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Class Action Suit Over Autism-Immunization Link Being Heard in U.S. Court of Federal Claims

“These are families who followed the rules.  These are families who brought children in for vaccines.  These are families who immunized their children.” — Thomas Powers, attorney for children with autism and their families

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims is  currently hearing the testimony of families with children with autism who attribute the onset of their children’s difficulties to immunizations which contained the substance thimerosol, a substance containing mercury, which for years was commonly present in MMR vaccines (measles-mumps-rubella) in combination with other vaccines containing thimerosol.  Thimerosol is a preservative.   In 1982 the FDA called for the removal of thimerosol in over-the-counter products because of its toxicity, but it continued to be used in immunizations.  In 1999, the FDA recognized that the amount of thimerosol in immunizations exceeded federal safety guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. While licensing new vaccines, the government had failed to add up the cumulative effect of thimerosol delivered in all of the doses required in a full vaccination regimen.  In 1999, the U.S.  government asked that drug manufacturers expeditiously eliminate or reduce the use of the substance, but it is still present in some immunizations.  Although we hear warnings about eating too much seafood containing mercury, there have been no warnings about mercury in vaccines.  Some symptoms of autism resemble symptoms of mercury poisoning.

Studies performed on the link between thimerosol and autism have not established a link.  But 4,800 families, who trace their children’s autism to having received immunizations, and who have filed claims, say that the science used to dispute the link is flawed. 

The families are seeking compensation under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  In this court, the burden of proof is easier than in Federal Court.  Parents only have to prove that the link between autism and the immunization is more likely than not, based on a preponderance of the evidence.

The Government contends the link cannot be established.

Mothers have been concerned about this link for decades.  I remember having discussions about a possible link in the 1970s.  I have read or heard of many situations in which a child began to have severe health problems after having received these routine immunizations including autism, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, and glaucoma.  Mothering Magazine has covered the developing concerns of mothers over decades now and their award-winning publication on the dangers of immunizations can be purchased here.

National Vaccine Information Center
Mercury Calculator




29 thoughts on “Class Action Suit Over Autism-Immunization Link Being Heard in U.S. Court of Federal Claims

  1. Please don’t tell me that opposing this “vaccines cause autism” hooey is now seen as “patriarchal medicine”. Autism, when not obvious from birth, shows up at roughly the same age that vaccinations are given. The old (and equally incorrect) that used to be used to explain the exact same phenomenon, was that emotional trauma at that age caused a child to withdraw and become autistic, and parents could point to a divorce or a car crash or a death in the family as the supposed cause of a child’s autism, just as much as they claim to be able to point to vaccines now. Prior to that, we were said to be stolen by supernatural forces of some kind and replaced with demonic or fairy babies or even enchanted pieces of wood. There have been tons of explanations for our existence (including those of us who experienced so-called “regression”) over time, and so far none of them have panned out, and I doubt the vaccine explanation will.

    I do think the vaccine explanation, if widely adopted, will seriously endanger the lives of both children and those of us who are chronically ill or immunosuppressed or both, and even if vaccines made me autistic (which I am sure they did not, and there’s no evidence for the idea that they did) I would rather be autistic than spreading deadly diseases. Vaccine reactions do exist, and people prone to such reactions should not be vaccinated, but there’s no evidence that autism is a vaccine reaction.

    Posted by Ballastexistenz | June 14, 2007, 8:37 pm
  2. Hey, Ballastexistenz, thanks for weighing in. I hoped that you would.

    I don’t think opposing the “vaccines cause autism” “hooey” means the opposer endorses patriarchal medicine. I think only patriarchal medicine is patriarchal medicine, and the rest of us stand outside of it, and do the best we can to discern which of what it recommends is in our best interests and which isn’t.

    We know for sure that patriarchal medicine has been no friend to women. So, as a feminist, I am extremely skeptical of everything it has to say to me, and I have been for decades now, since the 60s, when I had the audacity to argue with a doctor because I didn’t want a Dalkon Shield. I had friends who had been severely injured by these IUDs. The doctor was enraged that I argued with him and gave me a piece of his mind he couldn’t afford to lose. A few months later, the Dalkon Shields were removed from the market, after too many women had had perforated uteruses and died from using them.

    I think we are still in the stone age, relatively speaking, so far as understanding how diseases are spread. I think immunizations are only one (unsatisfactory) response to epidemics and contagious diseases of all kinds. I think we have to look at overall nutrition and health, at the availability of clean water, at the influence of environmental chemicals, pollutants and hormones in food, and at a whole host of factors which result in situations in which some persons, exposed to certain pathogens, become ill, and others exposed to the same pathogens do not. It’s too easy to think we can solve the problem of epidemics and disease with shots. The underlying environmental and economic issues which cause populations to be in poor health must be addressed as well.

