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Justice for the New Jersey 7 — Blog Banners, Avatar


Women’s Space (amazing!) commenter Chloe created these beautiful graphics for us to spread the word about the New Jersey 7.  Use these on your blogs, websites, as an avatar, any way you would like, and thank you so much,  Chloe!  You rock! 

Embed this link in the graphic:

This links to a page I created which provides all of the current information as to how to support these young women.


Spread the word, spread the banner, women!




11 thoughts on “Justice for the New Jersey 7 — Blog Banners, Avatar

  1. Wow, ((( Heart! )))

    Awesome work, womon!

    Thank you.


    Posted by Mary Sunshine | September 26, 2007, 4:22 pm
  2. Thanks Mary! Chloe is awesome, huh?

    Wouldn’t this make a nice poster or t-shirt?



    Posted by Cheryl/Hearrt | September 26, 2007, 4:46 pm
  3. Beautiful Chloe. Would it be a good idea to include a website somewhere. Sadly, many women/people might look at this and say “Who? What?”

    Posted by Sis | September 26, 2007, 5:08 pm
  4. Always a critic I know. I love the picture the look, but I do wish the words were bigger, perhaps starting where the all black area begins. I put it on my blog and it seems a little hard to read. I wish I can figure out how to make a picture a link instead of how I have it now, a picture, then the link.

    Posted by Kitty Glendower | September 26, 2007, 5:33 pm
  5. Good ideas, women.

    Chloe, I wonder if you could make the text larger (use a different font if you need to to to fit it in?) And then add the link to the page I created:


    Or maybe someone could create a web page? I would but as everybody knows, all my websites are belong to assholes.

    Kitty, to embed the link, in your widget (your blog is wordpress, right?), do this:

    oops, html disappears.

    Do this substituting characters for my words:

    Left carrot href=quote close quote right carrot left carrot img src=quote link-to-the-downloaded-banner-on-your-blog-or-banner-uploaded-to-photobucket-or-some-such close quote right carrot left carrot /a right carrot

    This should work anywhere html works.


    Posted by womensspace | September 26, 2007, 5:43 pm
  6. I wanted to say that this is *real art*. Chloe drew it in pencil first, then inked it in.

    I think the imagery is powerful: black women, black bars, white background white context.


    Posted by womensspace | September 26, 2007, 5:46 pm
  7. Then after she drew it and inked it, she scanned it and put the text in of course.

    Not that computer art isn’t real art, it is.

    You know what I mean. :p

    I just think Chloe rocketh the house, and I want a black t-shirt with this image.

    Posted by womensspace | September 26, 2007, 5:47 pm
  8. I would also like a t-shirt. Great poster with maximum impact, excellent work Chloe.

    Posted by helzeph | September 26, 2007, 6:31 pm
  9. That’s a powerful graphic – Chloe is very talented.

    Posted by delphyne | September 26, 2007, 6:50 pm
  10. WOW. .thank you very much, all of you! I’ll search for another font that will look bigger on the graphic. It’s always tough, though, because what it needs is a “tall” font rather than a wide font. . anyway, I’ll get on it.

    I also saved a 600 dpi resolution version in case you wanted to make those t-shirts, but I’m afraid you’ll have to go to someone with more knowledge about enlarging and silk-screening than I have. 😀

    Posted by Chloe | September 26, 2007, 9:45 pm
  11. Thank you Chloe!!!! Beautiful, and immediately compelling image/icon, perfect! 🙂

    Posted by Jeyoani | September 27, 2007, 3:09 am

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