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Duke Rapes, Gail Dines, Paula Zahn Show, Response to Aradhana

I’m blogging to let everybody know I have responded to Aradhana’s comment to this  blog post from last week.  I’m writing a separate post about it here because my “Recent Comments” widget on the sidebar can only hold 15 recent comments (I’m going to be moving this blog to a server soon, to address that and other aggravating limitations), so in short order it will not be apparent that I’ve responded. 

Although I originally intended to close the comments after I responded, I changed my mind about that; however, I have made the comments open only to women of color and to white women who are race traitors (partnered with black men now or in the past and/or mother to biracial children) for the time being.    Those who read what I’ve had to say, and who are of good will, will, I believe, understand my reasons for this or will be willing to give me the benefit of the doubt if they don’t understand.  

I’m also posting this notification because trackbacks haven’t worked on WordPress blogs for months now, and I can’t send trackbacks to the people I would send them to if trackbacks were working.




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