    I think it’s fine to say that those who have reactions to immunizations shouldn’t be required to have them. The problem is that nobody knows whether their child, or they, will have those reactions until they have the immunizations, and then it is sometimes too late.

    I stopped immunizing my children with my fifth child, who is now 24. I didn’t immunize him until he was six months old. He had never been fed anything but my breast milk– not even water. He was the picture of good health. Within 24 hours his entire body was covered in oozing, running, bleeding sores, head to toe, including his scalp, inside his ears, everywhere. For months he had to be treated by a dermatologist, he was on steroids, antibiotics, and so on. The only explanation for this was the immunizations he received.

    To this day he has a compromised immune system. He has always had severe allergies which have manifested in all sorts of sometimes-serious ways.

    I do not oppose all immunizations. Some are clearly safe and valuable.

    But most immunizations I do not trust. I have not, and will not immunize my children, except for tetanus. They are free to get immunizations themselves as they get old enough to choose this for themselves.

    If the court rules that the 4,800 families who have sued to receive trust fund monies have established a connection between immunizations and autism, I do not believe this will usher in the end of immunizations for anyone, including those with compromised immune systems. I think it will force greater accountability and responsibility in immunizing — something which is clearly important and very much needed.

    But again, I’m glad you weighed in. I kind of expected that this might be your response, but I’m glad to hear your thought process.


    Posted by Heart | June 14, 2007, 9:53 pm
  3. It is impossible to eradicate dangerous diseases unless there is widespread imunization, most easily via vaccines. While I do agree that general good health of a population increases its chances of staying healthy, diseases will spread even here. Vaccines work and unless you have sever reactions they are worth taking. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no good method to distinguish those persons that are sensitive. That is the real problem. I also am not surprised that your son reacted so severly, because never having had anything in his body that was strange/unhuman he was very vulnerable. Of course I wouldn’t have seen it in the situation, it is always easy to be smart afterwards.

    Anyway, I have never seen conclusive evidence of the link between vaccines and autism. I feel that it is wrong for these parents to push the subject counter to scientific consensus. It is like they absolutely need someone else responsible for the situation of their child, as if someone is holding them responsible for it.

    Posted by Jokerine | June 15, 2007, 6:02 am
  4. The world has become so toxic, proving any cause for the vast increase in the rates of such maladies as autism, asthma, and cancer is next to impossible. All these insults to health compound on each other. Some children appear to tolerate vaccines without obvious problems, but the long-term effects are unknown. The effectiveness of many vaccines is in doubt. Bottom line, vaccination is a grandiose experiment with unknown risks and questionable benefits. Using a mercury compound as a preservative was clearly misguided and totally unnecessary. Whether that caused or contributed to the skyrocketing rate of autism is open to debate, but it sure as hell did nobody any good.

    Posted by Aletha | June 15, 2007, 6:56 am
  5. What is patriarchal about vaccines is the coercion that is used to get parents (mostly mothers) to “agree” to vaccinate their kids. Most parents are not aware that they even have a choice, are discouraged from asking questions or doing research about relative vaccine and disease risk, and are often given false “facts” about vaccines by doctors.

    Freedom of choice should extend to all medical interventions.

    Posted by Katrina | June 16, 2007, 6:44 am
  6. I am convinced that malestream science and patriarchal medicine has hurt more people, created more suffering, especially women, than it has helped. Men are seemingly oblivious to this, as its main victims have been women and children, and who cares about them?

    When medicine became a form of authority back in the middle ages, men did everything they could to keep women out of it, and holism went down the drain.

    Malestream science viewed and still pretty much views the body as a series of “parts” that do their “jobs” and when they don’t do their “Jobs” the whole thing fails. Patriarchal medicine as such is completely incapable of viewing the body in a holistic manner.

    In a world that is unfailingly holstic, men’s continued insistance that it is otherwise can only bring ruin.

    I strongly believe in a specific environmental cause of Autism. The data supports it. The fact is that vaccinated people are more than 3x as likely to become autistic. There are some, rare, instances of autism in unvaccinated children, however, autism occurs in clusters in specific geographical areas. There are also no cases of autism in Amish populations who keep a somewhat more natural lifestyle, are unvaccinated, and probably incorporate more holistic practices in their lives.

    But women, because we are the women of humans, if there is any natural instinct towards knowledge, women should have it. Women, the female of the species, has the monopoly on the natural instinct to know what is best for humanity, for human health, and for our children. It is a great disservice to keep women and the way women might think out of anything! Especially medicine! Women’s medicine has been kept out of technological advancement and women’s holistic mindsets have been shunned, scoffed at, and kept away, principally because men view medicine as power and authority.

    Women, the female of the species, because we give birth are the determinative of ANY species, including humans, with everything else male being a deviation. Yet men have been parading themselves around as the standard for being human, and continuing to treat women’s bodies with disdain and mysticism even in so-called objective science, and insist and inspire mistrust of the female body.

