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SHAME: HuffPo Headlines “Clinton Cries Again”, the Woman Hating Continues

New York Feminists for Peace has published a statement in support of Barack Obama and signed by 100 feminists.   So far as I’m concerned, that’s all good.  Many good women, good feminists, support Barack Obama and I understand why they do.   The Huffington Post has an article about the statement and signatures which I visited because I was getting incoming  links to yesterday’s Robin Morgan post from the HuffPo comments thread.  I definitely don’t appreciate the rather jubilant tone of the article:  “Feminist Leaders Oppose Hillary.”  When  some group decides to support a candidate, how often do we see the candidate they don’t support included in the headline?  “NRA Supports Bush, Opposes Gore.”  “NOW Supports Gore, Opposes Bush.”  Clearly, if you support one candidate, you don’t support the others.  The point of this headline, though, is to highlight the fact that even feminists oppose Hillary Clinton.  See, she’s such a loser, even the group she has seemed to be a member of doesn’t want her!  See, even feminists don’t want her, even though she would be the first woman President of the United States!  When you get right down to it, nobody wants a woman president, not really,  not even feminists!  That is the subtext.  I’d expect that in the WaPo, I sure don’t expect it in the HuffPo.  Come on.  Of course some feminists are going to support Obama.  And some are going to support MacKinney.  And some are going to support Kucinich, whether he dropped out or not.  And some are going to support me.  So what. 

So that HuffPo article was irritating. But the accompanying links were despicable, to wit:

Hillary Clinton Cries In Connecticut

  |   February 4, 2008 11:26 AM

The Swamp reports:

Sen. Hillary Clinton teared up this morning at an event at the Yale Child Study Center, where she worked while in law school in the early 1970s.
Penn Rhodeen, who was introducing Clinton, began to choke up, leading Clinton’s eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye. At the time, Rhodeen was saying how proud he was that sheepskin-coat, bell-bottom-wearing young woman he met in 1972 was now running for president.

“Well, I said I would not tear up; already we’re not exactly on the path,” Clinton said with emotion after the introduction.

USA Today adds:

At the Yale Child Study Center where Clinton once worked, she was introduced by her former boss Penn Rhodeen before a roundtable on the difficulties faced by working mothers. “You were all in purple,” Rhodeen said of their first meeting, “from your sheepskin coat to your bell-bottoms. You looked wonderful and so 1972.”

Clinton, who today was wearing a yellow and black ensemble, welled up at Rhodeen’s reference to “our magnificent Hillary.”

“I said I would not tear up today,” Clinton remarked. Kathy writes that the senator blinked back the evidence with a smile. […]

Kathy tells us that this morning’s moment had a different feel: “She wasn’t sad. Just moved by a nice tribute.”

Once again, why this obscene fascination with Hillary crying?  Note all of those links to additional articles featuring the latest tear or quivering lip sightings.

It is disgusting, an outrage, to find this highlighted in a progressive, supposedly pro-feminist publication like the Huffington Post.    If that weren’t bad enough, note that most of the paragraphs quoted were all about what Hillary Clinton was wearing, either in 1972 or this morning!  
Where on the face of the goddess’s green earth do we see the male candidates’ clothing described at all, ever?  I know for sure the male candidates tear up, too, men cry all the time these days (and that’s a good thing), and they don’t try to conceal it. 
The sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton are so outrageous, puerile, nauseating  and transparent, I want to support her out of pure disgust!  I’m betting there are many women who feel as I do.

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9 thoughts on “SHAME: HuffPo Headlines “Clinton Cries Again”, the Woman Hating Continues

  1. Heart,
    I do understand what you’re saying. But doesn’t it seem that even though Jon Wiener is a man, he’s focused his post as much or more around the news that the petitioners are “for Peace,” which is what the Senator from Illinois claims has always been his position with respect to Bush and Iraq anyway? And couldn’t more be made, still, of the fact that the petitioners are from “New York,” Senator Clinton’s state? (Fair enough: the headline and the opener are all over the “feminist” label. But if the group of petitioners were “Illinois Pacifists for the Equal Rights Amendment” and if they signed a statement in support of Hillary Clinton, then how would Wiener have written it?)

