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Amazon, and Go Nedra!


If you find you are in need of inspiration, then do yourselves a favor and listen to Nedra Johnson singing the song “Amazon” in its entirety.  Amazon, written by Maxine Feldman many years ago, is as close to a women’s anthem as we have, as women.   It is performed every year on Wednesday, opening night, at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival on Night Stage.  Nedra is performing on opening night this year and I am hoping that means she will be the one to sing Amazon.  Nedra performs Amazon distinctively; the ending of the song is all her own. 

You can listen to Nedra’s “Nedra” and “Testify” CD’s in their entirety if you go here.   If you’re new to her music, I’d suggest “So Good So Far,”  “The World Could Stop Turning,” “Jesus is a Lesbian,” on “Nedra” and “Hail Mary,” on “Testify,” an amazing song that I have sometimes listened to over and over for hours at a time.  It’s a song about Michigan, about women, about our people.  Sniff.  But her CD’s are amazing from beginning to end. 

And Nedra has won the OUT Music Awards this year, as well!! 

I blogged about what Nedra’s music means to me a while ago.  I am indebted to her for hours and hours and days of inspiration, encouragement, and comfort.  She’s an amazing artist.




5 thoughts on “Amazon, and Go Nedra!

  1. yo – i checked her out – Nedra’s fabulous – why was i not informed earlier??

    “as close to a women’s anthem as we have, as women”

    … you could be right but i spent all those years listening to “these boots are made for walkin’ ” instead…

    Posted by sparx | March 11, 2007, 10:54 am
  2. Ah Heart – that is beautiful! what better for this Sunday morning chill of mine.

    Posted by sparklematrix | March 11, 2007, 11:36 am
  3. Hey, sparx and sparklematrix. 🙂 “Boots are made for walkin,” HAH! And you are welcome, sparklematrix, I love this song, particularly when Nedra sings it.


    Posted by womensspace | March 11, 2007, 6:21 pm
  4. Hi, Heart–

    I have only one thing to say about Nedra’s music; I cannot listen to it. Ever. Not. Oh my no.

    I bought her CD (“Nedra”) before Michfest last year, and was listening to it while I did the dishes. And the music was SO. Freaking. HOT. I mean, really. Seriously. I was swaying, and the dish water was swaying with me, and then I started thinking…well, modesty prevents me from saying more.

    For a celibate woman, this was simply. too. much. Oh my. Sorry. Where was I? Right–

    When I hear that deep, sexy, voice, rumbling over my speakers, and…and…and…okay, sorry, gotta go.


    Posted by Gaias Muse | March 15, 2007, 10:31 pm
  5. Tell me about it, Gaia’s Muse! 😮 !! I saw Nedra perform The World Could Stop Turning (and many other songs) in person during the pre-Fest concert at the Comfort Inn last year. Yikes. 😮

    I think part of Nedra’s genius is, she can sing this kind of song in such a good-natured way that it never gets embarrassing, too much, over the top, it’s just frank and honest. I really do think she is a genius in that way– she manages to pull that off with all sorts of songs including songs with a heavy political message.

    For you? I suggest you stick with Amazon, So Good So Far and Hail Mary and stay severely away from The World Could Stop Turning. Especially that one! 😛


    Posted by womensspace | March 15, 2007, 11:07 pm

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