    Men pride themselves on objectivism because they think it is the opposite of being women, when really they have no objectivism at all.

    Everywhere around us saying how weak we are, and how we need men in white coats to keep us healthy. How we need to be proded, poked, drugged up and cut up by men routinely just to survive.

    Genetically it makes no sense for the female of the species to be weaker ever. We probably didn’t even start out smaller. But masculinity took care of that. Even though we are smaller now, no way in hell we are weaker. If there is a weaker, the male of the species, genetically will always be weaker no matter what malestream science and society tells anyone.

    And patriarchal medicine and masculine science can only go so far in a world that is holistic.

    Posted by Kiuku | June 17, 2007, 10:51 pm
  7. There are no diseases, even “Genetic” diseases, that are not environmental.

    Posted by Kiuku | June 17, 2007, 10:52 pm
  8. Kiuku is completely right and well said.
    Ballastexistenz: I don’t know you but nobody is saying not to have vaccines! For PETE’S SAKE… The issue is the miserable preservative… and if you research this further you will find that this is the real issue…

    Add, even the government knew that this was a problem decades ago… they even had passed a law stating that ‘consumers’ could not sue for damages caused by the Themerosol in vaccines… why do you suppose they did that unless there was some connect… they know what they are doing and did it any way. The most recent bill to eliminate this from all vaccines was turned down by the Bush Admin recently… So if the gov we hire ignore this problem then I wonder who makes money on it? Or not losing money on it…

    The most recent article I read indicated that 6 of 10 children are now diagnosed as Autistic at some level! OMG! If this is remotely true, and it has certainly gone up a ton in a few short years, then it is almost conclusive to assume that it will only continue to increase. What does this make our mutual futures look like when the masses are autistic and the ‘typicals’ are then the outcasts and get meds and care because they are NOT the new autistic norms…are we all just evolving?

    It may be simply our general exposure to mercury and the vaccines are just ‘the best way’ to get poisoned. Even kids who are not vaccinated can become autistic.

    Ultimately, why add to the problem with this in vaccines.

    I have an autistic son and I am in financial ruin over it. It is heartbreaking for him (he is only 7 now) and me. I am a single mom, single income, and a common story of the dad not being strong enough to step up so he stepped out. I cannot even work full time because of this issue. I have been doing everything I can to avoid going on the system – because that is just how I was raised… but if I don’t do something soon, we will be homeless. So what is a mom to do?

    Only options say, “go onto the system”. Do you think that is a good way to have to function? I don’t. I used to be a high and independent earner. This has stolen our lives.

    Please do anything in you power to fight this problem. Why allow this material in ANYTHING?

    And note to you Jokerine: Dear, you are grandly misled if you really believe everything science has been programmed to tell you. There is corruption as so many levels that there is no real way for a consumer to rely upon anything you just read without doing the research yourself – and educating yourself to really understand the intricate details. Love you for checking in however. At least you are looking at the problem.

    Posted by Soaparty | June 23, 2007, 1:35 am
  9. I don’t think it’s a good way to have to function. Our economic system rewards men and punishes women. And of course none of us thinks it’s a good way to function, but if you have to there is no shame in it because it is not your fault. I just wanted you to know that Soa. I’m sorry to hear about your son and you bring up an interesting point about the future of our population and autism, because you are right the rate of autism is climbing and I think we all may be autistic at some level.

    Posted by Kiuku | June 26, 2007, 1:34 pm
  10. Kiuku, Thank you for your kind thoughts… I appreciate them a lot. I also agree with you – the things I see my son doing are really just variations on our general themse of daily living… just intensified. Some more, some less than…and I wonder how many people I run into everyday who have not yet been ‘diagnosed’ – when I was a kid (I am a yonger baby boomer) there were no such diagnoses available… so these kids (was I one?) were never identified nor offered help – but I wonder, was it just not ‘intense enough’ yet to notice?? It took another generation of ‘evolution’ to ‘realize’ the issues? Are the toxins finally paying us back?

    I can also see I was rash when I checked in earlier.. Sorry for my tirade. I resolved not to eat my young today…nor others who brave the risk of public exposure like this.

    I think that ‘we’ as a general populace have been poisoned at large by the need for commercialization and thus greed.

    More and more commercialization is important because corporations to remain compliant to regulations, must always show improvement to the bottom line each and every year of existence. And sometimes I feel the only way they can do this – (as determined by already over stressed over worked management levels), is to cut corners on the ‘clean’ methods of proper disposal… and sorry – and I feel it is the men at work here…

    I just don’t think there is a woman alive who would say, “Sure, toss that fertility degenerating poison into the river along with the neurologically destructive toxin…It won’t hurt our kids too much for drinking it later… nobody will notice. Nobdy will know who did it…!”

