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Super Tuesday

Below are the results as of about 9:15 PST.  Looks like if you click the link, you get the updated results, but make sure you go to Crooks and Liars, since they created this.
STATE Democratic Leader Republican Leader Reporting
Alaska Obama, Barack   0%
Alabama Obama, Barack Huckabee, Mike 97%
Arkansas Clinton, Hillary Huckabee, Mike 75%
Arizona Clinton, Hillary McCain, John 63%
California Clinton, Hillary McCain, John 15%
Colorado Obama, Barack Romney, Mitt 85%
Connecticut Obama, Barack McCain, John 95%
Delaware Obama, Barack McCain, John 100%
Georgia Obama, Barack Huckabee, Mike 94%
Idaho Obama, Barack N/A 0%
Illinois Obama, Barack McCain, John 86%
Kansas Obama, Barack N/A 0%
Massachusetts Clinton, Hillary Romney, Mitt 93%
Minnesota Obama, Barack Romney, Mitt 72%
Missouri Obama, Barack McCain, John 98%
Montana N/A Romney, Mitt 0%
North Dakota Obama, Barack Romney, Mitt 100%
New Jersey Clinton, Hillary McCain, John 98%
New Mexico Clinton, Hillary N/A 0%
New York Clinton, Hillary McCain, John 99%
Oklahoma Clinton, Hillary McCain, John 99%
Tennessee Clinton, Hillary Huckabee, Mike 98%
Utah Obama, Barack Romney, Mitt 59%
West Virginia N/A Huckabee, Mike 0%
Powered by IntoxiNation and Crooks and Liars
UPDATED AT:Wed Feb 6, 2008 at 12:21 am EST


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