, I’m not sure if you know of her work, but she is well worth reading. We do very much live in an anti-child society, even though children are fairly relentlessly objectified and fetishized. Well, objectification and fetishization *are* anti-. But people will call authorities in a moment if they see someone striking or hurting an animal, there are laws against this, whereas people strike and hurt children every minute of every day and are called “good parents” and are viewed as breaking no laws. People talk about children in the most disrespectful, disparaging of ways, including in their presence, and people laugh and think it’s funny! Otherwise “progressive” and “liberal” adults. Well, I know you know all of this too well, but I hate it when self-identified feminists put the screws to “breeders.” Seems like Amp-gate has brought to mind all the old stuff on the Ms boards, but I’m remembering the times when the “child free” crowd would come through and call children and babies horrible names which I won’t repeat here, who needs it, either oblivious to the effect of their words on mothers or intending to inflict pain on mothers, and I just think that a lot of that often has to do with a certain male-centeredness, this wanting to distance oneself from 80 percent of the world’s women, because 80 percent of the world’s women bear children before they are 45, and to call 80 percent of us names, suggest that we are stupid,  ignorant, lazy, whatever, well, it’s a way to identify with men against us, or another way to.  It’s misogyny.  And as we all know only too well, women can participate in that.  It’s as though they think if they are as woman-hating as men are, it might inoculate them against the woman-hating they experience, or score them a few points with men, but it never does, or if it seems to, it’s sweet in the mouth and bitter going down.

      I like HipMama’s response: to make t-shirts which say, in huge letters, “Breeder”. Heh.

      Well, I don’t know if I did so well in poverty. I am a survivor, and I found ways to survive. I’m a strong person in part because I had to be, for my kids, and I’m proud of that. But being poor is really, really hard on people, really really hard on young people, and some of my kids have and still do really struggle trying to make it. I think it’s awesome that your daughter has you for a mom. Kids need, I think, just one adult in their lives that is 100 percent for them, 100 percent in their corner, and if they have at least that, they can get by.

      Rich, yeah– would that my “Rape of the Hadji Girl” blog posts had gotten the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hits that Amp-gate has gotten. But they got the kind of attention I feel really good about, and a lot of it, comparatively, so that’s what I try to keep in mind. And yeah, I’d rather Women’s Space be the more widely read page. Of course, it would help if I would update more regularly. That’s the thing about blogs, they are SO easy to post to compared to other kinds of sites.


      Posted by womensspace | October 13, 2006, 11:09 am
    24. Sadly, I have realised that the “Rape of the Hadji Girl” blog posts, did not evoke as many human beings to throw up their hands in horror as the defence of someone selling out to racist and misogynist pornography. I went into the links that you had provided Heart and even though they chilled me to the bone, (I still think of them), I am pleased I went there. They have made me even more determined to challenge a culture that seems set on eating its self.

      Posted by sparklematrix | October 13, 2006, 12:08 pm
    25. I’m off to read the Hadji girl posts, which I didn’t see before (I only drop in once in a while, Heart – so much to read, so little time), and as I’ve googled for them (before I saw the tag in the categories sidebar) I’ll post the link for others so they can see the first one too.
      [archive of posts tagged with hadji-girl]

      I don’t always agree with your most radical opinions Heart, but I appreciate the way you write about many things that nobody else is writing about and I often think you’re absolutely spot on.

      I’ve been disgusted and very saddened by the whole Amp thing. It’s his domain and nobody else had the right to veto any sale, but not informing the community built there so that they could vote with their feet was cowardly and absolutely wrong.

      Posted by tigtog | October 13, 2006, 10:09 pm


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