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Shekhinah Mountainwater Has Crossed Over

Shekhinah Mountainwater, a mother of the goddess spirituality movement in the United States, author of Ariadne’s Thread,  feminist, folk singer,  writer, peace activist, has crossed over and is at peace in the arms of the Mother.  She was 67, and died of uterine cancer.

I loved her writings.  She was deeply spiritual, deeply feminist, always woman-centered.

I believe much depends on shifting the dominant paradigm, and that’s the work we all can help with no matter who or where we are in society. The world is cusping on the brink of a huge change in consciousness… the New trying to push through like a slender blade of grass upwards against the solid soil… the Old resists and backlashes. Mother Dark will give us a gentle shift if we can wear down the resistance… a cataclysm if not.

Spread the word, be an awakener. And look within. What are the ways each of us participates in the old paradigm of domination/submission, alienation, fleshly loathing, divorce from nature, sexism, classism, racism, ageism, looksism, ableism, homophobia, and all the ism schisms? Open your heart and make heart politics. Open your mind and be willing to learn a new way of thinking. …

  • A woman is raped by a man every 3 minutes
  • Men dominate society in government, religion, the marketplace, the arts, education, the military, the domestic sphere, etc. etc.
  • Sexism is rampant
  • Women are in a lower position on the totem pole
  • This society IS a totem pole; a dominator system. War, its ultimate expression, threatens continually.
  • Race, Class, Age, Economics, Size, Looks, Sexual Preference, Ability, Gender… all are brought to bear on the degree of privelege one can have, or lack thereof.
  • Yes many women play the dominator game which has been the only model offered them by the white male dominator system. Nevertheless, those women who gain power are a tiny minority in comparision to the millions who are rendered powerless, impoverished, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally suppressed throughout their lives.
  • Though on the average they reap more priveleges, men also suffer in the dominator system.

A woman like me who has sought to be creative, empowered and whole is either attacked or ignored, must live in poverty and isolation. Unless she has the good fortune to find support from someone with privelege in the system. When women gather in their own circles there is an outcry that they are excluding men. When men gather in their own circles, which happens on a much vaster scale, who says, hey where are the women?

I have fought most of my life for my beliefs, been made invisible, silenced, ignored, accused, rarely given the chance to explain them fully. This also by folks one would think would be the first to support me; women, witches, feminists, Goddess women, musicians, gays, lesbians, ecology workers, green party member… etc.

My cosmology is not anti-male or based on anger, resentment… as I have been accused. It is based on love, a desire to shift the dominant paradigm which rules our world

–Shekhinah Mountainwater


I have paid attention to your voice and teachings, my sister.  I have learned from you.  I will never forget you.




3 thoughts on “Shekhinah Mountainwater Has Crossed Over

  1. I remember having a reading from Shekinah 20 years ago at a feminist witchcraft gathering.

    I also will never forget her.

    Blessed Be!


    Posted by Mary Sunshine | August 27, 2007, 9:47 am
  2. She’s still listed as a contact on my Yahoo messenger. It breaks my heart to see her name – but I don’t have the heart to delete it…

    Posted by Jenmaha | August 28, 2007, 10:03 pm
  3. Wise words, wise woman.
    A sad loss, I am sure she is missed by many.

    Posted by crankycrone | August 30, 2007, 6:34 pm

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