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Heather Jones UPDATE — U.S. Embassy Apathetic, Not Supporting Jones


Update 7/31:   
Heather’s mom has forwarded this e-mail received from her state legislator’s office:
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 10:52:19 -0400
From: “Richter, Kim B” <>
To:  (Heather’s mom)
CC: “Dukes, Corey \(McCaskill\)” <>

I’ve contacted post and they will make every effort to be at the various court dates.  It is important, however, that Heather let them know approximately what time her case is supposed to come up. 
Heather MUST call the embassy once she arrives at court to tell them what time she expects the cases to be – she can call Bryce Isham on her office phone at 2464-3686 or I believe she has a cell phone number of one of the local hires.   She should get to court early, check the docket and step out and make the call to the embassy.

If they don’t get a follow up call from Heather regarding the time her case is expected to be heard, they won’t be able to make the court date. 

Thursday, July 26, 2007 9:53 AM
To: Richter, Kim B
Cc: Dukes, Corey (McCaskill)
Subject: RE: Heather Jones Court cases

Could you please make sure the Embassy gets this information? It is the weekend and Heather will not be able to contact them could you please see that they get the following correct dates?
I just contacted Heather and she said the dates in her email are the right dates;
July 28th – Saturday labor court case with Omantel
July 29th – Sunday the Appeal case for custody of the kids
She would really like them to come to both hearings, but especially the one
for the custody of the kids.
Regarding the phoning the embassy when she gets to court. She cannot have/use a phone in the court so she would be unable to call them from the court.
If they have any questions they can call her about the court dates.
Thank you for you help…………..(Cyndi’s Mom)

“Richter, Kim B” <> wrote:
Ms. Jones,
I passed your information along to our officers in Muscat.  They are planning on attending both court dates but they have different dates than you seem to.  Heather has given our embassy the dates below.  If the dates are incorrect, the embassy trusts that she will get in touch with them with the correct dates.

Sunday, July 29:  Omantel labor hearing
Saturday, September 1:  child custody hearing

Also, the embassy has asked that Heather get to her court dates early and then call the embassy to let them know at approximately what time her cases will occur.  They are unable to sit in court all day waiting for her case to come up as they have work they need to attend to at the embassy.  

Update 7/30:  I checked and my comment was not approved to Hillary’s blog.  I commented to the “Open Debate” thread.

Update 7/27: An important hearing is scheduled for Saturday. Out of four hearings since I last blogged about this, the American Embassy has sent a representative only once, and this person stayed for only an hour, then left. This is just wrong. Heather is an American citizen in danger of being sent out of the country of Oman without her children. She is their legal custodian and guardian. I and others have written to everybody we could think of; I have written to my legislators, to Hillary Clinton, to the Omani Embassy here, to the American Embassy in Oman. — Heart

Update 6/1: This story has hit Associated Press at last and is being widely reported. This is good news– the more publicity, the better.

Update 5/27: I’ve moved this to the top because certain wheels are beginning to turn, and Heather Jones has e-mailed me. I have also heard from the State Department and have included its response and mine in the comments. –Heart

My two oldest sons, now 35 and 33, were kidnapped by their father in March of 1975 when they were toddlers. The police would not help me; the kids were just children with their father; there were no laws in place then which protected children abducted by their fathers, and particularly not laws which applied once a parent left the state. I searched for them for months, papering the coast with flyers: “Have you seen these children?” I finally got them back when my ex, now deceased, called me from a distant state hoping I would come back to him. I pretended I would, flew out there, got a court order and a police escort, and flew home with them. I was 22 years old. So stories like this haunt and pain in a way that is real and personal. They bring those days and endless, endless nights of anguish, grief, torment, rage, pain, it all comes flooding back, although this happened many many years ago.

[This is from the post I had up previously, but edited.  I am making it closed to comments, but if I hear from Hillary Clinton, or from anyone involved, I will post updates within this post.]




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