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Announcing My New Presidential Campaign Blog and Wiki


I’ve created a new blog for my presidential campaign which features my platform and position on many, many issues.  I’m betting my regular readers might feel as I did reading through: that none of the frontrunning — or, for that matter, third party — candidates is really speaking to the issues that are most important to us as women.  

I’ve also created a campaign wiki.  If you’d like, you can register, contribute,  start threads there, once I’ve approved your registration.  I envision the wiki as a place to brainstorm and critique the platform as well as possibly a place to organize and mobilize campaign workers and strategize my campaign.  

I have an emergency situation in my family right now which might prevent me from checking in as regularly as I ordinarily would.  But I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through the new blog and wiki and perhaps giving some thought to the issues I view as critical for women in the U.S.  I’d love to hear your feedback!

The links are as follows:

By the way, I loved creating the platform (with the help of other women, of course, Aletha of Free Soil in particular).  It was hard work, but so invigorating and such an education!  Of course, I will be revising and adding to the platform in the days ahead.  Every adult should do this, I believe, at least once in her life: create her own platform, formulate her own concrete, specific strategies for healing women and for healing the world.


4 thoughts on “Announcing My New Presidential Campaign Blog and Wiki

  1. Heart, I felt I owed it to you to tell you this. I agreed with every point you made but one. And for that, I am afraid we disagree so sharply that I cannot in good conscience vote for you. The position in question is this:

    “Supplementing funding for domestic violence, rape crisis shelters, and men’s domestic violence shelters via taxes on pornographic magazines, films, websites, strip bars, “gentlemen’s” clubs, brothels, establishments which appeal to male clientele via the objectification of female employees (i.e., Hooter’s), and music featuring violent misogynist lyrics and imagery (i.e., Eminem);”

    These things should be outlawed. Benefiting from them in any way is tantamount to supporting the rape and murder of wymmyn. I hope you understand.

    Posted by Hecate | February 26, 2008, 6:33 pm
  2. Yeah, Hecate, I’d rather outlaw them. But there are problems with outlawing prostitution and with outlawing pornography. For one thing, if you outlaw prostitution, the focus will be on punishing prostituted women, not those who prostitute them. It’s what we have now. Prostitution is outlawed in most places, but we still have prostitution. If we outlaw or censor pornography, then our own work which is not pornographic is in danger of censorship, depending on what regime is in power. For example, Andrea Dworkin’s books have been seized at the Canadian border under Canada’s obscenity (anti-pornography) laws.

    I don’t want to see prostituted women thrown in jail or harmed (as they now are), especially in that many times they are forced into prostitution in various ways. I don’t want feminist materials or lesbian and gay materials seized under censorship laws. The only good solution I see is to tax these things to the max, then use the funds collected to empower rape and battering survivors, and in the case of pornography, allow.those victimized by specific pornography to bring lawsuits against pornographers. In that way we also draw a connection between prostitution and pornography and battering and rape.

    Wherever the focus is on outlawing prostitution, to include pornography, prostituted women pay and men walk. And laws have never yet made the tiniest dent in either of these.

    Posted by womensspace | February 26, 2008, 6:56 pm
  3. The other thing is, what is Hillary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s, John McCain’s, Ralph Nader’s position so far as prostitution and pornography? I have never heard any of them so much as offer one. I think if any of them intended to ban any of these things, they would make mention of it!

    In the meantime, the institutions I list, save street prostitution, really, pay taxes to the government, you know? Meaning *all* of us benefit from their operation. This is certainly true of strip bars, pornographic magazine publishers, makers of pornographic films, “gentlemen’s clubs,” places like Hooters and brothels where prostitution is legal. They all pay taxes to the IRS and those taxes (theoretically, anyway!) benefit of all of us. Funds do not go to domestic violence or rape shelters or for aid to victims of these institutions. They go back into the public purse. These are huge, money-making industries for the government.

    The fact that none of the front running candidates even makes mention of any of this is pretty discouraging.

    Posted by womensspace | February 26, 2008, 7:00 pm
  4. And, of course, another part of my platform is, I would criminalize buying, paying for sex. I think that’s the way you end prostitution, by treating men who patronize prostitutes as the criminals they are.

    Posted by womensspace | February 26, 2008, 7:16 pm

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