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Heather Jones Update

Most of you will recall my series of blog posts about Heather Jones, a single mom who was fighting for custody of her children and to be able to stay with them in Oman.  She was in imminent danger of having to leave Oman and being unable to return, ever, meaning she would have had to leave her three young children behind, even though she was awarded legal guardianship and custody of the children, upheld all the way through the Supreme Court of Oman.  I removed my earlier blog posts at the request of Heather’s mom, on the advice of Heather’s legal counsel, pending Heather’s upcoming court hearings

Evidently, the U.S. Embassy is not providing support for Heather at her hearings.  Out of the four hearings held so far in her case, the U.S. Embassy has provided a representative for only one hearing, and this person stayed for only one hour.  Following is an e-mail I just received from Heather’s mom, Cyndi Jones.  I am not sure who “Kim” is but this must be someone charged with ensuring that the U.S. Embassy provides support for Heather at these important hearings.


Could you please arrange for someone from the Embassy to be at my daughter’s court dates this weekend? We would really appreciate it.

Saturday’s hearing is the labor court case with Omantel, and the 29th is a lower court appeal concerning the previous judgement involving the custody of the kids.

I am very concerned about the lack of participation on the part of the Embassy.

We rely on the Embassy for support when in a foreign country. It is a symbol of our country’s concern through their involvement. My daughter depends on your support to show the courts that our country/Embassy is there to make sure she has a fair representation as an American citizen.

Regardless of the level of importance or severity associated with these court dates, the Embassy’s presence is very important.

Kim, could  you please let Heather know who will be attending these court dates?

Thank you for your continued support of Heather and her family.

Cyndi Jones

I am publishing this hoping to apply pressure to the Embassy to support U.S.  citizens in foreign countries, which is what it exists to do.




3 thoughts on “Heather Jones Update

  1. Gah. I wondered if removing your posts would be wise, but I figured her attorneys probably knew better than I what might be damaging to her case. Now I am wondering, again. I hid my own posts so they could be revived easily. Should I do that? I bet the embassy has orders not to rock the boat, and Hillary Clinton will not bother to make a stink about this. She should, if she claims to represent women.

    Posted by Aletha | July 26, 2007, 4:57 am
  2. Aletha, I was wondering the same thing. I still have my posts, I’ve just switched them to “Draft” status.

    I think I’ll e-mail Cyndi Jones and ask for her thoughts re putting our posts back up there. One of the hearings in question is this Saturday and there isn’t much time.


    Posted by womensspace | July 26, 2007, 4:59 am


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