    Posted by J. K. Gayle | February 5, 2008, 2:17 am
  2. I try to support the candidate on the issues, and from just reading the issues and stopping my ears and going ‘lalala’ at the surrounding nonsense, I support Clinton. She’s stronger on women’s issues and stronger on healthcare to name 2.

    Eradicating racism has always been the standard for moving forward, and eradicating racism is a wonderful thing. However, no one in the mainstream is even trying to eradicate sexism, in fact, they’re embracing it.

    Posted by Miranda | February 5, 2008, 2:40 am
  3. There’s a similar trend in the Australian coverage of your election (that’s where I live). A while back there was a doozy headlined ‘All too much for Hillary’ with a great big picture of her looking teary. I also like how the papers have decided it’s vital for us to know what she was wearing.

    Posted by Kristin | February 5, 2008, 3:02 am
  4. But if the group of petitioners were “Illinois Pacifists for the Equal Rights Amendment” and if they signed a statement in support of Hillary Clinton, then how would Wiener have written it?)

    HA! (A kindly and friendly “HA!” not a mean spirited, bitter HA! this is way too complex a scenario for my tired brain tonight.)

    If Illinois pacifists for the ERA signed a statement in support of Hillary Clinton, nothing would happen. Their names would just be added to her mailing list.

    It wouldn’t be news.

    It wouldn’t be interesting to anyone.

    The burning issue in this election — tragically — just isn’t turning out to be who is more likely to get our troops out of the Middle East and work for peace in the world. Tragically, again, that isn’t emerging as a core issue.

    One reason it isn’t emerging as a core issue is, we don’t really have much to hold on to so far as the Democratic candidates go. We’ve got Hillary Clinton, whose record so far as war in the Middle East is fairly rotten, but her platform, position so far as getting the troops home, and working for peace, is good and is basically the same as Obama’s. We’ve got Obama who has been consistently anti-war, but there’s really no way to know how things might all shake out if he should becomesPresident, whether he will be true to his word. We just don’t know. We don’t really know whether either of the candidates will be able to bring peace in the Middle East and we aren’t sure how deep their commitment to that might be. Obama’s seems deeper. But, not all that much deeper.

    Nah, in this election, what is news — of great interest to most Americans — is, feminists supporting Obama, not Hillary Clinton.

    Posted by womensspace | February 5, 2008, 6:42 am
  5. It’s funny…I’m actually more impressed by the Republican voters at this time. At least they’re angry about the issues their candidate stands for.

    Posted by Miranda | February 5, 2008, 11:38 am
  6. Great article, Heart. It’s Mardi Gras day and so with all the parades, I haven’t had a chance to check back on the other Hillary Clinton / Robin Morgan post. Just ducked in for a minute. I really, really like this piece that you did. What’s with the damn obsession with how feminists will vote – or how blacks will vote? I want to know why more white men WON’T vote for them (am I allowed to ask that?). On article, at HuffPo, I think said something about “Hllary’s problem with men.” That’s funny – if her support is much greater among women than among men, perhaps that means that MEN have a problem with HER.


    Posted by ceejay1968 | February 5, 2008, 3:00 pm
  7. Ha! There are definitely women who feel like that. I know both me and my mom were originally leaning towards Obama, but all the horrible attacks on Clinton started pushing us in her direction, which was only solidified by her performance in the debate. While everyone was generally in favor of “change”, Clinton was the only one who seemed to have actual, specific plans for what she would do as a president. As my mom said at the time, “It’s always like this. The men talk and talk, while the women get things done.” I don’t have much I hope that she’ll get Illinois, but I voted for her anyway.

    Posted by keen | February 5, 2008, 7:38 pm
  8. Remember Bob Hawke, former Australian Prime Minister – he cried like a baby on numerous occasions. It wasn’t being emotionally moved by touching tribute either, it was usually when he was caught doing something bad.

    The only male political leader I recall having his outfit commented on was Paul Keating (Hawke’s successor). That was because he used to spend an absolute fortune on hand-tailored Italian suits, whilst preaching to the poor.

    One rule for the boyz, another for the (upstart) girlz.
    Business as usual under the Patriarchy.

    Posted by stormy | February 5, 2008, 8:29 pm
  9. Here’s a lot fairer reporting of the same exact thing, from Rabbi Michael Lerner.

    Posted by J. K. Gayle | February 6, 2008, 4:55 pm

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