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Police Arrest Asian Reporter at Virginia Tech


For those who doubt that the Virginia Tech massacre will result in multiple new forms of harassment of Asian people, it certainly has and will.  The above photo is from the 8Asians blog which reported the massacre yesterday.   8Asians blogger jozjozjoz wrote:

I’d like to take this opportunity to set one thing straight. There is a photo of an Asian man getting cuffed (arrested) being circulated on the AP with the following caption:

An unidentified man is arrested. It is unclear what role he played in the shooting

The crack newsteam at 8asians wants to be first to report that the Asian man seen being cuffed in this photo is Shaozhou Cui, a photographer for the VT student newspaper. HE IS NOT “THE SHOOTER!” The only thing Shao can be accused of shooting is photographs. Without having heard from him yet, I assume that maybe he got too close to the action before the police took him down. (We try to get Shao’s story here.)

Many people are circulating this photo of Shao and “connecting the dots” between the alleged Asian gunman and this image.

I read in several news reports that three people were arrested by police shortly after the first shootings, then released.  I can only wonder if all of them were Asian.  I mean, does Shaozhou Cui, the reporter above, look anything like Cho Seung-Hui, the shooter? When a shooter is a white male, do police  normally just randomly start arresting white male reporters in the vicinity, handcuffing them, and so on?




8 thoughts on “Police Arrest Asian Reporter at Virginia Tech

  1. “When a shooter is a white male, do police normally just randomly start arresting white male reporters in the vicinity, handcuffing them, and so on?”

    Right – a simple point which needs to be made – again and again – because so many (usually white) people seem not to be able to see it.

    Posted by profacero | April 18, 2007, 4:24 am
  2. In fairness I saw the above photo early in the day yesterday, long before the police admitted to knowing if the shooter was dead or identified. If the witnesses in the first crime scene said they saw an “Asian” looking man, then I think the police had better be looking for an “Asian” looking man on campus. I would not consider it profiling until it is a non-critical situation and specific identified people are being harassed. Yesterday’s criticism took me back to the time I had to do react and gate duty when I was in the military. When the crisis is hot, the action becomes hot. Someone says red sweater and everyone with a red sweater is going down until the facts come in. I think the bigger crime was people on the net identifying this picture as being the picture of the killer.

    Nevertheless I do think profiling is abused, especially when most of the time it is overzealous and harms society as a whole.

    Posted by chasingmoksha | April 18, 2007, 4:32 am
  3. I could be wrong, but the shooter was 6ft and slender and this guy looks not 6ft and a bit round. It sucks to not be black or white in the south. People do not even make an effort. Regardless if I were dude, I would be pretty mad. I’d also be mad at the reporters circulating the picture around. I mean in away it’s good, because you can see how he got totally profiled, but in away it’s bad, because you know some people are going to see that and see him and forget the cops made a mistake…yeah we all know he’s dead, but imagine this scenario:

    A drunk, born here, has been here many generations American guy, just lost his job and dude in the above picture walks in…well that would be a reason wouldn’t it…but you know, even if his picture didn’t get taken, well still the guy who did the shooting was Asian and you’re Asian…

    Why do they keep talking about him being Asian? No on talked about Timothy McVeigh being Scottish. No one went a Scottish person went on a rampage, because that would be stupid.

    If he was still on the lose, then yeah, but they found him. If we look at him we can see that he is Asian.

    The ethnicity of the shooter is completely irrelevant in how it’s being portrayed and discussed. He was an outcast and could not find a place in society as everyone else who goes on rampages, as the boys in Columbine and Timothy McVeigh. That’s what should be looked at. A culture that creates so much pain that a person decides the only answer is to kill eveyone, like they almost think they are some kind of superhero or video game character.

    If you’re a boy in America and somehow you can’t fit in what’s your option? If you can not cut it in boyland? If you can’t get a job, be the star of the football team, get the girl? If you can’t be the quintessential American Man, there seems to be only two answers.

    Answer one seems to be go into some kind of odd f**k-d-up fantasyland (some people’s fantasylands differ, i think the guy with five kids and five different mom’s he’s in fantasy land, the guy who lives with his mom and plays on the computer all day, he’s in fantasyland, porn guy, fantasyland), thankfully (I guess) this is the most popular choice, but answer two seems to be kill everyone and for some odd reason I think this choice is becoming more popular.

    This country better figure out how to treat everyone better. The women, the men, the people who got here on boats, the people who got here on foot, the people who came willingly, the people who came here unwillingly, the old, the young, the poor, the not so poor…if not I’m going to guess there will be many more horrible things forthcoming.

    All the press can say is, “He’s Asian.” The US press, so stupid.


    Posted by Lo | April 18, 2007, 6:11 am
  4. NO THEY FUCKING DONT ARREST WHITE MEN WHO SHOOT PEOPLE!!! They are the demographic that are EXEMPT from such harrassment.