    “In fact let’s approve some of this neurologically-toxic, pertoleum-derived food coloring so an unsuspecting public can even put it on their skin and in their food…! Nobody will notice that it interferes with being able to think normally, at least not right away…”

    Add, those fat cats at the top have to of course suck every possible dollar out of their own systems for their personal ‘rewards’ and benefits…even rewarding themselves millions just to even vote another member off the board! And don’t forget those golden parachutes these guys (sorry, there are a couple women there too…) get when they have been found to be ‘naughty’ and get voted out… Come on!??

    This congeals money in inappropriate hands… that money needs to stay in their own systems to support the proper handling of toxic waste, and good business practices… not personal empire building, nor bribes and pay offs for personal indescretions and other neglectful ‘winkables’…

    It appears to be a man’s general nature to be thoughtless and neglectful overall… destructive at the very base. Showing little if any genuine concerns for the ‘public’… more focus on bravado, money and power. Of course there are exceptions and where it may be hard to tell, I don’t intend to male bash… but you have to look at the record thus far… this is what it shows over thousands of years!

    Women are usually the whistle blowers after all is said and done… when given a chance, trying to fix whatever the men roughed up… Men are usually behind the most of the ills around us…prisons, violence, controls, inhumanity to man, the medical system and related insurance issues, wars, abuses of all kinds, and cheating to get what they want at all costs… I almost think that the women who have fallen into this realm for the most part are htere due to abuses they suffered at a man’s hand!

    Even clean up efforts are fraught with corruption and I have not yet seen enough clean evidence to support that the ‘work paid for’ is even accomlished.

    And where there are many ills in the world as a result, the most unforgiveable is certainly the environment. What is done here gives us all hundreds of years of pause to review the consequences. And of course, we all suffer from it: we are all effected by resulting physical and neurological damages in one way or another…

    MOTHER Nature? Can you help us all please?

    To all who read this, thank you for the therapy – I sure needed it. Can you tell I have issues? LOL Send me the bill…;)

    Posted by Soaparty | June 26, 2007, 3:10 pm
  11. You may find this article interesting about the nearly 5000 lawsuits by parents with autistic children in Washington DC. The story contains a link about Thimerosal, mercury.

    Posted by Anna | July 12, 2007, 8:03 pm
  12. my child is having the same problem, what do i have to do to participate in that class action suit?

    Posted by jackson mesidor | July 14, 2007, 12:34 pm
  13. I have a daughter with Autism , And I know the Vac. caused it too.
    How do I get in on the class action Law suite

    Posted by Eric Powell | October 12, 2007, 12:49 am
  14. My oldest son who is 20 is adha My 12 year old son was developing normal and at the age of at around age 3 or 4 my daycare lady told me something was not right with himand she said that she thinks he has autism being a single mom I could not take him to the doctors to me he was just fine he started school and the school noticed it so I took him in he has aspurger syndrome he needs help with everything and does not care to have people around he could play by himself all the time Its hard for him to make friends and the 2 friends he has one moved away and he is always dwelling on it he has fits of rage in school. I also have a son who is 5 years old and developing normally.
    I am also adha 46 years oldcan you make sense of this we have never had anyone with Autism in our family I hear so much is it genetic?

    Posted by debbie larson | April 4, 2008, 9:01 pm
  15. Please read and tell me what you think

    Posted by debbie larson | April 4, 2008, 9:02 pm
  16. I am a mom with four kids and 3 of them are autistic. I so badly want to know if the government had anything to do with mental state of my children. I too say and have said for so long that my children were absolutely fine until the shots. I want to sue but not sure. Any suggestions?


    Posted by Sherry | April 8, 2008, 3:03 am
  17. A month ago the government decided to compensate the parents of a 9-year-old girl with autism, though it tried to cast this as an isolated incident and still denies any link between vaccines and autism.

    Vaccine case draws new attention to autism debate

    ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — The parents of a 9-year-old girl with autism said Thursday that their assertion that her illness was caused by childhood vaccines has been vindicated by the federal government’s decision to compensate them.

    “We are very pleased with the government’s decision,” Hannah Poling’s father, Dr. Jon Poling, a neurologist in private practice in Athens, Georgia, told reporters Thursday. “It has been eight difficult and heartbreaking years since our daughter’s injury.”

    A federal program intended to compensate victims of injuries caused by vaccines concluded last November that Hannah Poling’s underlying illness that had predisposed her to symptoms of autism was “significantly aggravated” by the vaccinations she received as a toddler and that her family should therefore be compensated.

    Posted by Aletha | April 8, 2008, 3:49 am
  18. My son is 11 years old. I believe with all my heart that the mmr vaccination caused my sons autism. Parents who have autistic children already know this. What can/is being done to stop it or to fix it? How do we stop this horable crime that was done to our kids? Law suite? Sign me up for this class action law suit, if it stops the daily struggles my son has to indure!

