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Calls to Action and Kickin’ It, Friday Thread

But Some of Us Are Brave In Support of the April 28, 2007 National Day of Truthtelling in Durham, North Carolina

In conjunction with the above, our Women’s Space  I Believe Her Campaign

Add your own vote of confidence and affirmation to the thread by commenting that you believe the plaintiff in the Duke case, the victim of the Duke Stripperhounds, and we will forward the thread on to her. 


Carnival of Radical Feminists is next week, May 2!  Get your submissions in before Sunday!


Take Back the Blog

The April 28, 2007 Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm [will be] in support of the rights of women to participate fully in all aspects of our society, including specifically online in the world of blogging but indeed everywhere and at all times, day and night, without fear of harassment, intimidation, sexual harassment, online stalking and slander, predation or violence of any sort.   Submissions are due Saturday, April 28, and you should send them here.   Been stalked?  Lied about?  Harrassed?  Intimidated online?  Most of us have, so this is timely.

This thread is open for discussions of all or any of the above or anything anybody wants to talk about.  🙂




27 thoughts on “Calls to Action and Kickin’ It, Friday Thread

  1. You know, to all those who say “she wasn’t raped because she didn’t report it quickly enough”, I say, “fuck you”. It took me years to be able to talk about it, so reporting it even the same week is “right away” as far as I’m concerned. And yes, until we have vagcams, I will believe any woman who claims she was raped, regardless of the outcome of any trial about it (or trial-by-newsswarm). The fact that people imply that women would lie about that kind of thing makes me ill.

    Posted by Miko | April 27, 2007, 4:26 pm
  2. i predict that some stalkers will be writing about stalking as if they are being victimised when they finally get called on it.

    stranger things happen.

    Posted by v | April 27, 2007, 7:31 pm
  3. Open Thread:

    I am busy as heck getting ready for a birthday party tomorrow.

    I just want to say, Poor Alec Baldwin, has threatened to quit his job as an actor so he can become a poster child for the MRA. All the menz and some women will hail him a hero. Talk about how wrong his x-wife has been to him, and it will be okay that he called his 11 year old daughter a thoughtless pig, because his wife should have known that he was a Baldwin, and should have known he was not the marrying type, and how dare she release the tape of his abuse, because she should have hid his abuse. Booo hooo hooo hooo, it is so unfair. Now he says the people the parazzi (which I don’t care for either, but tough titty said the kitty) are just abused souls themselves out to cleanse their abuse by exposing his secrets. However, he takes no responsiblity for having those “secrets.” You know what secrets, the secret of being an asshole, the secret of phucking with a woman who decided she did not want or need to take his shyt anymore. Booo hooo all the way home. Go have some roast beef you phat arse Alec Baldwin. Oh, we should not talk about his weight, that is unkind. But we all had to endure the joke in Batman, the one with Kim Bassinger tells Batman her weight is 108 lbs, after he asks, supposedly to know if the rope will support them both, and when it becomes obvious that she is more than 108lbs due to the rope barely making it, we the misogynistic audience supposed to laugh. Ha ha ha, I’m laughing……………

    Yeah Baldwin boy, WHATEVER!!!!

    Posted by chasingmoksha | April 27, 2007, 10:58 pm
  4. Two women were hurt by their murdering men within 24 hours of each other in my town last week. One girl is 18 years old and a senior set to graduate from high school next month. She played in the school band and was loved by everyone… except obviously the 19 year old guy she had just broken up with. The jerk shot her in the head after she got home from school and then shot himself in the head. Both survived and are now on life support in the ICU.

    The other woman, a 45 year old nurse, had just gotten divorced from her husband the previous month. He couldn’t stand not having control over her anymore so, after she got home from work at midnight, he went to the house and shot her dead. Then went to some parking lot of a church daycare center and shot himself in the head inside the cab of his truck. They found him first, went to his former wife’s house to inform her, and that’s when they found her dead too.

    All this shit happened within 24 hours of each other, in a town of about 25,000 people.

