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The Fury: New Australian Radical Feminism Website

Check out the great new specifically Australian radical feminist website, The Fury!  There is lots of good, inspiring information and reading there.  (There seem to be so many great radical feminists in Australia compared with the U.S.!).  Reading this new blog and Spinning Spinsters this morning did my weary heart such good!   Thanks, wimmin!  You’ll see some familiar and some new bloggers on The Fury’s blogroll.  I didn’t realize Feminists Don’t Bake Bread  were Australian bloggers.  Of course, the amazing Sazz  and Allecto are there.  And there’s a great page listing Australian radical feminists that is a virtual who’s who of my favorite women in all the world!   Sheila Jeffreys, Jocelynne Scott, Renate Klein, Diane Bell, Susan Hawthrone, and a couple of names new to me which will be new no longer!  I met Renate Klein at the Hullaballoo and was thrilled, given that her work has long been some of my favorite and most cherished.  And Susan Hawthorne offered us her poem for the Carnival of Radical Feminists!  It is on the front page.  🙂

Welcome to the rough and tumble of the internet, The Fury! 

Thanks to Amy’s Brain for the heads up.




3 thoughts on “The Fury: New Australian Radical Feminism Website

  1. Thank you Heart and also thank you Amy’s Brain for highlighting this new radical feminist website. I know about Jocelynne Scott’s work as well as Sheila Jeffreys and others too, but it is good they are all listed together. The Fury – great name which says it all.

    Posted by jennifer drew | January 8, 2008, 3:35 pm
  2. Thank you for giving us the heads up about “The Fury”. I am a feminist based in Australia and I look forward to reading the work of the feminist writers listed on this website.

    Posted by Deborah Robinson | January 8, 2008, 4:19 pm
  3. My friend who made this website is a 22 year old lesbian separatist feminist, even more radical than I am!!! She is a really awesome woman. We met at the International Feminist Summit and have become fast friends over email. I’m really glad to have met her.

    Yes, there are so many fantastic radical feminists in Australia. When I first discovered radical feminism I thought that there mustn’t be any in Australia because all of the women I was reading were from the US. Then I picked up Radically Speaking and was blown away.

    Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne are just really, really beautiful women. And their work is ground-breaking and very insightful.

    Sheila Jeffreys is Furious, in all of its many meanings. And it was wonderful meeting her as well.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Heart. We are feeling the sisterhood down under. In fact, your blogging is often referred to on the feminist agenda email list (an email list created by the Coalition for a Feminist Agenda who put on the Summit).

    Oh and of the other bloggers one is my sister, dragort (she doesn’t blog very often), and the other is my flatmate and co-spinster, dissenter (who also doesn’t blog very often). But they are worth reading when they do blog. Or at least I think so, but then I am slightly biased.


    Posted by spinningspinsters | January 9, 2008, 4:44 am

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