    Posted by cindy | May 13, 2008, 5:20 am
  19. I have twin girls with autism. I would like some info on how to get involved in the class action suit. My girls have suffered too much because they were vaccinated. I know this is what caused it. I have been saying if I could take back one day-I would…The day they were VACCINATED…… Please sign us up.

    Posted by Doreen Camerota | May 16, 2008, 2:48 am
  20. Hi, Cindy and Doreen,

    I will try to get some information on these class action suits. Normally the way it works is, people are contacted directly, usually by mass mailings, by the attorneys representing the plaintiffs (people bringing a lawsuit) if they are believed to be members of the “class,” i.e., (in this case) doctors’ or businesses’ records show that they or their children received immunizations and are autistic. But sometimes they publish announcements in newspapers, etc., as well if they can’t gather records that way. Usually people are contacted after the parties in a lawsuit have reached a settlement or after a judgment has come down. I’ll try to get more information. My very best to you,


    Posted by womensspace | May 16, 2008, 12:13 pm
  21. Edited, to clarify:

    What about the Japanese studies on immunizations compared to the U.S.?

    **We had to fight the hospital and CPS over vaccinations, two times, when my oldest had to go to the hospital for upper resp and they had a fit that she wasn’t vaccinated,

    our refusal was not so much in not vaccinating but in not using the traditional vaccination [US] in the whooping cough, and we had to fight to have the other version [that they use in Japan] and sign all these special papers, etc.,

    this was like years ago and I can’t recall what vaccine it was, and on the Polio we used the one derived by sheep, not by pigs. Had to fight for that one too,

    that and we insisted on waiting till after two, in fact in many parts of Europe they don’t vaccinate infants, its around two but US is different on that. Now its become a bit more liberal, but there are still the hassles, to me it wasn’t so much the patriarchy as the attitude of ‘how dare you question the nanny state in the welfare of ‘our–the state’s’ children mentality that I found infuriating,

    Then, not only that, after a week pent up in the hospital, my daughter obviously was restless and wanted to play–

    the moron doctor [who looked like he was fresh out of med school] said, “oh, she’s way too hyper and needs ritalin”,

    basically told him to shove it [and of course called called on by CPS for that too],

    and including at that time was single parent/and didn’t qualify for Medicaid because I had too much income but still below poverty line, so sure that had a lot to contribute as well–

    its amazing though, at how many low income women on Medicaid, all have cervical cancer [so they say] and need cervical removals, etc., or how many low income children [esp African American] are used in ‘drug studies’ [horrid report of this not too long ago, I’ll see if I still have it],

    and the numbers of children being FORCED by legal threats/with the backing of CPS to be on all sorts of pyschotic [sic] drugs,

    is not doubt, social experimentation and social ENGINEERING…

    I do hope you all, who have been wronged by the vaccination market do sue and do get justice, there is no doubt in my mind,

    that the government not only KNOWS the risks but due to that ever so lasting relationship between the government and the drug companies–nothing surprises me.

    The numbers of children [in the three thousands last I checked] who have had serious reactions to vaccinations in This country, compared to the low reactions in Japan,

    is so wide that there is no way there isn’t something going on. No way…

    Years ago this fact was even broadcast on Nightline I believe,

    and I strongly, strongly believe, the use of all these anti-depressants and hyperactivity drugs being forced on children [via the public school industry]

    we will one day, be hearing cases on that as well…we are now, but I don’t think we’ve seen the full ramifications of those social engineering projects yet.

    **first time, I had to battle it out I was married, my ex was from England, and it was he who was against the vaccination of infants–that was when I started reading about vaccination industry, etc., and learned about the studies in Japan,

    years later, way later, when my second daughter was sick, I was already divorced, different city, etc., and that was when I had to battle again,

    I seriously believe if I had of been at that time, in a better economic position I wouldn’t have gotten the attitude in the hospital that I did, and I’ve spoken to numerous women who have confirmed this, etc.,

    After I showed [and the first time too] documentation of why we believed in what we did and why were were choosing to vaccinate later, and use alternative vaccines, only Then, did CPS back off…

    but its just ridiculous that parents, who ARE doing their job, get so much SHIT from the state when they Question medical authority. Or when they Assert their Parental Rights for the welfare of their children When its in conflict with big money/power interests.

    Its the same way in education too but thats another topic, though it IS related,

    my point is though, its more than just patriarchal reinforcements, way, way more. And there is most Surely, an agenda to many of the laws that force parents to do things where their children are concerned.