    It’s happening everywhere and I’m so sick of it. Can’t even walk the streets in broad daylight anymore. Can’t even get divorced in peace.

    Veggie Fem

    Posted by VeggieFem | April 28, 2007, 4:22 am
  5. Heart, your link, you should send them here, produced this:
    Ooops…Where did you get such a link ?

    The end of that link is the correct email address.

    Posted by Aletha | April 28, 2007, 7:15 am
  6. Miko said:And yes, until we have vagcams, I will believe any woman who claims she was raped, regardless of the outcome of any trial about it (or trial-by-newsswarm).

    Even then, I’m sure she would have to prove it wasn’t “consensual” sex, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. There’ll always be something.

    Posted by gingermiss | April 28, 2007, 11:58 am
  7. Your career and life can be ruined by certain jerks on the web.

    If you’re a woman and you’re clever, certain guys get really pissed about it. You think you’re having a debate with someone and they think you’re challenging their manhood and then they pretty much attack you and if you’re a woman and you’re professional, people don’t have to have pictures, they don’t have to have anything they can just say. “She’s a slut.”

    And if you’re a professional, you’re done.

    People send these secret emails, post slanderous things on blogs and that’s it and the sad thing is it’s all done in secret, no one will ever come up to that woman and say that’s what it was, which makes it worse, because then that woman can’t even defend herself.

    I’ve taken myself out of the professional world so that I can speak about what I want to speak on in the way I want to speak on it. My voice is more important than my job, but I don’t have kids, so I can easily make that choice.

    My writing is first. My politics is first. My voice is first.

    But you know if you want a conventional life and you’re political and a woman and you’re young and just starting out the internet can pretty much kill your career if it is one where appearances matter like law, mainstream politics, education….

    That’s a sad state of affairs. Even on my blog, I want to have it open, but I can’t, because when its not moderated people post things like, “I hope someone rapes you…” I mean what the hell is that.

    On my blog I’m talking about the environment and low impact issues. I think the thing that I notice is that guys don’t have to have their blogs on moderated (which helps in brining them more traffic), because no one will go to some violent comment just because they don’t agree with a guy, but if you’re a woman they will go there.

    I’d love to have a political blog where we have a back and forth, but unless I’m online 24 hours a day so that I can filter out the very heinous things I can’t do that and moderated blogs aren’t as popular as unmoderated ones.

    If you’re having a friendly debate and a nut starts losing it they’ll start sending you threatening emails, it is insane.


    Posted by Lo | April 28, 2007, 8:19 pm
  8. I agree with Lo, I turned my blog private because it became yet ANOTHER space that wasn’t safe for a woman, bisexual, black, education, and professional to be.

    I didn’t know that this would happen.

    I don’t even have the right or the courage to publish my real name for the fear of violence…of being violated.

    Sadly, this internet reflects that of life….our lives as women…constantly juggling our voices, our professions, our politics, our love, our bodies, our minds.

    Sometimes my arms are weary from the juggling but I keep it up, regardless.

    Proudly A Womanist!
    Divine Lavender

    Posted by DivineLavender | April 28, 2007, 10:48 pm
  9. It is scary being stalked online. And to know the person stalking me will probably read this very message I write as well….

    Posted by NotAPrettyGirl | April 29, 2007, 3:43 pm
  10. One suggestion: Keep a file documenting inappropriate online activities. Do screen grabs and printouts, and make back-up copies. Secure second or third copies with a trusted friend. This way if things escalate you have a record, and a simple e-mail or IP address can often enable law enforcement to track down a bad actor, if you can convince them of the seriousness of the problem. Even a lawyer such as you might employ in a civil suit can often learn the identity of a stalker very easily, if you provide them with enough information.

    Posted by Ann Bartow | April 29, 2007, 8:11 pm
  11. I wish I’d known about this earlier. I too have been stalked online on my blog.

