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Israeli Voices on the Siege of Gaza: “But What Would You Do?”

The children of S’derot, the city hardest hit by Palestinian rocketfire (“kassam”, “quassam”) over many months, have their say.

The Siege of S’derot

Israeli bloggers ask, “What would you do? How would your country react?

Rachel, a rabbinical student living in Jerusalem and the author of the Rachel Chronicles, is critical of the media’s condemnation of Israel, asking them to think about Israel’s options in the face of ongoing rocket fire on civilian populations.

“What I am not impressed with is the quickness with which people, the media, organizations, etc. are ready to abandon Israel and paint the Israeli government as either an evil empire that submits an entire population to collective punishment, or a weak government that can’t keep its’ own residents safe. When the Gaza power plant decided to shut down, did it also turn off the lights to the world’s critical eye?…

The spin that all the major newspapers in the States is that big bad Israel is cutting off Gaza. And while it is true that the border crossings have been closed, Israel is being very careful not allow a humanitarian crisis to emerge – at least outside of the city of S’derot, which is the one that they are trying to prevent…

S’derot has lived under a barrage of rocket attacks for the past seven years, or so. Israel has been very very patient and blatantly turned a blind eye to the daily torture that Gaza militants have poured on them. It is time for that bullying and harassment to stop. And while I respect the right of the Gaza civilians to live in peace, until the people that they fund, support, house, and hide stop trying to murder the people of S’derot, I will support the Israeli government’s attempts to stop that murder.”


World renowned author (and occasional blogger) Naomi Ragen gets specific. She points out that many of the employees of the Ashkelon power plant are residents of neighboring Sderot and that Ashkelon has additionally been the target of attacks.

“Picture this: the electric plant which supplies 70% of electricity to the Palestinians in Gaza is in Ashkelon. The Palestinians in Gaza have been shooting kassam rockets at the plant ever since the ‘disengagement’ i.e. the abandonment of Gush Katif [Gaza]. Now, Palestinians are crying that they don’t have enough electricity. They are complaining about Israeli sanctions against them. They are going to the U.N.

The truth is, Israel has not stopped supplying electricity to Gaza. Not only that, but Israeli electric company employees are risking their lives to do so.

Mickey Tsarfati, head of the union of electrical workers, was quoted in YNet: ‘It is unbelievable chutzpah for them to complain. We have not stopped supplying them with electricity for a minute. And they have not stopped logging bombs at us for a minute.’ Many of the workers who fix the lines to Gaza daily are residents of Sderot. It has happened more than once that bombs fell next to their homes as they were fixing the lines to supply electricity to the bombers.

Israeli Bloggers Respond to the Crisis in Palestine

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