    Just to throw in here too, the rise in C sections — and the pressure to have those C sections, is going on again…I had home births my first two, last two in hospital [though with midwives, and I was proactive in all four, very much so],

    but that whole industry there too, is so patriarchal and controlling…I remember the days where many of my friends who were midwives were arrested, charged with endangerment, etc., wasn’t that long ago,

    they fought hard for women to have the Right to control over their bodies and their birthing experience and now, its like the system takes this male credit for midwives working in hospital settings…

    but I knew personally some of the women who were demonized, who were the ones who fought that battle [and in many states its still being fought] and why hospitals began little by little giving parents/women some choices–

    but it seems, this is on the reverse now, from what I’ve been hearing from younger women. Not only that, but the forced blood clotting/or is it Vit K shots, I always heard, that they contribute to the liver dysfunction and why so many infants have to have therapy in hospital under lights, etc.,

    Sure enough, both times in hospital–both had to have the light therapy,

    neither of the two born at home, needed it, nor did they have any liver problems/or kidney either…they do so much shit to our kids,

    that is proven is NOT necessary, or that there are alternatives, healthier and holistic that are better,

    but they dip into the pockets of profit of the AMA and the whole web of drug corporations, etc.

    In closing, I work in the Avian Resource/Education and we run into the same problem with holistic medicine and animals verses traditional medicine. So much, that is used on animals, exotics especially, causes more injury and illness, and its big money and monopolies

    and its been PROVEN that holistic medicine/homeopathic, naturalist enrichment and whole foods, is far better in treating animals, especially in preventative care.

    Posted by Tasha | May 16, 2008, 4:51 pm
  22. I have taken the stance that my 3 year old daughter need not be vaccinated on the gov’s terms and instead will be on mine. I have had to argue with some health professionals on the issue. When she was born, I had to fight off the HEP B twice. For all I know, they gave it to her anyway. So far she has had only the dtap on my watch.

    Fortunately, I have found pediatricians who are supportive either way.

    Immunizations are big business so everyone should have 500 shots by age 5. BS. I still hold to the idea that there is less chance of my daughter catching some wild disease than she having an adverse reaction. The feds don’t even want to examine whether there is a link between the immunizations and the prevalence of autism, add, adhd, childhood diabetes, asthma, etc., etc. If they found it to be true it would really hurt those profits. Environmental pollution, poor diet, using heavy cleaning agents and chemicals are also no good for kids/people. We don’t need a ton of research to figure that out.

    Frankly, I am not convinced that the thimerosol is even the only problem here. Could it be that the ever growing list of immunizations being added to the schedule and the incredibly young age of the children is a contributor. When do our children’s immune systems get to ramp up on their own?

    It is exasperating.

    I sense that some of you share my sentiment.

    Posted by Dana | May 16, 2008, 11:02 pm
  23. The feds may not want to examine the autism-vaccine connection, but the former head of NIH went on record this week in a CBS News exclusive to say the government is too quick to dismiss the possibility of a link. There is a short video at that link. I have commented on a bunch of articles about the problems with vaccines on my blog.

    Posted by Aletha | May 17, 2008, 8:08 am
  24. “the government is too quick to dismiss the possibility of a link.”

    Hate to sound like a conspirator theorist here but it makes you wonder sometimes…about the government’s usual dismissal of thousands of claims not only based on assumptions but evidence, etc.

    The vaccine market has changed somewhat, at first I thought it was going more liberal in respect to parents wishes but I forgot all about the HEP B shots, yea they started pushing those when my youngest was getting vaccines, I refused them but yes they are putting the pressure on parents there aren’t they? And last I heard, they don’t have any documentation yet to their safety,


    Well, in the state I’m in they are a bit more liberal, they do tend to allow one the option to waive based on religious convictions, but I still remember the day where that reason alone was a knock on the door by the authorities, so to speak. It may still be that way in some states,

    I will look today for the drug testing the government was doing on low income children, I believe the Green Party posted it several years ago and it sounded like something out of a science fiction movie–and it didn’t get much notice because these children were low income [welfare, etc] and were African American children,

    but this wasn’t the 30s or 40s, no, this was in 2000 [?]. Social engineering no doubt, I mean the more you research the more it just becomes evident.

    Question is Why?

    I know when I worked with women against welfare reform I met so many women on disability and women who had children with autism who could not even get disability for them and they were really getting the screws put to them in every way possible, and its still that way today, even worse. It infuriates me that we have all this medical knowledge and advancements yet, we have an increasing population with autism and other neurological diseases and yes,

    a huge percentage of them in lower incomes [lower to middle class]. Not to say that people in higher incomes don’t have children with autism, no, but the percentages of children that I have seen, Along with other things medically wrong I’ve noticed, there is just too much to be complacent and not wonder.

    Or maybe its not the demographics so much as it is the lack of medical services and special education services that so many just don’t have access to due to the costs and I know the HMOs aren’t that great with those things either. [the underinsured]

    There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by at least, on Craigslist for example, that you don’t read a post by a woman with a child with disability or herself or elderly woman, or families in dire straights literally pleading for help, any help. But whats more disturbing is the rates of increase of disease and illnesses that I don’t recall hearing about the vast numbers, lets say back in the seventies, that you do today,

    there is a good documentary about some of the chemicals that we have in every day things like carpet and furniture and the link to MS and Birth Defects, especially near the company [town] where these chemicals are made–

    and yet the government still dismisses it on their claims, no proof.