    My blog was private when I created it in 2005 when I created it to center on my city and its police department though I realize now that it still was very public in terms of access to it. It was quiet until the autumn of that year when visitors showed up. Some claimed to be citizens, others police officers and others not claiming to be either. One who was an officer used his real name on several posts. Others either didn’t use any names or they used fake names borrowing from police television programs. It was overwhelming at the time and surprising, but looking back, it appeared that initially they didn’t know who I was. Then they had my name, then they made references that made it clear they knew what I looked like. So apparently they were picking up information as they went along from somewhere.

    Some of the postings were kind of threatening. One written by a person claiming to be a police officer “prayed” for harm in the form of a violent crime to come to me and my family. Others were racist including one about turning over a minority community’s policing to animal control. Others demeaned female police officers. Then there were several postings which apparently leaked specific details on internal investigations conducted by the police department’s Internal Affairs Division.

    I corresponded with them because I was really trying to figure out if they were who they claimed to be and b/c I was trying to have a dialogue I guess. Some derogatory comments were written, they clearly didn’t like me if they knew me. Several of them at one point even appeared to be talking to each other.

    At some point, the police department found out about the site and what was going on and launched an internal investigation, which I was informed about some time afterwards. So for some period of time, I was dialoguing with these unknown people and the department was monitoring it.

    Soon after I learned about that, the press wanted to do a story on my site. They did and the AP wire picked up on the story. Interestingly enough, the postings at that point were that the authors were aware that there was that the management knew what was going on.

    Months passed and there wasn’t many comments at all, just occasional ones. Some resembled old commenters, others seemed newer. Then the press ran a second article where a captain erroneously stated that I had given information to the I.A. investigators. Some nasty comments smearing me for that followed. I wasn’t happy with the press coverage because my family was concerned about my safety, the articles had upset them and I think in part, what the captain was quoted as saying may have caused me some serious grief.

    Not long after that, there was a particularly controversial officer-involved shooting that I blogged about. That’s when the next onslaught of comments began. Some appeared to be the same people identifyiing themselves as officers, some appeared to be newer visitors including possibly some who were familiar with me. Across the board, the comments were much nastier than I’d seen previously, and then it was three or so months of threats, slander, threats to post my income tax returns if I didn’t quit blogging, racist content, sexual porn fantasies that were violent. Comments saying I didn’t drive b/c of DUI convictions, that I needed to have the county sew up my uterus, that I wanted to be handcuffed and sexually assaulted by police officers, that I was seen walking such and such wearing such and such. The area that I had lived(but since moved).

    And that there was that one of them had put together a list of liberals to be shot and I was at the top. Some of these people called themselves law enforcement officers. Others said they weren’t, they were just there because they hated me. Others seemed like they came from the Stormfront site or something similar. On the internet, you don’t know who is who and it pretty much at most points, felt like a free-for-all hate fest. Maybe that’s what internet blogs become in situations like this one, is a center of hate for people out there looking to express hate against women, feminists, men and women of color and anyone who challenges the status quo. Because people are anonymous, they might feel emboldened to act out this way.

    When the behavior had begun again and was more vicious, I was at a city meeting one night talking about it and broke down in tears. Of course, my tormenters made fun at me on my own site about that, as it was clear at least one or more of them had watched the meeting on television.

    I was contacted by I.A. which had completed one investigation(the outcome I can never know due to state laws governing peace officer confidentiality though I was later told that at least one police officer had been disciplined for conduct unbecoming of an officer. I had never even heard of or met this individual before.) Apparently, it was still monitering the site and they initiated another inquiry into the new behavior. Also, the department contacted the FBI which read their investigative file and took over the investigation and brought in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

    There were a couple of men I had told to get lost several years ago and I wondered if they could be involved later on but the posts didn’t seem to fit what I knew about them(though I think the Cho incident is one reminder of how you really may not know people like you think) I did take some suspicions that were tenuous to a sergeant in August. The sergeant was nice and listened, but said it was complicated to find people through computers, that I needed much more information and to try to contact him(which I would never do, I mean the guy wanted to get a gun at one point and is a major police wannabe so do I really want him to know I suspect him?) but I realized that he was right and he had a good point. You just can’t go without evidence and even though. That’s when I just gave up and had to just let it go, realizing that I’d probably never know who was responsible. Maybe it would be more dangerous if I did know. Maybe that would cause an involved party or parties to escalate their behavior to something offline.

