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Passing for White

The only people who can pass for white are people who are, in fact, persons of color.  It’s up to them whether they will reject passing privilege.  When they reject passing privilege, they are engaging in resistance to white supremacy by illuminating lies central to racism.

White people can’t pass for anything. (They can lie about being white but that’s something different and doesn’t change the fact of their whiteness.)  They will have white privilege until the end of white supremacy, whether they want it, don’t want it, enjoy it, don’t enjoy it, asked for it, or didn’t. 

White people, in other words, are not similarly situated with any person of color, including persons of color who are able to pass for white in certain circumstances. 

I am clarifying my position in the interests of being painstakingly precise, because at times, that’s what the situation calls for.

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