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Come Together Women’s History Month Blog Carnival — March 19, 2008, “A Girl Like Me”

Everyone should read Tami’s follow-up to Nicole’s Crawford’s Come Together post about colorism in communities of color, specifically in the black community.  Both posts are powerful and both are, for me anyway, hard to read for various reasons and layers of reasons.  Tami has posted a youtube of an experiment in which black children were offered white and black dolls and asked which doll they preferred, which was better or prettier.  Many of the children chose the white dolls. 

Comments are closed here.  If they are not open today for Tami’s new post, they will be tomorrow.  Meanwhile comments are open for Nicole’s post.  Don’t be shy, women!  In order to come together, we will have to put ourselves out there, take some risks.  Nicole certainly has and so has Tami.




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