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Come Together Blog Carnival, March 16, 2008 — No House Slaves Allowed

During the next ten minutes, more people came to the gate and sat wherever they could or on the floor, but no one took the other seat occupied by the women’s luggage. Finally, a honey complexioned woman with light eyes and long braids walked towards the seat and pointed: “Is someone sitting here?” She was looking at me and I indicated that the luggage wasn’t mine. “That’s our friend’s seat,” Hoop Earrings lied. When the woman walked away, Hoop Earrings rolled her eyes and whispered to her friend, “House slaves act like they can’t sit on the floor.” It took entirely too long for my shock to wear off, at which point I decided to give up my seat instead of being a silent participant in their conspiracy. But by then, it was announced that my flight would begin boarding. I had lost another chance to defend a sister.

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