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Great Reading

Following is an excerpt from something Profacero posted on her blog, which she found originally at Y. Carrington’s blog as a comment by a man, Julian, who is gay and Jewish.  The entire thing is well worth reading.

Man/Woman, White/Black, Heteropatriarchal/Queer, are not “categories” exactly, nor are they identities, primarily. They are the embodied manifestations of systems of real power exercised against real human beings. Those systems of power, not the individual self, creates what appears to be “personal identities”. Those systems of power also manufacture depression, self-hatred, bigotry, and maintain the institutions which bolster and uphold the “proper” white patriarchal flow of power and privileges.Whiteness, manhood, heterosexuality in men, and queerness as it currently expresses itself (in my city) are all forms of white male supremacist power, organized socially and culturally to oppress, invisibilize, and destroy women of Color especially, also men of Color and white women. It’s time to call out “Queer Politics” as both male supremacist and white supremacist, also deeply classist. It’s time to call out “The U.S. Left” (such as it is) as profoundly white male supremacist, and also heteropatriarchal, as well as steeped too deeply in the arrogance of the Euro-Anglo-White Male Academy.




2 thoughts on “Great Reading

  1. I think I covered this in my comment on the last post, but ‘Euro-Anglo-White’… that’s a real mouthful, and not something I remotely associate with.

    Posted by morgan | March 6, 2007, 11:10 pm
  2. That ‘the secret’ nonsense has a frightening similarity to the ‘name it and claim it’ philosophy practised by Dominionst Christians. If you become sick or something happens to you, it’s because you didn’t believe in Jesus hard enough.

    It makes sense in that instead of focusing on whatever’s bad about the situation you’re in, focus on what you need to resolve that situation, which can get you into a more productive space. However, a lot depends on what the situation is, and I don’t believe that ‘positive thinking’ prevents all bad things from happening to anyone.

    Posted by Miranda | March 7, 2007, 5:45 pm

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