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The 2008 Elections as Radicalizing for Women

Apparently, Chelsea Clinton has been forwarding Robin Morgan’s “Goodbye to All That — 2”, in an e-mail in which she writes:

“I don’t agree with all the points Robin Morgan makes but I do believe her thesis is important for us all to confront–I confess that I didn’t entirely get ‘it’ until not only guy stood up and shouted ‘iron my shirts’ but the media reacted with amusement, not outrage…”

XX Factor continues:

[This] is extremely interesting, if only because it’s more than I think I’ve ever heard straight from Chelsea. If this is her writing, she seems pretty astute. So, is she right? Even if we don’t agree with all of what Morgan has to say, either because we just don’t or because we’re not of her generation, should the reception to Hillary’s candidacy radicalize us? Or is this just all too unhinged? The group of women on my e-mail list were split.

Maybe there’s reason to hope that regardless the outcome, this election might revive the movement for the liberation of female persons.

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2 thoughts on “The 2008 Elections as Radicalizing for Women

  1. Scary that Chelsea had been that out of it in the first place, but at any rate, I don’t believe the 2008 elections will be all that radicalizing for women.

    I hear a lot worse against women on talk radio, and yet women still call in an agree with these outrageous womanhating men.

    Women agree all the time in public about a lot of things that make me want to kill.

    The radical generation of women like Robin Morgan is very different from women born in the 90s and 80s, for example.
    Even most lesbians you meet in their 20s and 30s are so out of it it’s scary.

    Generation X and Y is not very politically oriented, nor do they seem very interested in Robin Morgan’s commentary.
    The same thing happened after women got the right to vote in 1920 — suddenly all those women in college just didn’t care anymore and the jazz age had begun.

    We have a radical generation of women, then backlash sets in, and then a passive group comes up in the ranks.

    Remember patriarchy neutralizes women constantly, how do you think this system of male supremacy has lasted so long in the first place?

    I talked to a woman today who gave me finanical statements to analyze. I asked her a few questions, and then she said, “oh my husband handles all this just talk to him, only he can understand it.” This woman is very nice, very kind and a hardworker, but yet, she has absolutely no interest at all in her own retirement account. Her husband is very nice, and completely non-homophobic. But there you have it, the lack of interest, the indifference and the “my husband handles it all” words.

    When will women really want to know fully what their money is doing or what their lives are all about? I don’t know what to say when I encounter this sort of thing in my job each day.

    Radicalize women? Women fully wake up and stay awake for three generations in a row? I’m just not getting this.

    I don’t see it. I see an awakened generation every three generations or so. Then I see generations that just aren’t interested. They wanted the newest thing, on to the next cause…. a kind of indifference.

    Meanwhile, we have radical christian conservatives trying to take over the country, radical right think tanks all over the place, and a very dangerous conservative movement the has nothing but malice towards free women.

    These yo yo’s get women signing up for the bucket load. I still remember the “No ERA” women from Eagle Forum on capitol hill in 1978.

    When will women actually take charge of their own affairs and stop expecting their husbands to do all this stuff?

    I don’t know what will happen when Robin’s generation dies off, and I hope we’ll preserve their writings and make bio-pics of all the radical feminist’s lives.

    Heck, I wish Mary Daly would record a DVD of lectures on what she knows about patriarchy and her life over the last 40 years.

    I worry that the great ones aren’t having their wisdom saved on DVD and audio, and I’m worried that we’ll lose their voices.
    I’m really afraid that women will forget the war on patriarchy, and just fall yet again for the siren songs of patriarchy. This has been a particular worry of mine for the past 10 years or so.

    We do need to move ahead, but I see women getting lazy and conservative and complacent. I see this all the time in women in the upper income or social status categories. I see them falling for the sleaze of public life, the porno mouths, the mindlessness.

    It’s out there. At least Chelsea Clinton is finally speaking up about something these days. Sometimes when you see the Mary Cheney’s out there, it breaks your heart. 😦

    Posted by Satsuma | February 9, 2008, 12:22 am
  2. I was really glad to hear Chelsea was forwarding Morgan’s e-mail. She is already vegan, so one could presume she considers herself less-than-mainstream, a free-thinker.

    I’m really proud that she has been forwarding Morgan’s e-mail with her own comments! Finally–a bit of an uplifting news story re: women!

    Satsuma, I agree with the vast majority of your comments. I am also worried about “my” generation and what will happen, well, when the second wave rad. fems are no longer with us. 😦 DVDs are one thing, yes, but books are so powerful (for those who actually read–haha!); we somehow need to make sure they stay in print. Kinda hard when in order to get one interested in these books, they already need to have some sort of base, paying readership, which, to the best of my knowledge, few original rad fem writings have. 😦

    Posted by Laur | February 9, 2008, 8:22 am

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