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How to Support the Heart for President Campaign

by Aletha at the Free Soil Party

posted this announcement on the Margins boards yesterday evening, hoping for some feedback before I posted it in the public arena, but it could not have been more than an hour or so before the boards were overrun by the hacking crew. So on urging from Heart, I am now posting this here and on the Free Soil Party blog.

There are several ways for volunteers to help Heart run and further this phase of feminist revolution we have launched, to get Heart and anyone else volunteering to run publicity and on the ballot. The easiest way that comes to mind is to change party. Voting registration forms should be at any Post Office. Write in Free Soil for party, and mail it in or send it to us. For the purposes of voting in primaries, this should be functionally equivalent to registering as an independent. Free Soil has a box at 7131 Owensmouth Ave. Box 109C, Canoga Park, CA 91303. We got the box over twenty years ago, when we first sent the Treaty to Ban Nuclear Aggression to a Chinese embassy.

Anyone could call a talk show, say something like that radfem blogger Heart running for President is writing about feminist revolution, or negotiating to end the war on terror, or how Hillary Clinton sold women out. Those might be short, attention-grabbing, and to the point enough not to get you cut off before you finish the sentence. Then if you are not cut off, you could mention her site and Free Soil, or talk more about your concept of feminist revolution. I am toying with the idea of visiting some progressive blogs to wonder why they waste their time discussing that sad slate of Democratic candidates. Hillary is running partly on the record of her scoundrel in arms Bill. In some respects she may be a reformer, but her idea of reform is to tinker with the status quo. Has she renounced that welfare reform plan yet? Heart and I are skeptical of her, as feminist dreamers, visionaries, women of radical ideas. Politics is supposed to be a free marketplace of ideas. We put the ideas of radical women out front and center as realistic alternatives to the status quo. Men will not agree, will ridicule Heart for ridiculous reasons. If Hillary decides to take notice, she may do likewise. Such tactics will backfire on them, as women will see through it.

The theories underlying how men run things are so self-serving, full of thoughtless and deliberate errors and outright lies and nonsense, it is a wonder anything works right. The political vacuum yawns, with a spineless majority in this Congress more unpopular than Bush. If Mayor Bloomberg jumps in, there could be three men splitting their votes against Heart. People can think no radical woman stands a chance of winning the race for President. If enough women hear about Heart, she stands a good chance. The media may not take notice until they have to, but once they start to attack, Heart will get lots of free publicity. That is the name of the game in politics. I think those attacks will get Heart enough attention to win, with coattails. Then women can get to straightening out the mess men have made of just about everything possible to get wrong. Radical women do not want to work with Republicans to get things done, rather to work to radically change the ways things get done.

There will be an ongoing online strategy conference on the Margins boards. At some point Heart will issue a press release. We may decide to tip off certain feminist organizations first. Since we expect scornful scrutiny of our sites, suggestions for corrections and improvements are fair game and appreciated.

We encourage volunteers to run as a feminist revolutionary for office. We have no illusions of perfect agreement. We all have different ways of seeing things. We all have to deal with male illusions in our own ways. All these ways have value and significance, though none are perfect by the nature of such things.

Cinder (or any of you who are not in the U.S.) , if you have time to set up a Canadian (or other non-U..S.) chapter of Free Soil, go for it. You could start a blog, link to Heart and, and write commentary on Canadian news or whatever else really irks you. Once Heart attracts media attention, some of that noise would drift over your way, especially if some candidates for high office are posting there.




2 thoughts on “How to Support the Heart for President Campaign

  1. I am thinking of posting my support of Heart on a board I occasionally post on. It is on a site owned by a race horse trainer where we Barbaro lovers gathered to follow his progress and grieve his death. It is *not* a political board, though a few objectionable political threads by republicans/fundie christians have been started and then locked or deleted by the moderator. People on the board actually range from political conservatives to liberals, both men and women. Recently a thread was posted about the SCLC planning to honor black football player Michael Vick, who has been indicted on charges of dog fighting and the animal loving population of the board, including me, is appalled by that. Several politicians are also going to be at the event, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and a couple of others, I forget who. I was thinking of posting in that thread my disappointment in the SCLC for their support of Vick and of OJ Simpson and then saying that I support Cheryl for president, maybe giving a link to Freesoil party. I would never actually start a political thread on that board as it is not a political board. Do you think I should do it, or do you think it would be premature or inappropriate?


    Posted by Branjor | August 4, 2007, 3:25 pm
  2. Branjor, as it is not a political board, you will have to use your judgment if it is inappropriate. I like the idea. How strange, all these politicians honoring these criminals. Black football hero trumps whatever a man has done, I guess.

    Posted by Aletha | August 5, 2007, 6:48 am

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