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Come Together Women’s History Month Blog Carnival, March 10, 2008 — “Talking Bout My Generation”

I think that is common among many women from conservative moral backgrounds, they see feminism as being about abortion and being pro-choice, so they eschew the label. I held onto the label, because I saw so much value in it, a language for thinking about gender, although reproductive freedom issues were not my primary motivation. Even though I was celibate, I questioned the church’s stance on birth control and I believed women should be able to become priests. It was not a far stretch then, for me to become Episcopalian as a young adult.

So I find it fascinating today that there are bloggers who are fighting misogynistic images of black women in the media, but have no awareness whatsoever of the battles which were fought decades ago by (the predominant numbers of white) dominance feminists who challenged those very practices. But again, for too long, black women have been told feminism is about white women. I guess black women are not women, then. Or perhaps, they are “too strong” to need weak white women’s “feminism?” I am shaking my head here. On the other hand, though, many white feminists were racist, and too many feminists have had a litmus test of what it means to be a feminist. At least today, narrow litmus tests tend to be questioned as not recognizing the full complexities of feminist thought.

Read today’s installment in the Come Together blog Carnival, written by Pioneer Valley Woman, at Tami’s place! 

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