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Come Together Blog Carnival, Monday, March 24 — “Dear Judith Townsend”

As the head of human resources for the district, you were my primary point of contact regarding employment matters. For a year and a half, I checked in with you about the process of transitioning from the fellowship program to full-time employment. There were no guarantees; everything hinged on available positions, and I wanted to make sure that I had all my ducks in a row when interview time came.

As the 1994-1995 school year drew to a close–and I was set to graduate with my M.A. in teaching with a 4.0 GPA–I called you more frequently at the urging of the principal at the school where I was serving as a long-term sub for a teacher on maternity leave. (You know, the one “poor” school in the district where most of the colored kids go?). This principal confirmed my presumption that hiring for the upcoming school year would take place before the present school year ended, and she seemed surprised at your telling me that you doubted there would be any new teaching hires for the upcoming school year. But each time I called, you told me that, so far, none of the elementary schools in the district had any openings.

Read the rest of “Dear Judith Townsend” by Deesha Philyaw at Tami’s place; comments are closed here and at Tami’s today, but will be open tomorrow at Tami’s.  

Tami and I are working hard to get all of the entries in by month’s end, but if you would still like to contribute to the carnival, feel free; the guidelines are here.  The carnival has been an unbelievable experience for me in so many ways, something I will be sorting out for a long, long time.




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