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My “Feminist Hullaballoo” Article and the Overall Brilliance of the Current Issue of off our backs

I wanted to let everyone know — if you don’t already — that the current issue of off our backs, now on newsstands/in your mailbox if you subscribe, includes my Feminist Hullaballoo article which I re-read today while waiting for the bus, and I really like it.  It was a hard article for me to write, and so it took me some time, but it was time I needed in order to process through aspects of the Hullaballoo conference that troubled me and prevented me from being able to write the article as easily as I’d hoped.

As I was reading through off our backs, I felt SO PROUD to be part of it!  This is an incredible, incredible publication.

In this issue entitled Feminism & Culture you will find:

  • An interview with Catherine Crouch of the Gendercator
  • A GREAT article on Anna Politkovskaya, the journalist believed to have been shot down on the orders of Vladimir Putin, by Carolyn Gage
  • An amazing tribute and memorial to Grace Paley
  • Lots of Dykes to Watch Out For cartoons
  • A report on Encuentro, the 7th Lesbian Feminist Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • An article on Martial Arts and Feminist Awareness
  • An article on the Guerilla Girls
  • An article entitled “The Red Tent” on woman-only spaces
  • Articles on various aspects of women’s/feminist culture:  women’s bookstores, lesbian feminist culture, an essay written by Jae Haggard of Outland (which I wrote about in my Hullaballoo article)
  • A GREAT article on how wimmin are affected by the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in which the author talks about her and her partner’s new venture, “The Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center and Bookstore,” a “Michiganesque” space which they are creating for women in an old building they bought in Baltimore. 
  • An article by Carol Ann Douglas entitled “Are Women Writing ‘Women’s Writing'”? which looks intriguing and I am going to read it on the way home
  • Many other articles and news you won’t see featured anywhere else.

off our backs has been publishing for 37 years now.  It is a labor of love for the oob collective, as hardworking and committed a group of radical feminists as you will ever encounter.  This is me urging you to subscribe by going to the link I’ve posted or mailing in your check to:

off our backs
2337 B 18th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Regular subscriptions are $29.95, contributing subscribers, $50.00, students, $22.95, institutional subscriptions, $60.00, Canada or Mexico, $32.95, overseas, $35.00, FREE to women prisoners. 

If you’re already a subscriber and you’re able, I’d urge you to support oob with your contributions.  I’ve been working with oob for a while now, and I know the work and sacrifice which is necessary in order that a truly radical feminist news journal continue to be published.

So subscribe! Support our radfem sisters. And read all of these GREAT articles so we can discuss them. 🙂




5 thoughts on “My “Feminist Hullaballoo” Article and the Overall Brilliance of the Current Issue of off our backs

  1. Hmm, the first link of “off our backs” goes to RenEv’s page…surely a mistake, yes?

    Thanks for the information. A new job will mean a subscription for me…

    Posted by pisaquaririse | January 9, 2008, 2:55 am
  2. Argh. I had incoming links from Ren’s page, which I copied and pasted and went to via my browser. Then evidently thought I copied oob’s address but didn’t.

    Definitely thanks for the heads up! Fixed.

    Posted by womensspace | January 9, 2008, 4:31 am
  3. hey heart, is subscribing or buying online the only way to buy o.o.b.? you said it’s “on newsstands”- does that mean i could buy it at a store somewhere? if so, who carries it?

    thanks for the info- i really want to get a copy! (and maybe some back issues . . . 🙂 )

    Posted by ladoctorita | January 9, 2008, 2:05 pm
  4. ladoctorita, oob is on lefty/alternative bookstands, for example, Left Bank Books here in Seattle carries it, so if you have a bookstore like that around. I think I’ve bought it before at Borders/Barnes & Noble, but seems like it’s been a while and I don’t know that I’ve seen it in places like that recently.


    Posted by womensspace | January 9, 2008, 4:13 pm
  5. “oob is on lefty/alternative bookstands,”

    And on that note–do you know if the independent store sales count as more sales than the big chain stores (bn, 4 example)? That’s prob a seemingly nerdy and off-the-wall question–apologies! However, I know music works that way and the more sales you get counted the more chances for wider exposure in more stores, which I would love to happen see for a radfeminist mag such as this.

    (if so, I will be adamant about purchasing on the indie side of town)

    Posted by pisaquaririse | January 10, 2008, 8:55 pm

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