    Heart visited my site once and commented on it and they wrote something nasty in response. They did that to everyone who visited and defended me.

    I lived in constant fear of my safety for months. I lost 25 pounds, a lot of hair, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep for several months, until I made the decision to just let it go. I was never so alone because no one really understands what this is like until it happens to them. They can’t. They’ll say things to you, like you are just reaping what you are sowing. Or you put that stuff out there, what do you expect? These were people who were my friends. Fortunately, I did have people who were my friends who did understand. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would have made it.

    Why did I answer them? Because I really honestly thought the department would find their identities, the ones who were harassing me. They kept telling me they were close, it was two of their people and they just needed to catch them. Then when the behavior had escalated to the point of my life being threatened, they admitted the trail was cold.

    I’d like to say I’m doing better, but I’m not. I have good days. I have bad days, but I’m not the same person anymore. It almost seems silly to attribute that to something that’s not real in a sense, it’s just the internet but even though I’ve survived violent crimes, this in a sense seems similar and in one way that’s even worse, that’s the inability to not put a face or faces to who or what these people were. I can’t describe the sense of helplessness that exists when you look for your stalker(s) on everyone’s face. I’ve looked for them with police officers. I’ve looked for them in civilians. At least if you can see a face, you can fight back when you are attacked or threatened or if you flee, you know who to flee from.

    Several months ago, I saw for the first time, the officer who I had been told was disciplined for derogatory comments he had made about a Black and Latino neighborhood and “praying” for harm to me and my family. He was a little guy, who looked about 15 years old. He was at a city council meeting about to receive an award for public safety officer of the month. I complained and the award process was changed. Apparently, his award had slipped through because it didn’t have to be approved by the police chief. Still I had to listen to his captain talk about how he was part of the new, exciting police department. I don’t agree.

    The irony is that I only learned his identity after having witnessed another officer who was under investigation(and I had been told at one point was the main suspect) getting the same award. That officer who has caused me problems in the past was exonerated which if it’s based on the truth was the right thing to do. I didn’t have strong feelings about him because he had been disciplined in the past for misconduct and hadn’t given me problems since.

    I do know that this person had visited my blog during the first wave of visitors because that’s how the press had first learned about it when a reporter accompanied him on a stakeout. He asked her if she knew me, she said yes, then he started talking about my blog. He was the second or third officer to have told her about the blog. She even remembered that and contacted him when she was working on the first article but he wouldn’t say anything.

    Writing this is very difficult and it brings up feelings of fear, anger and pain, but it is past time to keep my story to myself. Reading others experiences with blog harassment has helped me realize that I’m not alone. That it’s in a sense a sisterhood(and women especially women of color do seem to be disproportionately impacted) but it’s one that unfortunately is too large and growing larger. 😦

    Posted by Radfem | April 29, 2007, 10:04 pm
  12. Radfem,

    I have been to your blog several months ago, and then just now. When I first saw it, I was terrified for your safety.

    The story you have (thankfully) relayed to us explains that to me now.

    Trying to do any kind of public oversight is a dangerous undertaking for any of us. The kind that you are doing is the most dangerous of all.

    Please continue to take wonderful care of yourself: bringing your story to this blog has been part of that. You are a very precious being.

    I send fierce circles of protective energy to surround you.


    Posted by Mary Sunshine | April 30, 2007, 12:36 am
  13. Adding another name to the circle of protection.

    Unbelievable what women shouldn’t have to tolerate.

    Posted by Johanna | April 30, 2007, 7:13 am
  14. I sometimes think I have been overcautious about hiding my identity, since I have encountered only relatively minor attacks online, nothing like what Radfem and Heart have had to endure. I am not really sure why I have escaped relatively unscathed. I suppose it is partly because I have not been a prolific poster, and my blog is only a few months old, so I have not attracted much attention. I suppose if that were to change, I will have horror stories of my own. What a sad commentary on the state of free speech.

