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For Some Reason This Strikes Me As Hysterically Funny

Snagged from  Hijabi Madness, this is Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, visiting a mosque in Turkey.  Check out the state of his socks.

Paul Wolfowitz

Turkish producers have evidently rushed to address his sock issue by providing him with a few new pairs.

Ann:  “This reminds me of that scene in Fahrenheit 911 where he’s combing his hair and licking the comb… He definitely is lacking in the personal hygiene department.”

HA!  🙂

It’s been a very strange week.   I post about the Raging Grannies and then have an  (awesome, but unexpected!) visitation of Raging Grannies, then I post about the “Rape Doesn’t Hurt Unless You Resist It” debacle and I’m immediately up over 10,000 hits a day and hundreds of comments from random non- and anti-feminist men incensed because I said “heterosexual white men” without excluding each one of them by name.  I guess I needed some comic relief.




8 thoughts on “For Some Reason This Strikes Me As Hysterically Funny

  1. “HA! 🙂 Not sure why this cracks me up, it just does.”

    Yeah, it’s funny; OTOH, it’s not really fun at his expense because what he did there was emblematic of privilege: he doesn’t have to care what he looks like, think about how he presents himself, because he’s a rich, white man.

    Which is why I find it very upsetting that men like Ralph Nader, Biafra, et al. all go out of their way to be slobs — or, typically male — wearing wrinkled clothes and what not to important conferences where they’re the speakers of honor. When they do that, they’re not “slumming” out of some common bond with the oppressed. Indeed, gay males have become synonymous with fashion and poor urban males spend disproportionately more on keeping up their appearances.

    I’d compare that “slumming,” the crappy socks, to when a male refuses to punctuate, use capital letters in his or “her” writing. It might look blue collar, or gender-cognizant, but it’s really just wallowing in one’s own privilege.

    Drug tests for fast food workers and not senators.

    Posted by Rich | February 16, 2007, 12:45 am
  2. Looks to me like he ain’t keeping the missus in line. She should have those socks darned before he needs them. That is what is wrong with feminism, it makes men look bad. If she was at home minding her womanly duties he would not have to suffer………end of sarcasm.

    Posted by chasingmoksha | February 16, 2007, 12:46 am
  3. [sarcasm] ah, Heart, I have it on good (male :p ) authority that one must under no circumstances ever offend white heterosexual men. The crime of accidentally suggesting that Mr X from Randomsville is not perfect is so much worse than whatever crime against humaity you are drawing attention to at the time. We must always use the List of Blameless Heterosexual White Men everytime we mention something that white heterosexual men do in order that Mr X isn’t made to feel even the teensiest bit guilty, and is spared the neccessity of yelling about how these feminists have gone too far and how he has never raped a woman and therefore deserves a medal.

    Don’t we realise we’re alienating our potential allies? That we give feminism a bad name by not letting ignorant white guys off the hook? We must be nice, calm, quiet and ask politely to not be hurt. [sarcasm/]

    It’s the great male I Am again, isn’t it? The worst thing you can do is question that. It’s more important than women’s rights or women’s pain. No sense of collective responsibility, no sense that even ‘blameless’ men have a duty to fight sexism. Meh.

    Posted by Laurelin | February 16, 2007, 11:14 am
  4. Pretty much, Laurelin! It does keep surprising me, though, even though it shouldn’t, this insistence that what is most important is that you make sure you don’t include all white guys as white guys. Even though white guys are the ones who have been dedicated to dividing up the world into non-white-guys forevermore.

    One thing I like about having a blog is, at least I’m surprised by it once in a while! Instead of seeing it so much it’s just same old same old and feeling as though it’s unavoidable.


    Posted by womensspace | February 16, 2007, 1:17 pm
  5. Ah! The List. (List of Blameless Heterosexual White Men, or LoBHWM)

    I think we can now afford to use a bigger font on The List, just to pad it out a bit. It is getting awfully thin looking.

    My suggestion is to go from 11pt Times New Roman, to say, 55pt Arial Black.

    Double line spacing ???

    Posted by stormy | February 17, 2007, 1:40 am
  6. ***I think we can now afford to use a bigger font on The List, just to pad it out a bit. It is getting awfully thin looking.***

    LOL, how true! I know someone who doubled spaced to pad her list out!

    Posted by Branjor | February 18, 2007, 1:39 am
  7. Imagine you are Muslim. You are wearing your finest, the carpets have all been cleaned at great expense. Only honoured guests will step where the Imam steps. See how The American cares to dress for his visit to your Mosque?

    Posted by Pony | February 18, 2007, 1:46 am
  8. Pony, I had the same thought. It strikes me as very disrespectful. Muslims do ablutions, ritual purification including washing the feet, before entering mosques. He could have at least put on decent socks. But then, I hate him so I am biased.

    Posted by roamaround | February 18, 2007, 2:18 am

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