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Ballastexistenz Was On CNN!

Amanda (Ballastexistenz) was recently on CNN.  Her amazing video, In My Language, got the attention of CNN’s Dr. Gupta.

I am thrilled about the much wider audience for her important wisdom and message.  On the other hand, the attention has taken its toll on her and she is shot now and has to take a break from posting.   Why are people so silly?  Why, when they encounter someone like Amanda, do they figure she should spend time answering each of the individual questions they have about their own situation or whatever?  Especially when she has hundreds of blog posts on her site which already provide the answers, and all they have to do is search her site?  Incredibly thoughtless.

Anyway, rock on, my sister, you do us proud.




One thought on “Ballastexistenz Was On CNN!

  1. Congratulations Ballastexistenz!

    It is an amzing video. I certainly learned from it!

    Posted by Branjor | February 26, 2007, 1:25 am

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