    Posted by Aletha | May 1, 2007, 7:00 am
  15. Thanks for your kinds words and support. 🙂

    I was reading the Washington Post article on cyber attacks on female bloggers last night.

    Aletha, you know what the irony is? Some of the worst comments on my site were prefixed with statements that they were only exercising their rights to free speech. Some complained when I switched to moderation of comments that I was censoring them including one poster just several weeks ago.

    I guess some people really believe that they can use women’s sites as their personal litter box or as a means to harass bloggers all the while claiming that the U.S. Constitution gives them the right to do so.

    Hmmm, no actually it doesn’t.

    But I understand what you mean. The harassment and threats often chills blogging. I was down to posting only once a month for a while.

    Posted by Radfem | May 1, 2007, 8:30 pm
  16. Yeah, it figures, citing the First Amendment to support foul threats to shut down free speech that exposes what people in positions of power want to shield from scrutiny. I thought the framers of the Constitution wanted to establish rights to dissent from authority and to expose wrongdoings of authority. Hence, freedom of speech, religion, and the press. Those rights were not intended to protect people in positions of power from scrutiny, but that seems to be news to them, so they turn free speech on its head, harassing, threatening, slandering whoever dares to try to expose the truth, and gets too far to be ignored or laughed at! How that perversion of civil discourse is supposed to contribute to an informed citizenry is beyond me, but of course, that is hardly what these guys have in mind. They want free speech to protect their filth from the truth.

    Posted by Aletha | May 2, 2007, 5:25 am
  17. I’m so disgusted right now. I was watching a meeting of the city council and this man that I used to know spoke and I’ve been wondering if he was responsible for at least part of the cyberstalking last year(as it was likely multiple individuals) because someone told me to look for people especially men I had rejected and I had told him to get lost because he was getting creepy. We’d known each other for several years and we weren’t even really friends.

    He was up talking about how strong women who were courageous to stand up against the status quo were treated to a double standard and faced mistreatment.

    Oh my God! If he didn’t do any of it, he was still fairly sexist when I knew him. If he wrote any of it, he clearly hated not just me but all women because all of what was written was nasty vitrol. What a pile of bullshit.

    What was also strange is that the woman who he allegedly defended spoke and talked about how she was slandered and the subject of nasty anonymous posts on the internet. She gave a good speech and everyone clapped except this guy, you know the one who defended her.

    The other irony is that I had told him to get lost in part because of the awful things he was saying about the woman he defended.

    I hate this town sometimes.

    They want free speech to protect their filth from the truth.

    Yeah, and to hide behind it so they don’t have to take responsibility. One poster said he was going to launch a free speech defense and I think I responded back, well yeah, but you’re going to have to use your real name, not [insert cartoon character].

    Posted by Radfem | May 2, 2007, 6:08 am
  18. Hello Heart and my other sisters,

    Funny how things work out huh? Of all the posts I’ve been reading and watching it was this one that brought me back out of the woodwork, if only to comment upon it.

    A very large part of the reason that I am currently away on my own blog is the incidents of cyber stalking that is occuring to me. It reached an apex months ago that still has not died down.

    Death threats, rape threats, constant and consistent emails, threats, and so forth to the tune of over 50 per day at its peak. These emails, sent from bogus accounts, described, in detail, how they would rape me and kill me if they ever found out who I was.

    Photoshopped images of me that I used in my profile were sent to me as well as records of searches that were performed in an attempt to ascertain my identity. Some of these searches were accompanied by threats that “We’re getting closer” with the implication being that when they finally found out who I was that they would kill me or harm me in some way.

    It was after I was contacted by one man who had too much personal information for my comfort that I decided to lay low for awhile. The particular man found it amusing to state that he would not only rape me but force my sons to rape me as well when he found out who I was.

    My blog was being ‘spammed’ by hundreds upon hundreds of comments a day, pages of them that I was unable to keep up with, a large percentage of them by men who threatened to shoot me, strangle me and/or rape me.

