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“Love, like truth and beauty, is concrete. Love is not fundamentally a sweet feeling; not, at heart, a matter of sentiment, attachment, or being ‘drawn toward.’ Love is active, effective, a matter of making reciprocal and mutually beneficial relations with one’s friends and enemies.

“Love creates righteousness, or justice, here on earth. To make love is to make justice. As advocates and activists for justice know, loving involves struggle, resistance, risk. People working on behalf of women, blacks, lesbians and gay men, the aging, the poor in this country and elsewhere know that making justice is not a warm, fuzzy experience.  I think also that sexual lovers and good friends know that the most compelling relationships demand hard work, patience, and a willingness to endure tensions and anxiety in creating mutually empowering bonds.

“For this reason loving involves commitment. We are not automatic lovers of self, others, world, or God. Love does not just happen. We are not love machines, puppets on the strings of a deity called ‘love.’ Love is a choice—not simply, or necessarily, a rational choice, but rather a willingness to be present to others without pretense or guile. Love is a conversion to humanity—a willingness to participate with others in the healing of a broken world and broken lives. Love is the choice to experience life as a member of the human family, a partner in the dance of life, rather than as an alien in the world or as a deity above the world, aloof and apart from human flesh.” –Carter Heyward, in Our Passion for Justice




7 thoughts on “Love

  1. Perfect, Heart 🙂

    Posted by morgan | February 15, 2007, 1:37 am
  2. Thanks for posting about love today. Since I’ve rejected the conventional standards, I struggle to find my own version of love as a woman in a misogynist, unjust world. This space and the wisdom within are sustenance.

    Posted by roamaround | February 15, 2007, 1:58 am
  3. Gorgeous post! 🙂

    Posted by profacero | February 15, 2007, 2:31 am
  4. This space…

    Posted by MedeaOnCrack | February 15, 2007, 2:52 am
  5. This is a really lovely quote. The thing I like most about the idea of love is a choice is that we can also make the choice NOT to love–not to spend our energy, our time, our care, on people who don’t return it. We don’t have to be open to everybody. Our love is ours to decide what we will do with. I get so tired of the expectation in my community that I will be willing to struggle with the bigotry and ignorance of people who can’t be bothered to learn anything about anyone who’s different than they are, who don’t understand the good fortune and privilege they enjoy, and then are upset when they are called on it. I don’t choose to love those people, and that’s my prerogative.

    Love the graphic BTW too.

    Posted by Amy's Brain Today | February 15, 2007, 3:05 am
  6. Good points Amy!

    On ‘love’ – check out this piece of news, Tennessee now wants to require death certificates for aborted fetuses. Which could lead, apparently, to recording the woman’s SS#, criminalization, etc. I learned it on a blog:

    Posted by profacero | February 15, 2007, 4:41 am
  7. You are beautiful

    Posted by Adriana | April 14, 2007, 1:17 am

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