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Home Education Magazine Celebrates 25 Years of Publishing

 The January/February issue of Home Education Magazine marks the celebration of a quarter of a century of empowerment, caring and practical help that Home Education Magazine continues to provide homeschoolers worldwide!The homeschooling community confirms that Home Education Magazine has provided more than just a publication over the years via an online tribute to Home Education Magazine which can be found at: The many congratulatory notes and comments acknowledge the magazine’s 25 years of promoting homeschooling diversity, empowerment, support, networking, resources, encouragement and more.You’ll find some exciting changes in the January-February issue of Home Education Magazine, including a new book review column by Jeanne Faulconer, and a new Homeschool Photo Album, with favorite pictures from homeschooling families! Check out the detailed content for the 25th  Anniversary issue:

HEM is also celebrating by entering the world of podcasting. The first one can be listened to at the HEM Support Group News:

Interviews about the 25th Anniversary of the premier homeschooling magazine can be arranged with publisher Helen Hegener:

About Home Education Magazine

Home Education Magazine is owned and published by founders Mark and Helen Hegener and their third-generation homeschooling family. They understand homeschooling because they have always been homeschoolers. In 1983 the Hegeners began publishing Home Education Magazine for homeschooling families across the country, and now, over twenty-five years later, HEM is respected as the premier magazine in the field, described as “informative and commonsense” by Library Journal’s Magazines for Libraries and “highly recommended” by EBSCO’s Librarian’s Handbook. Winner: Forbes Awards, Parents’ Choice Recommended Awards, and many others.

Home Education Magazine
PO Box 1083, Tonasket, WA 98855
(509) 486-1351

Mark and Helen Hegener are incredible individuals!  They have accomplished the amazing-by-any-measure feat of publishing in paper for 25 years straight, while homeschooling their own kids (now grown) and all the while navigating  various crises, conflicts and divisions in the homeschooling community nationally while clearing a path for all who would follow.   They are pioneers and amazing grass roots organizers and I am so proud to know them and to call them my friends.




One thought on “Home Education Magazine Celebrates 25 Years of Publishing

  1. This is just awesome.

    Public school may not traumatize every child, but it certainly has that effect on a significant percentage.

    From my experience and view, it seems a place where students, especially girls, learn what they can and cannot be, to men/boys, women/girls, academically, and to themselves (i.e. self nurturing).

    I’m not familiar with all the types of home-schooling going on, but I agree with Hillary’s infamous quote, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I would add: and school one, as well.

    Posted by Laur | January 6, 2008, 8:22 pm

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