    I attempted to find out who these men were but many used IP masking software and the authorities and internet services I was able to find were unwilling to help me in this endeavor. I was told by the service providers and law enforcement agencies that I simply had to deal with it.

    Along with other things that were occuring at the time it proved to be too much. There are currently 20 pages of comments that I have yet to sort through that are in moderation. Of these pages only 3 pages of comments are supportive, several other pages are in disagreement but aren’t threatening. A full 11 pages of comments are from men who threaten rape and even murder if they find out who I am. Some of these are extremely graphic.

    As soon as I clear out the comments more appear, my email account is overrun by porn spam (since most of these men also find it amusing to subscribe me to as many porn sites as possible, including illegal sites) and emails from violent men threatening every manner of illegal and terrifying acts. It takes mere days for my moderation program to back up and the email account is now virtually unusable. Indeed, I rarely access that account because I have grown so tired and stressed out over the constant string of violent emails I have to see.

    In any case, I have found little recourse to this ongoing issue and have thought about trying to come back to blogging. However, I feel as if I’ve lost. For all my bravado and all I have lived through I feel weak and suitably beaten by these violent men.

    I feel shame about being ‘too weak’ to deal with this stuff, certain that my sisters are able to overcome it and that there must be something ‘wrong’ with me for not being ‘strong’ enough to endure. I feel embarrassment at being subdued and frightened by anonymous people that will be very unlikely to ever actually find out who I am.

    Indeed, I find that I am experiencing many of the same feelings that I have felt throughout my life when I’ve lived through violent assaults and yet, this ‘assault’ is unrecognized and I have little if any recourse when the ISP’s won’t help me. Fear, anger, shame, embarrassment and so forth continue to dot my existence and the harrassment continues.

    Anyway, I’m not entirely sure why I posted this here but there you go. Of course I’m still reading and still crying and still trying to do what I can to help in my area, but my fight, as it were, seems to have left me for the moment.

    Heart, your blog continues to touch me. Thank you for your valuable words.

    Posted by bitingbeaver | May 4, 2007, 1:41 am
  19. BB, that’s HORRIBLE. I am SO SORRY. You don’t deserve any of it and it is despicable what these men have done to you! There is certainly nothing weak about you! Who knows what these idiots might do?!

    I get a lot of the kind of thing you’re describing, too– I spam it without reading it. Then again, I’ve gotten so much of that stuff for so many years, and especially the years following my excommunication, that I think I’ve become kind of fatalistic about everything, which is also horrible. This is what it is to be terrorized.

    It sounds as though you are really triggered and PTSD-ey, and understandably so! It’s just WRONG that there is nothing that really can be done about this.

    I’m glad you commented and am glad you are okay, despite what you’ve had to go through. You are missed!


    Posted by womensspace | May 4, 2007, 3:32 am
  20. BB- I’m so sorry that these bastards are doing this. I’m so fucking sorry, and I wish I had something helpful to say. I miss you, but I hope that you do what you need to do to protect yourself.

    There’s nothing weak about you! I’m glad to hear you’re okay.

    lots of love

    Posted by Laurelin | May 4, 2007, 11:11 am
  21. BB, I was so excited when I saw your name at the top of Heart’s comments section. Now, I’ve read what you’ve posted and my excitement about seeing your name has turned to fierce and deadly anger at those who want to hurt you.

    I know why they want to hurt you and other feminist bloggers, BB. They want to hurt you for the same reasons that I love you all. You keep reminding me and other women that we’re human and, as humans, we also are born with certain entitlements: the entitlement to live our lives without being raped, beaten, treated like a slave and a whore, talked to worse than a dog, expected to beg for scraps…the list of basic rights, basic rights that even strong women like myself had been trained to live without, go on and on.

