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Bitch Starts Short Story Records

Bitch and Ferron at Acoustic Stage at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Bitch starts Short Story Records, will release B+Tec and Folk-Legend Ferron this Spring, Announcing Bitch + The Exciting Conclusion National Tour

FEBRUARY 21, 2008 (New York, NY) – Bitch and The Exciting Conclusion are getting ready to take their show on the road. This spring, B+TEC will be breaking out some new tracks that will be featured on their self-titled EP, “B+TEC”(pronounced Be Tech), recorded in NYC this winter. The EP will be the first release on Bitch’s own Short Story Records. It will be sold on the road and released digitally. Hard-core fans will be elated to learn that B+TEC will also be releasing a new full-length this fall.

For the uninitiated, Bitch is a musical beat poet multi-instrumentalist who uses the electric violin to rock but also expresses herself on bass guitar, keyboards and ukulele. Renowned as a compelling live performer, Bitch’s provocative, prolific, and potent voice fueled with her notorious rrriot girl reputation makes for an unforgettable experience.

B+TEC was formed in February of 2005 when Bitch got together with drummer Lee Free (Circus Amok) and Gabriel K. This is their first recording together. The EP is the new sound of B+TEC, capturing the vibe of their inspiring live performances solidified over the past year while on the road supporting “Make This/Break This” (Kill Rock Stars).

When not delighting and offending audiences in the red states, Bitch has been producing “Boulder”, a record for her folk-hero Ferron, that will be released on May 6th on Bitch’s new label. Their show together is a truly powerful intergenerational exchange. Seeing them on stage, their connection is undeniable and profound. The disc features guest performances by The Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Sam Parton (Be Good Tanyas) and JD Samson (Le Tigre).

Ferron will join B+TEC on the last leg of their tour. Bitch and Ferron will then go on to tour the rest of the spring and summer in support of ‘Boulder.’
B+TEC on the road….
03.02.08    East Village                    Columbus, OH
03.19.08    World Café Live              Philadelphia, PA
03.20.08    Iota                                Arlington, VA
03.21.08    Western Ill Univ (solo)  Macomb, IL
03.22.08    Club Hairspray               Asheville, NC
03.24.08    The Cabaret                   Chapel Hill, NC
03.25.08    The Evening Muse         Charlotte, NC
03.26.08    Eddie’s Attic                  Atlanta, GA
03.27.08    Common Grounds         Gainesville, FL
03.28.08    JackRabbits                  Jacksonville, FL
03.29.08    Skipper’s Smokehouse    Tampa, FL
03.31.08    The Social                     Orlando, FL
04.01.08    Spanish Moon               Baton Rouge, LA
04.03.08    The End                        Nashville, TN
04.04.08    The Dame                    Lexington, KY
04.05.08    Womyn’s Festival        Flagstaff, AZ
04.06.08    Radio Radio                 Indianaplis, IN
04.08.08    Mohawk Place             Buffalo, NY
04.10.08    Schubas                      Chicago, IL
04.11.08    Stone Fly Brew Pub    Milwaukee, WI
04.12.08    Orpheum Stage Door  Madison, WI
04.13.08    Pi Bar                          Minneapolis, MN
04.16.08    CSPS                            Cedar Rapids, IA
04.17.08    Jackpot Saloon           Lawrence, KS
04.21.08    Back Road Pizza         Santa Fe, NM
04.23.08    The Mohawk              Austin, TX
04.24.08    Chances                     Houston, TX
04.25.08    Bend Studios             Dallas, TX
04.26.08    The Blue Door           Oklahoma City, OK
04.28.08    Bluebird                     St Louis, MO



One thought on “Bitch Starts Short Story Records

  1. hi,

    i just wanted to give you the new url now that it’s up –

    short story records is the name of the label bitch just started and will be releasing ferron’s “boulder” this spring.

    thanks for posting this!


    Posted by amanda stark | March 21, 2008, 1:58 am

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