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Join Us for Come Together: The Official Live Discussion of the Women’s History Month Blog Carnival

Join Tami of What Tami Said and me as we conclude our Women’s History Month blog carnival with an hour-long live discussion on Blog Talk Radio, 6 p.m. EDT, Saturday, March 29. We will review our favorite submissions to the blog carnival; discuss issues raised by the carnival, including race and feminism and their roles in the 2008 presidential election; discuss the state of feminism today; and talk about the most effective ways for women to work together towards equality.

We will be joined by panelists including:

Adele Nieves, a writer, journalist, and speaker, focusing on politics, women’s issues and race. She is Essence of Motown’s “2007 Writer/Author of the Year,” for her continued hard work, literary creativity, and her efforts to improve Michigan’s literary community. Adele is co-organizer of Detroit Feminists, and a member and contributing writer for Critical Moment Magazine. She also writes a monthly column for Women of Color (Yo Soy Mujer!) for ThinkGirl Monthly, a non-profit organization based in metro-Detroit dedicated to informing and empowering women through information and community programs.

Adele is a strong supporter of minority rights and health initiatives. She is now compiling an anthology, tentatively titled What We Think: Gender Roles, Women’s Issues and Feminism in the 21st Century, co-partnering in a production company, Liquid Words Productions, LLC, and will be attending Sarah Lawrence College for her MA in Women’s History in the Fall of 2008.

Shecodes, an entrepreneur and activist dedicated to the uplift of black women. Shecodes runs the blog Black Women Vote, described in its inaugural post as “a war cry to all Black women who are fed up, pissed off, and mad as heck about the present conditions of Black womanhood in America, and are ready to do something about it. Make no mistake… we’re about to change some stuff up in this piece! We have the social, economic, political tools to compel America to become more hospitable for ourselves, and for our daughters.”

Stay tuned, as more women will be joining our panel.  🙂

We also want to hear from YOU. Tune in and call in! Listen live by clicking the button below and let your voice be heard by calling (347) 205-9125 during the show.

Listen to Musings on a mixed up world on internet talk radio

Watch Women’s Space and What Tami Said for programming updates, including panelist additions.

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