    FUCK this racist country. I get so damn pissed off everytime this happens! I can believe it, but I cannot believe it… The same damn patterns… My fiance was telling me last night that as he was watching the news, CNN it seemed like the reoccuring theme was “he is asian i repeat he is asian.” We were both fuming about this whole thing.

    I just got into an argument with a bigot in my office, his claim is that immigrants shouldnt be able to buy guns. I asked him what the hell is the difference between WHITE MALE BOYS of Columbine having guns and an immigrant… I am still waiting for an answer to my question, his only response was stop bitching and do your job, to which I “politely” responded shut the hell up with your bigorty and go get some coffee or something. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to speak to obviously bigoted and racist people.

    Posted by Divine Purpose | April 18, 2007, 1:13 pm
  5. “Sometimes I wonder why I bother to speak to obviously bigoted and racist people.”

    –Take a walk in my shoes. The last 6 years or so have really sucked…when my family and I am not being profiled in an airport or at a mall — we are being visibly laughed at or taunted. Sales reps in stores ignore the crap out of us…and those who do approach us are doing so on a dare or just to check if we speak English.

    –Despite all of this crap…I am tired of having friends put on trial for absolute nonsense and then being sentenced to 15+ years on bogus “terrorism” related charges.

    –My mother remarked how we are often stared at — even by Asians … I wonder if I should stare now…?

    Posted by abu ameerah | April 18, 2007, 8:35 pm
  6. Abu, I wouldn’t encourage returning the disrespect! It’s hard, living your entire life as an “other” I know that one all to well, but you have to fight it in ways that will be effective. It is the goal of this racist society to keep all marginalized people seperated. There should never be an “us them” thought between me, you or anyone for that matter, it only serves to keep “us” all tied down and unable to mobilize and fight back against the oppression.

    It is discouraging! It is disheartening, especially when you are the minority and that is in ANYTHING in this life. It was my experience, even in this particular space we are speaking on currently, that the unpopular word, thought whatever is condemned. That happenes, and it isnt easy, but damn it, it’s worth fighting! America is RACIST beyond belief, and whenever ANYTHING happens, the race of the person “responsible” seems to matter most, and that person then takes on the job of representing their race, or group affiliation. Muslims were blamed for 9/11, and people who are of muslim faith, or who have “muslim sounding names” will bare that burden. This is happening in the asian community now, its happening in the black community in lieu of the Imus hate speech, and whatever the race of the next “murder, villian etc” is we will see this repeated.

    SIGH, the thing to do is to continue to fight it. People will disagree, they will hate you reduce what you have to say and take away from what you have to say based on their OWN biased idea of who you are, but dont let that stop you from telling the truth and fighting the LIES that america, and her people, spew.

    Posted by Divine Purpose | April 18, 2007, 9:32 pm
  7. Abu

    “Abu, I wouldn’t encourage returning the disrespect! It’s hard, living your entire life as an “other” I know that one all to well, but you have to fight it in ways that will be effective.” I agree with Divine Purpose.

    Also you have to understand that many times even other ethnic minorities will discriminate against you, it has nothing to do with you. Why? Because subconsciously we all want to fit in and many minorities mimic racist behaviors, but getting mad at other minorities is pretty pointless.

    You can educate, but getting mad, well there is always someone new and you’re going to just be mad forever.

    What you can do is start educating people. I remember I met one immigrant who wanted to know why black people were so mad and I could have just been like, “Shut up…” but I talked to him and told him things and I told him about slavery and jim crow and he just he stood there. He had never heard about slavery, he had never heard about jim crow. Then he told me about Armenia and the holocaust there and you know this sounds very after-school specially, but he’s my friend now…and if I had just told him to, “Shut up..” That door would have been closed.

    I’m not saying you can change the world, but just know that the comments and the stares are out of ignorance and not malice. Would you get mad if someone who was mentally delayed stared at you and asked you odd questions? No, because they are mentally delayed, well view people who stare and make ridiculous statements as mentally delayed in regards to social interactions and race relations…

    And know that lots of people do you know what the deal is, but you know the people who know, well we’re just not as vocal. Ignorant people don’t know they are ignorant, which why they talk so damn much.


    Posted by Lo | April 18, 2007, 10:49 pm
  8. There are those of us who priortize our lives based on personal survival and there are others who place the quality of life of the world community above personal benefits.

    I am a bit of both. One foot in the daily struggle to survive and one foot in the goal to better this unjust world.

    I play the cards. I do not deny that white males dominate the world and that they also demand outrageous previlleges at the sacrifice of people who are not white, especially at the humiliation of non white men. But as wrong as it is I catter to the white male ego which brings me tempoary security. I have hidden their crimes in order to pay the mortgage.

    On the other foot. I support the spiritual side of me which demands humanity and the comfort of servicing thy neighbor. I support non white male businesses. I never propagate white racism and I acknowledge the legacy of wrong.

    I would prefer to marry a non white but fear losing my job.

    Posted by X | May 3, 2007, 6:51 pm

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