    How convenient for them, how very convenient. And while I try not to get sucked into all the theories etc., sometimes I do, seriously wonder,

    if there isn’t a bigger agenda or if its just not this attitude that us ‘numbers’ are disposable, if the labor pool is just too large there are ‘means’ in lessoning that labor pool and still maintain security so to speak, and what better way to do this than to have the people broken in spirit and so bombarded with burden that they can’t even lift their heads above water. And what better way to do that,

    than to ‘allow’ illness as a means of doing just that….illnesses and disease, that could have surely been prevented.

    Posted by Tasha | May 17, 2008, 4:30 pm
  25. My son is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with spectrumk autsim, asbergers syndrome. He was find until around 18 months old when he received his vaccine. At the time I did not know what happened. He had stopped talking! I took him to doctors thinking maybe he had fallen and hit his head, searching for anyhting to explain this sudden drop in communication. No one had any answers and he was refeered to a developmental agency. When he was about 4 years old he started talking a little and has since progressed in the areas of speech. However, he has great difficulty with peer relationships, understanding humor, making eye contact, receiving and showing affection, etc. . . He was diagnosed with ADHD and a sezure disorder about 8 years ago and wasn’t officially dianosed with asbergers/autism until recently. I amazes me that he saw his pediatrician once every 3 months for med checks, etc. for the last 13 years and has been on an IEP (individualized educational plan) since 1st grade and it wasnt until he recently transferred to a new school that an autsim screening was done. Anytime in the past that I asked about austim, I was told he had learning diabilities “not otherwise specified”.

    I would really like to become part of the class action matter that is currently pending. I would like to make my voice heard on behalf of my son. Please advise how I go about the paperwork/procedure. Thank you.

    Posted by Carolyn | May 18, 2008, 6:12 pm
  26. For those who do not believe that vaccinations containing Thimerosal (mercury) are the cause of so many children having autism, then I encourage you to go to this link and read this report and investigation, which was conducted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    I was skeptical at first, too. Who wants to believe that OUR GOVERNMENT would cover up for the pharmaceutical companies, to prevent massive law suits which would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business.

    My own research leads me to believe that it truly is the vaccinations that have not only caused autism, but has also been the cause of speech delay, ADD, and many defiant disorders.

    For those who have posted comments on this website who are autistic. My son too, has autism. It is easier to believe that WE, as parents, are the cause of autism…(due to bad genes, not taking care of ourselves properly during our pregnancy, etc. etc.), than to believe that our country TRULY has something to do with it!!! Believe me, Mexico is not the only country that has corruption within their government. The only difference between Mexico and us, is Mexico’s government doesn’t hide the fact that they are corrupt and steal millions from their people…our government is just as bad, they just know how to hide it better!!

    The truth is, vaccines containing thimerosal IS the cause of autism!! I encourage you to read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s report. Here is the link…

    I too, am in the process of joining a class action law suit. When I have more information, I will gladly post it here for all of you to see, and possibly join.

    Good luck to all of you, and God bless.

    Posted by Hilda | May 29, 2008, 5:26 pm
  27. christopher

    was an amazing boy , till he recieved his MMR vaccin and totally change behavior and lost his speech.

    was diagnosed with autism age 2.

    Posted by sousou awad | May 29, 2008, 7:56 pm
  28. You know, if you read just how many have replied to this post, on how their children have been affected by GOVERNMENT MANDATED VACCINES,

    you’d really be duped to not Question–whats the agenda?

    Heart, this is a bit off topic here, but I think, there are some points or questions rather, that everyone here should really reflect upon, and here is why?

    I’ll use one example, now bear with me here, because while I’m not into like the whole conspiracy theory thing–you know like the fanatics–there are some common threads that do leave one to question, if there isn’t something to the big picture.,

    for example, one of the methods used in the Former Yugoslavia war, in the use of mass rape, was not just to terrorize women and cause families to flee, thats part of it, but its not at the root of the agenda…[same with other parts of Africa/Congo for example, this warfare is being carried out],

    but the ‘agenda’ in this sick type of warfare is to leave a whole society or people with crippled families/children, especially children because they will grow up with numerous problems in development, coping, and internalized hate, etc., which as they grow up into the next generation it will lead into an entire population that is effected severely and even disabled to a degree that they are not able to function,

    that was one of the psychological agenda’s behind the use of mass rape against the Bosnian women during that war [and in other wars] but in the case of Bosnia, it was a deliberate and stratified carrying out/utilizing rape as a means of crippling the next generation of Bosnian society. What I mean is, you have an entire society here that is heavily populated in next generation of children who are the by products of rape, that has disastrous impact on the health of a society/people…

    that is government utilizing means to commit not only cultural genocide/genocide but in a way that they still have a labor -slave pool but one that is [to them] ethnically inferior and able to be used then discarded, at will.