    I’m glad that you’re still around and reading, BB, and that you care enough to keep up with us. And I’m sorry that those wastes of human flesh have made it impossible for you to continue blogging. Maybe we could all pool our money and purchase an island somewhere far from the coast of any Western country, somewhere where we’d be safe from human predators. (I think that collectively, we could deal with the animal predators after all the years of practice we’ve had of protecting ourselves from human males. 😉 )

    With hopes for your safety and sanity,

    Posted by CoolAunt | May 4, 2007, 1:30 pm
  22. Plenty could be done about this if the police were actually DOING THEIR JOBS as the taxpayers pay them to do. The kinds of threats you all have been receiving are illegal and the men making those threats should be in jail. However, as we can see from Radfem’s story, the police often ARE the bastards who are doing it, so it is no surprise that there is very little, if any, law enforcement against these creeps.

    It is obvious to me that at some point in the as-yet-unforeseeable future, if women want a world which is safe and responsive to threats against us, women will have to get rid of male “law enforcement” and do the job ourselves, as the only legitimate law enforcement, like the Kanshou in Sally Gearhart’s Earthkeep series.

    Posted by Branjor | May 4, 2007, 1:31 pm
  23. In any case, I have found little recourse to this ongoing issue and have thought about trying to come back to blogging. However, I feel as if I’ve lost. For all my bravado and all I have lived through I feel weak and suitably beaten by these violent men.

    I feel shame about being ‘too weak’ to deal with this stuff, certain that my sisters are able to overcome it and that there must be something ‘wrong’ with me for not being ’strong’ enough to endure. I feel embarrassment at being subdued and frightened by anonymous people that will be very unlikely to ever actually find out who I am.

    Indeed, I find that I am experiencing many of the same feelings that I have felt throughout my life when I’ve lived through violent assaults and yet, this ‘assault’ is unrecognized and I have little if any recourse when the ISP’s won’t help me. Fear, anger, shame, embarrassment and so forth continue to dot my existence and the harrassment continues.

    I’m so sorry that you are going through this BB, but I can definitely say, word.

    I’ve felt all of these emotions too. I still do. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s those who choose to terrorize women on their own spaces who have something wrong with them.

    Posted by Radfem | May 6, 2007, 12:34 am
  24. Yahoo News has a video today from ABC News, about three minutes, called The Dark Side of Blogging: Women should be particularly wary of the dangers that can arise from blogging. The bloggers in the report were not even controversial. One says, “it’s going to take a blogger being killed before law enforcement steps in and helps us.” The video also features as an expert Ms. Parry Aftab of

    Posted by Aletha | May 8, 2007, 4:39 am
  25. Aletha,

    I got a swiffer commercial when I clicked on that link. There was no way to reach the actual story.


    Posted by Mary Sunshine | May 8, 2007, 11:55 am
  26. Aha! Finally got it.

    Thanks, Aletha.

    They *force* you to watch the commercial, and then you have to click on the Flash arrow again to start the news story.

    I thought the story was really well done.

    But as usual the message at the end was “women have to takes steps to protect themselves”, not “law enforcement must act now to bring charges against these men”.

    And it was certainly not, “what do you think that the universal pornification of female images on the internet has to do with men feeling encouraged and enthusiastic about making online threats against real, individual, women?”

    As usual, the focus was on the women being victimized, not on the “men have increasingly taken to harrassing and making violent threats against women on the internet.”

    Posted by Mary Sunshine | May 8, 2007, 12:11 pm
  27. Usually when I cite mainstream sources, my intention is to take them apart. If the subject of the video were not so relevant to this discussion, I probably would not have bothered. I did find it surprising that men are going to such extremes to harass women bloggers regardless of how non-confrontational the blog might be. I mean, I would expect Radfem would be harassed because she is directly confronting law enforcement on their crap. The women in that video, as far as I could tell, were not at all confrontational, but that hardly seems to matter to these guys. It almost seems like they have the same attitude as a couple hundred years ago, when it was scandalous for women to speak in public.

    I did a little research on that expert, Parry Aftab. She is a privacy attorney. She may be well informed about cyber stalking, but I found out enough to make me suspicious of her attitude toward porn. Somehow I doubt she would make the connections you did, Mary Sunshine. I do not expect much in the way of valuable insights from mainstream media.

    Posted by Aletha | May 9, 2007, 5:23 am

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