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Hell Hath No Fury Like Some People’s Children — House Trashed Via Fake Craig’s List Ad


Speaking of sisterhood…

A house in Tacoma, where I was born and grew up (and away from which I now live 30 miles) is in shambles today because someone put an ad in the local Craig’s List advising people that everything in the house was free for the taking.  Even though the ad was only up for an hour or so before skeptical readers reported it, neighbors say cars showed up in droves to loot the place, taking everything worth taking, including the kitchen sink, the front door, the hot water heater, drywall, trim, you name it, they took it, and left all sorts of stuff scattered around the front yard.

The story behind the story is that two sisters lived in the house, which had belonged to their mother, but which was actually owned by a third sister.  Neighbors say the house had been a problem since the mother’s death.  Nobody kept the yard up, there were loud parties, unsavory types coming and going at all hours.  Evidently in response to this ongoing problem, the owner of the house — the third sister — evicted the other two sisters from the house.  It’s not as though this was some new problem though; according to news reports, the house-owning sister and one of the evicted sisters had both at one time taken out domestic violence restraining orders against one another and one has been in place for nine years now.   At least one of the evicted sisters says, though, that she didn’t do it.  The homeowning sister has been crying since it happened.

To me, this illuminates the overall skeeziness of some people, and I’m not even talking about the evicted sisters.  Who in their right mind would dash right over to the house in response to this ad:

Come and take what you want. Everything is free. Please help yourself to anything on the property.

This ad would set off the bullshit detectors of any sentient being, meaning a bunch of people ignored theirs and had a great time looting the place, stealing a woman’s property, and destroying her home.

Craig’s List provided police with what information they had about the people who placed the ad, basically an e-mail address (which the homeowning sister didn’t recognize).  While I really hope they get the person, what I really wish is that they could somehow find the bottom feeders who destroyed this place and could force them to clean up the mess they made.




2 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury Like Some People’s Children — House Trashed Via Fake Craig’s List Ad

  1. The bottom-feeding instincts of people is often astounding. I recently read a story about all the post-Katrina fraud, including fraud by FEMA and Red Cross workers among others, including people who lived in the central states and saw a way to make a quick buck by riding on the suffering of others.

    It happens in my own family too. Years ago, after Hurricane Fran took out power in my area for weeks, one of my aunts, who’s in the middle-class economy bracket at least and more accurately in the upper-middle-class, put in for reimbursement from the government for the food that spoiled in her freezer.

    Posted by Miranda | April 7, 2007, 8:06 pm
  2. What a terrible thing to do to someone’s home. Skeezy, bottom feeders, really describes those who did this. I read of a similar incident in which a high school girl in New Jersey who was shy and having trouble making friends decided to invite her classmates over for a party while her parents were out of town. What a mistake that was. Word spread like wildfire through several high schools and on the night of the party, high school students from all over arrived in droves and TOTALLY destroyed the house and yard. They even tore apart the walls and the furniture. Nobody was ever held accountable for the destruction. The girl and her family moved away.

    Posted by Branjor | April 7, 2007, 9:14 pm

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