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Pornography, Rape and Sexual Assault

Just Wrong

Fall under a truck and die choking on your own blood.

That right there?  That’s serious.  And wrong.  The person who wrote it knows who she is, and the persons who have applauded it or responded positively to it know who they are, as well.  I will not be directing anyone your way via links.  I am letting you know, though, that I’ve seen what you’ve written, I’ve saved off the thread which includes this particular violent imagery, and I will definitely haul it out the next time someone  on the pro-porn side accuses radical feminists of “silencing” behaviors.  I’ll also place it alongside the other saved-off threats of all kinds that I’ve received for opposing pornography and prostitution and will make note of it, or use it as an example, in my writing, complete with citations. 

That up there?  That’s what is called “silencing.”  It’s those of us who oppose prostitution and pornography for whom that particular form of silencing is reserved.  I’m posting this here because it’s something people reading ought to know about.

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