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Me on the Radio

KPFK/Pacifica Radio out of Los Angeles is going to be interviewing me about my article, Confronting the Religious Right, from the current issue of Off Our Backs.  It will be a 20-minute interview, in the evening, on April 4.

I will update when I have all the details, but it should be interesting!  




8 thoughts on “Me on the Radio

  1. I’ll be listening! ^__^

    Posted by Pramiti | March 27, 2007, 9:13 pm
  2. Wow! Is it possible for me on the east coast to hear your interview? Will it be streaming on the web, maybe?

    Posted by Branjor | March 27, 2007, 9:35 pm
  3. Branjor, I’m not sure– I will ask when I talk to the producer sometime soon, I presume. 🙂

    Posted by womensspace | March 27, 2007, 9:51 pm
  4. KPFK should be streaming, though they sometimes have technical difficulties, and the show should also be archived for sixty days. Their site is

    Posted by Aletha | March 28, 2007, 5:46 am
  5. Nice! Way to go.

    Posted by funnie | March 28, 2007, 6:28 pm
  6. Heart, do you still not have the details? Is your interview still on? The KPFK show Feminist Magazine airs on 90.7 in Los Angeles, 98.7 in Santa Barbara, from 7 to 8 PM. The show has a separate web site,, but for some reason, that site is still stuck on the show from last week.

    Posted by Aletha | April 4, 2007, 5:24 am
  7. Hey, Aletha, yes, I’m on for tonight– I blogged about it in a new post. 🙂

    Posted by womensspace | April 4, 2007, 12:25 pm
  8. Wow! Is it possible for me on the east coast to hear your interview?

    Posted by Wezp Directory | June 11, 2007, 6:40 pm

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