    But now, take this a bit further–governments do this to THEIR OWN CITIZENS as well, again, bear with me, here,

    1. we have a generation of children effected by Mandated vaccines that have caused autism and other neurological and physical disorders.

    2.. we have a generation of children/young adults who will be addicted [studies prove it] to mind altering Government mandated via the use of psychology drugs, to treat ailments that over time, create a dependency, e.g., prozac, zoltec, ritalin, lithium etc.

    3. we have a war in Iraq that isn’t just about OIL but is, if you’ve been paying attention to the military defense industry, is ALSO A WAR-SOCIAL EXPERIMENT of Urban warfare/special ops weapons with precise ability to so things we can’t imagine, and now get this–the majority of nations that are deemed as dangerous [and many of them are, no argument there], but they are for the most part–heavily rural, not urban–so, I ask, What is the purpose of specialized experiments on URBAN WARFARE????

    4. we have through this nation, more Fourth Amendment rights being challenged and overturned in courts across this country through clever means such as CPS against families [though ironically when there is Clear EVIDENCE OF SEX ABUSE–that same government mandates the children be returned to be sexually abused some more–proves the welfare of children is just a ruse to deceive the masses] AND how this is a threat is that more and more Government has the ability to intervene and RULE in the privacy of our homes,

    5. we have more corporations/and Governments having the ability to infringe on Privacy, just to get employment/keep employment, to even, demanding ‘mode of lifestyle checks’ to where they [companies] are not hiring these PRIVATE companies who can then talk to your neighbors, ex-spouses, getting into your most private of life–and they then have the power literally over your financial livelihood in refusing you employment,

    6. we have more Government/corporations that now have more control over your credit/finances PLUS–even the identity theft protection, RUN AND OWNED BY NONE OTHER THAN THE CREDIT CORPORATION INDUSTRY…seriously, do some research on who is BENEFITING FROM IDENTITY THEFTS…

    7. we have more and more cities/police having access and the ability to use taser guns against citizens at the alarming rate in comparison to China, in fact, for years, the human rights abuses against citizens, workers, women in China, was supported HEAVILY ON THE ARMS SALES FROM THE UNITED STATES ESPECIALLY IN THE SALES OF TASER GUNS, which, torturers use, to torture citizens because THEY LEAVE NO PHYSICAL SIGNS OF TORTURE, see Amnesty International for report on this very FACT, and now, not only are police in this country using tasers on citizens [including recent case in our state, where a woman, HANDCUFFED mind you, was Tasered/electrocuted by police man over and over and over and no matter how much she screamed, no one came to her aid–no police, nada, and that bastard still has his job–but now,

    the City of Denver has ordered/purchased hundreds of these taser guns, to be used against CITIZENS who might dare to protest and use their First Amendment Rights in this nation –Free Speech and the Right to Assemble, etc., [that and jails/secret jails being built at fast rate–at a college of all places, in a basement, yea, South America right here in good Ole USA, looks like Argentina baby–Chile during Pinochet, and why not? Hell, after all, it was USA that TRAINED PINOCHET’S FORCES TO TERRORIZE YOUTH, CITIZENS, WOMEN, ETC., AS WELL AS OTHER NAZI POLICE STATES IN SOUTH AMERICA/ lets not forget, the Spy Files–see ACLU documents,

    8. then, this election, the petty bourgeoisie element that has So many DUPED, the strategy of racial divisions and the misogyny that has been utilized–all however, with the sanctioned support of the bourgeoisie class, that isn’t just in the white population, oh hell no, its in Every population and ethnicity in this nation now…want proof–

    look at the Claims to peace/anti-war, then do some background research on the VOTES FOR WAR MACHINE, hmmm,

    ain’t just the right wing anymore….that leisure class–in bed with every other leisure class transnational despot out there globally, [the working class-poor is in for a SHOCK once the new administration kicks in…but it will be too late, they’ve pacified the restless native, hook line and sinker],

    9. and whom they haven’t pacified [with years of expertise in the art of pacifying the restlessness and discontent of the masses/oppressed masses especially],

    they’d crippled the rest with burdens that will compound in the following generation…

    these are just a minute of the examples,

    just do the math–and ask?

    Government mandated vaccines and agendas–for What purpose?


    then, that just goes to show, just how Well, they’ve succeeded thus far…


    Posted by Tasha | May 30, 2008, 2:46 pm
  29. I’m in the process of learning more about immunizations. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old and a 4 week old and I don’t want to get him immunizied right away. Should I wait until he’s 2 or older, or not get them at all?
    Any good sites to research?
    Thanks for the help.

    Posted by Jessica Hackenmueller | June 18, 2008, 6:59 pm

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