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In Memory of Luz María Franco Fierro


“They say that a year is not a century, but since that 18th of September, it has seemed that way.

“That day, Luz María Franco Fierro stopped existing. A fighter, a woman seeking the American dream, reached the end of her stay on this earth.

“The sky of Chilpancingo weeps for her absence, and wants to tell her family, as they cry out to the heavens, that it was all just a bad dream. The stars shine every night, reminiscent of the shine of her green eyes, remembering the character of our noble mother and her struggle succeed in this, our difficult country . . . Mexico.

“Every tear shed by her children, day after day, since that unforgettable date, screams and cries out for justice—a justice that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of kilometers away tries to touch the heart of the court and inspire the legal system to do the right thing. But all our tears, all the pain we have suffered, cannot bring that noble woman back from heaven.

“One year has passed and many things have changed—but not the portrait, not the flowers, not the prayers, not the memories. We carry these remembrances in our hearts. Luz María gave her life seeking to secure the wellbeing of her children, and it is those children who ask now that she be allowed to rest and that some small part of our endless pain be relieved.

“Her name was Luz María, and it suited her. María was the name of our mother and also of the mother of God, the woman who in these difficult moments has guided us and helped us to soothe the pain. Her other name was Luz, which means “light,” and that is what she was for her children. She guided us on the right path and lighted the way for us to live with dignity, as she had always dreamed.

“Every star in the sky is a tear shed for the pain of her absence. Every bird’s song is a prayer for her. She will always live in our hearts.

“After one year of absence she is remembered, as the mother who always fought against any storm she faced, as the woman who put all her strength into finding happiness for her children and living with dignity.

“A year has passed, and we do not want any more to pass without justice being served and our mother being allowed to rest in peace.

“Sleep peacefully, María. Sleep and rest now. Care for your children from your place in heaven, and guide them with divine light . . . the light that not even your death could extinguish.”

Rest in peace.



In memory of Luz María Franco Fierro
September 18th, 2007

(Note:  Blanca Anel Leyva Franco is the daughter of Luz María Franco Fierro, an amazing woman whose life was cut short a year ago.  I have blogged about her and her family here and here.  If you haven’t read these posts and the comments which follow, which include comments by Blanca, I hope you will.  Luz María’s  story and life must be remembered and honored, never forgotten.  Blanca wrote the tribute above in Spanish in the second thread in the comments section, and La Doctorita translated what she wrote, then e-mailed Blanca, who sent the above photos and permission to post them.  Blanca will  be traveling to Chilpancingo soon for a mass being held in her mother’s honor.  She may be able to take some photos there and will send them to me as well, and I will post them.  — Heart)



4 thoughts on “In Memory of Luz María Franco Fierro

  1. Rest in peace Luz Maria Franco Fierro.

    In memory of our mothers and all women whose precious lives were cut short by violence, for no good reason at all.

    We will never rest until we create a world that is safe for all of us.

    Posted by Branjor | September 12, 2007, 9:24 pm
  2. hola solo kerio ke sepas blanka ke lamento lo de tu mami, no tube el gusto de conocerla pero por lo ke me cuentas me la imagino como una mujer muy valiente, muy capas, con ganas de salir a delante y sabes yo cuando pienso en tu mami o trato de imaginarme como era se me biene a la mente tu rostro ya ke tu tienes todos estas cualidades y mas… es lo ke me gusta de ti ke eres muy lochona y no le tienes miedo a el salir a delante sin la necesidad de depender de algien en verdad te admiro bueno me despido y solo kiero ke sepas ke cuantas con muchas personas ke te keremos (aun ke no lo creas estas en un pedacito de mi corazon) cuidate y hechale muchas ganas corazon te mando un abrazote y muchos kikos ricos….

    atte. tu admirador

    Posted by Marco Antonio Benhumea (cuernvaca) | September 28, 2007, 4:36 am
  3. here is my humble interpretation of the above comment. fyi, cuernavaca is a city in mexico not too far from chilpancingo.

    the only word i couldn’t get was “kiko.” i looked up “quico” and “quicio” but neither seems right. anyone else have some insight?

    * * * * *

    Hi. I just want you to know, Blanca, that I’m sorry for what happened to your mother. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her, but from what you tell me I imagine her as a woman who was very brave, very capable, with a desire to succeed. But you know what? When I think about your mother or try to imagine what she was like, your face comes to my mind, because you have all those qualities and more . . . that’s what I like about you, that you are a fighter and you’re not afraid to keep going without needing to depend on anyone. I truly admire you.

    Well, I will say goodbye, but I just want you to know that you can count on many people who love you (although you may not believe it, you are in a piece of my heart). Take care and do the best you can. I send you a hug.

    Your admirer

    Posted by ladoctorita | September 28, 2007, 2:59 pm
  4. Hoy hace un año mi mami me gustaria suber algunas fotografias de su altar de aqui en la casa.. Espero me ayuden


    Posted by Blanca Anel | September 19, 2008, 1:38 am

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